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CDLI Literary 000364, ex. 048
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Primary publicationCDLI Literary 000364, ex. 048
Publication date2014ff.
Secondary publication(s)Gadd, Cyril J. & Shaffer, Aaron, UET 6 (1963, 1966, 2006) 0057
CollectionBritish Museum, London, UK
Museum no.BM —
Accession no.
ProvenienceUr (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
Excavation no.U 16874
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced00.00.00.00
Object typetablet
Sub-genreETCSL Gilgamesh, Enkidu and Netherworld (witness)
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20061205 cdliadmin_veldhuis
ATF sourceHawkins, Laura F.; Peterson, Jeremiah
TranslationPeterson, Jeremiah
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001x7jbx
Composite no.Q000364
Seal no.
CDLI no.P346142

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1. [...]-KAR#?
en: The ibbaru harness, there was fifty mina within it, ... on his hips
2. [...]-ak#?
en: He tied on the fifty (mina)
3.a. {uruda#}[ha-zi-in-na-ni] har#?-ra#-an#-na#-ka#?-ni# [...] x [...]-x-ni
en: of his hazin axe, (the weapon of) his campaign,
3.b. szu# [...]-an#?-dab5!?
en: which weighed 7 talents and 7 mina, he took hold
4. ur2-bi#-a# musz# tu6# nu-zu-e sag sag# ba-ni-ra
en: At the base (of the halub tree) he smote the snake that was immune to incantations
5. pa-bi-a muszen {d}anzu2{muszen}-de3 amar-bi szu ba-ab-ti hur-sag-sze3 ba!-an-urx(AMA)#?
en: In its branches, the Anzu bird took its chick and dragged it away(?) to the mountain range
6.a. szab-bi ki-sikil-lil2-la2-ke4 e2 im-ma-ni-ib-du3
en: The demon maidens(?) of the empty wind who had built(?) a house in its middle(!?
6.b. a-ri-a-ri-esz ba-an-kar-kar-re-esz
en: fled to the wasteland
7. gesz ur2?-ba mi-ni-in-sag3 pa-bi-a szu bi2-in-ku5
en: He struck the tree at its trunk and cut its branches
8.a. dumu iri{ki}-na mu-un-szi-re7{+re}-esz-am3
en: The citizens of his city who had come to him
8.b. gu2-bi# imin#-gar-re-esz
en: made it submit/gathered (the branches)(?)
9. nin9-a-ni ku3 {d}inanna-ra {gesz}gu-za-a-ni-sze3 mu-un-na-da-ab-szum2-mu-usz
en: They gave it to his sister, holy Inanna, as her throne
10. gesz-na2-a-ni-sze3 mu-un-na-da-ab-szum2-mu-usz
en: They gave it to her as her bed
11. e#-ne? gesz# ur2-ba {gesz}ellag-a-ni-sze3 ba-ab-ti
en: He(!?) took(?) the base of the tree for his ball/How the base of the tree was taken for his ball!(?)

1. pa-bi-a {gesz#?}ke4#?-me#-a-ni-sze3 ba-ab-ti#
en: He(!?) took(?) the branches of the tree for his mallet
2. {gesz}ellag in-di-di-e sila urx(AMA)-ra#? {gesz}ellag na-mu-un-e3-de3
en: The one who always played ball(?) brings out the ball in the smoothed(!?) street
3-4. ni2 silim in-di-di-e# [sila] urx(AMA)#-ra {gesz}ellag na-mu#-[un]-e3#-de3 gurusz# iri#?-[...] x x [...]-e?
en: The one who always boasted about himself(?) brings out the ball in the smoothed(!?) street; the young men(?) of his city who always played ball(?)
5. e#?-ne# [...] x [...]-x
en: (Because of?) him, (the one by whom?) the force of widow's children was ridden(?)
6. a gu2#?-ga2# [...] x-ga2 [...]-ne#
en: They lamented (with the phrase) “oh, my neck, oh, my hips(?)!”
7. ama tuku dumu#?-[...]-x
en: Those who had a mother, she was bringing food for her son
8. nin9# tuku szesz#?-a#?-[...]-de6
en: Those who had a sister, she was pouring(?) water for her brother
9. szu#!? du3-du3-a nu#?-mu#-un-kusz-[...]
en: Away from/by means of(?) the accusation of the widows
10. i-{d}utu ki-sikil tur-ra-ta
en: And the cries to Utu of the young maidens
11. {gesz}ellag-a-ni u3 {gesz}ke4-me-e-gu10 dur2 kur-ra ba-da-an-szub
en: He dropped(?) his ball and my(!) mallet into the bottom of the netherworld
12. szu-ni mu-ri-in-de6 szu nu-mu-de3-in-tag
en: He brought his hand (up to it), and could not touch it
13. giri3-ni mu-ri-in-de6 giri3 mu-de3-in-tag
en: He brought his foot (up to it), and could not touch it
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