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CDLI Literary 000339, ex. 020
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Primary publicationCDLI Literary 000339, ex. 020
Publication date2014ff.
Secondary publication(s)Gadd, Cyril J. & Shaffer, Aaron, UET 6 (1963, 1966, 2006) 0014
CollectionBritish Museum, London, UK
Museum no.BM —
Accession no.
ProvenienceUr (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
Excavation no.U 16830
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced00.00.00.00
Object typetablet
Sub-genreETCSL 1.03.02 Inanna and Ebih ('Decad no. 08') (witness)
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20061205 cdliadmin_veldhuis
ATF sourcePeterson, Jeremiah
TranslationPeterson, Jeremiah
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz00205mzh
Composite no.Q000339
Seal no.
CDLI no.P346099

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1. kur#-re in-ti-gu10 x-[...]
en: The mountain should wish for(?) my way
2. ebih-a ka-tar-gu10 he2-si-il-x me-tesz2 he2-i-i#
en: In(?) Ebih (the mountain) should praise me, (the mountain) should extol me
3. {d}inanna dumu {d}suen-na-ke4
en: Inanna, the child of Suen
4. {tug2}pala3 ba-an-mur10 ul gu2-a ba-an-e3
en: She was dressed in the pala garment; she clad herself in pleasure/allure/stars/rosettes(?)
5. ni2 me-lam2 husz-a sag-ki-na sze-er-ka-an# ba#?-ni-du11
en: She adorned her forehead with a red/furious aura
6. zi-pa-ag2 ku3-ga-na {na4}gug gi#-rin# si ba-ni-in-sa2
en: She arranged the red carnelian (beads) on her pure throat(?)
7. udug2 sag imin-e zi-da-na nam-sul ba-ni-ak
en: She acted youthfully with the seven-headed udug/šita weapon at her right
8. galam za-gin3-na giri3-ni bi2-in-gub
en: She set her foot on the staircase(?) of lapis
9. u2-sa11-an-na nir mi-ni-ib2-e3
en: In the evening ... brought out ...
10. ka2 u6 di sila-ba bi2-in-gub
en: She set the door that is to be marveled at (open) in its path
11. an-ra ne-sag mu-na-DU siskur2 mu-na#-gub
en: She established the nesag offerings for An and established the siskur rites/offerings for him
12. an {d}inanna-da hul2-la-am3
en: An was one who rejoiced with Inanna
13. mu-un-gid2 ki-na ba-e-tusz
en: He accepted (the offerings)(?) and sat in his place
14. za3 gal an-na-ka ba-e-si
en: He/she(?) filled the seat of honor of An/heaven
15. an a-a-gu10 di! ma-ra!-ab-be2-en inim-gu10-usz gesztux(|GISZ.TUG2|)-zu
en: An, my father, I make a case to you, (put) your ear to my words
16. an-ne2 an-ba ni2-gu10 mi-ni-in-ri
en: An imposed my aura/fear of me in the heavens
17. za-e-me-en inim-gu10 an-ki-a gaba ri# la-ba-e-ni-tuku
en: It is you who has made my word have no rival in the universe
18. an-bar-ra {gesz}silig-ga
en: In the outskirts of heaven(?) there is a silig axe
19. an#-ti#-bala# ma-an-si-um
en: (There is?) a sign and a mansium royal symbol

1. [...] {gesz#?}gu#?-za# suhusz# gin6-na
en: To flatten(?) the platform, to make firm the throne('s) foundation
2. [...] nam#-szita4-ke4 szu ga2-ga2 mu-bu-um-gin7 gurum-e
en: To set in place(?) the arm of weaponry(?), to bend ... like a mubum tree(?)
3. 6(disz) la2-e ki ha-ha-ze2
en: To yoke (a team of) six and hold the position
4. 4(disz) la2-e zib2 gid2-gid2-i
en: To yoke (a team of) four and “extend” the reins
5. kaskal gaz#-e# har-ra-an-na za3-sze3 du
en: To smite a caravan, to go to the border in an expedition
6. lugal#-bi#-[...] sahar# du8 an-na-ka iti6-gin7 e3-a
en: To appear for the king in the “heaped earth/sand"(?) of heaven like moonlight
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