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CDLI Literary 000512, ex. 001
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Primary publicationCDLI Literary 000512, ex. 001
Publication date2014ff.
Secondary publication(s)Gadd, Cyril J. & Shaffer, Aaron, UET 6 (1963, 1966, 2006) 0104
CollectionBritish Museum, London, UK
Museum no.BM —
Accession no.
ProvenienceUr (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
Excavation no.U 07751
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet
Sub-genreETCSL Rim-Sin E (witness)
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20061205 cdliadmin_veldhuis
ATF sourceHawkins, Laura F.; Peterson, Jeremiah
TranslationPeterson, Jeremiah
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001wnqwk
Composite no.Q000512
Seal no.
CDLI no.P346189

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1. [...] x x szu-luh ku3-ga tum2-ma
en: ..., suitable for the holy cleansing ritual
2. [{d}ri-im]-{d}suen iszib an-na siskur2 sikil-la tum2-ma
en: Rīm-Sîn, išib priest of An, suitable for the pure siskur offering/ritual
3. [...] x ku3-ta bi2-pa3-da-zu nam-en kalam-ma-sze3 i-ni-il2-la
en: Your ..., chosen in/by means of the pure ..., the one raised towards the lordship of the land
4. nam#?-sipa sag-gig2-ga i-ni-in-gar-ra
en: The one whose shepherdship was established upon the black-headed people
5. eszkiri2 kalam ge-en-ge-en szu-ni bi2-in-si-a
en: (Whose) nose rope that solidifies the land was made to fill his hand
6. szibir ug3 zi-gal2 lah5-lah5-e za3-ga-na bi2-in-la2
en: (Whose) crook moves the people and animals, attached to his shoulder
7. sza-ra-da-gub szu sikil-la ak-a-ni nig2-nam mi-ni-in-du10-du10
en: If he is able to serve you, he should have made everything satisfactory involving(?) his hand purification
8. ga {d}asznan-ma ir du10-ga ma-dam kalam-ma-ka
en: The cream/milk(!?) of Ezina(?), sweet-scented, the abundance of the land
9. he-nun sza3-tum2-ma he2-gal2 nu-silig-ge
en: The plenty of the pasture, unceasing abundance
10. 1(u) kurun gesztin pa e3-a
en: (10) “Manifest”(?) liquor and wine
with 10 line tag
11. uluszin3 ku7#?-ku7-da a2 sikil-da szar2-ra
en: Sweet emmer beer, mixed by pure arms/mixed with pure water(?)
12. kasz huszx(GIR3)? szu? sikil kur? unu2? a-nag nam-en-na-zu
en: Red beer(?) pure hands ..., the drink of your en priesthood
13. kasz tab-ba kasz mah szu ku3-zu tum2-ma
en: Marked (i.e., choice(?)) beer(?), superb beer, suitable for your pure hands
14. lal3 babbar mu-pa3-da-zu hur-sag-ta e3-a
en: White/dry? honey , your gift(?) that was brought down from the mountain range
15. i3 ab2 ku3-ga i3-nun me-te nam-nun-na-zu
en: Butter of a pure cow and ghee, the symbol of princeliness
16. i3-gesz bara2-ga i3-li sag si-ga
en: Filtered vegetable oil, first quality clear fine oil
17. ga-szex(SIG7)-a me-te e2-tur3-re unu2 ku3 nam-dingir-zu
en: Yellowed milk, the symbol of(?) the cattlepen, the dining hall of your divinity
18. sul gesz tuku-zu lugal ki ag2-zu
en: Your attentive youth, your beloved king
19. sipa {d}ri-im-{d}suen nam-ti-la-ni-sze3 tum2-ma-da gin6-ne2-de3
en: Shepherd Rīm-Sîn, who is to bring and make permanent (these offerings) on behalf of his life
20. 1(u) ki-lugal-DU ku3 szita-sze3 ba-ab-du7-a siskur2 sza3 hul2-la sza-ra-ra-de2-de2
en: At the holy “royal standing place”, which is appropriate for the šita prayer/vessel/priest(?), he shall libate the siskur offerings/rites that make the heart rejoice
with line tally 10
21. u2 sikil-la u2-bi gu7-<a> a sikil-la a-bi nag-a
en: The pure food, this food (for) eating(?), the pure water, this water (for) drinking?
22. ne-sag KA-BI-zu sza3 hul2-la-zu-ta szu te-en-szi-ib
en: Accept your ... first-fruit offering by means of your joyful heart
23. a-ra#-zu#-ni sze-ga-an za-e nir he2-gal2
en: Consent to his arazu prayer, so that you trust him
24. sun5-na#-bi inim mu-ra-ab-sa6#-ge nam-ti-bi du11-ga-ab
en: Humbly he makes his speech pleasant to you/prays, (so) order (his) life!
25. ki-en-DU ku3 ki-en-DU mah-e zi-de3-esz DU-DU-ab
en: Faithfully ... in the holy “standing place of the en functionary,” the supreme “standing place of the en functionary”
26. ki gub-ba-ni-ta silim#?-ma#? gar-mu-na-ab
en: Initiate a greeting at his station
27. nam-lugal-la-ni igi-zu-sze3 du#-ri2-sze3 he2-LI
en: His kingship shall ... before you forever
28. sag#-kal# [...] x EN!? nun x NE he2-a
en: He shall be foremost ...
29. x-[...]-x-ta an#-ki#?-gin7 sag2 nu-di
en: By means of(?) ..., which, like the universe(?), cannot be scattered
30. 1(u) x x ug3 szar2-ra-ka he2-en-<...>
en: (10) ... shall ... the ... of the many people
with 10 line tag
31. ka ba#-a-ni-sze3 dingir amalu-x-zu#? gizzalx(|GISZ.TUG2.PI.SILA3|) he2-em-<...>
en: Your(?) (personal) god and goddess(?) like(?) ... shall pay attention to his speech
32. du11-ga-ni-sze3 ha-ba-dur2#-ru#-ne-esz
en: According to his command, they shall sit (in assembly?)
33. nam-ti szu gi4-a he2-ni-tum2#?-tum2#-mu
en: Life and pardon/repaid life(?) shall be brought there
34. nam-lu2-lu7{lu}-bi sza3 hul2-la he2-eb#?-ke3-e
en: He shall make the people rejoice
35. u4-bi-sze3 u2-a zi-bi he2-em
en: At that time he (Rīm-Sîn) shall their true provider
36. me-lam2 mir-a-ni muru9 <dugud>-da-gin7 lugal gu2 du3-a-ni he2-em-dul
en: His furious aura shall cover kings that hate him like a heavy fog
37. nig2-nam sa6-ga-ni masz2-da-re-a-bi he2-ni-in-ku4-ku4
en: He shall bring everything that is good (to him) as a mašdaria delivery
38. sipa zi {d}ri-im-{d}suen za-ra dingir-bi?-gin7 igi-bi ma-ra-szi-gal2
en: The true shepherd Rīm-Sîn looks(?) to you like his(?) personal god(?)
39. nam-ti ki ag2-ga2-ni gesz-szub-ba-ni gar-ni
en: Set in place his loving of life (as) his lot
40. 1(u) sza3 hul2#-la rig7-bi2-ib u4-gin7 ha-ba-mu2-mu2
en: (10) Bestow a rejoicing heart (upon him), so that (his face?) shines like the sun
with 10 line tag
41. [...] szu# mu-ra-mu2-mu2 szud3#-da-ni gesz tuku-bi2-ib
en: ... prays to you, hear his šud prayer
42. [...] sa6#?-sa6-ge-da-ni zi-ni ti-mu-na-ab
en: When he is to make his speech (to you) pleasant(?), sustain his life
43. [...] x nir he2-gal2 za3 sza4 na-an-tuku-tuku
en: If he trusts ..., he shall have no rival
44. [...]-mu-ra-an-gal2 u4-bi su3-u4 ba-ni-ib
en: (If) he strokes his nose (in submission) to you(?), allocate (a reign of) distant days
45. [...]-ti-la-ka-na#? nam#-lugal#?-la a2#?-bi ga2-x-[...]-x
en: In the ... of his life(?) ... kingship

1. [...] ka#? ba?-a-ni x x gil-sa he2-em
en: ... his speech/when he speaks(?) ... shall be a treasure
2. [...]-ni#? sza3 hul2-la [...]-ke3-e!
en: ... his ... rejoicing
3. [...] x szu gi4-a ur-mah nam#-x x x-bi-sze3 he2-da-ab-ri-esz
en: Repaid/avenged ... lion ... shall drive ... from .... towards(?) ...
4. u3#-gul# ga2-ga2-ni-sze3 bar#? [... he2]-en-na-tam
en: May (you) examine(?) his plea
5. 1(u) x-zu? nam-ti-la x [...] szum2?-mu-na-ab
en: Give(?) ... your ..., life ...
with 10 line tag
6. inim#? ku3-zu nam-ti-la x [...] he#!?-em-tum2-me
en: Your holy word shall bring life(?) ...
7. szu# il2-la-ni-sze3 x-[...]-ib? nam du10 tar-mu-na-ab
en: ... towards his raised hands (in prayer), decree him a good fate
8. nam-ti kasz-gin7 x [...] x ma#-da-na he2-eb-du10
en: So that life, like beer(?) ... shall be sweetened in the ... of his land
9. ub#-da# limmu2 giri3-ni-sze3 gur2-mu-x-[...] e-ne lugal-bi he2-em
en: Make the four corners of the world bow to his feet, so that he is their king/how he shall be their king(?)
10. x x-na u2-sal-la# nu2-a
en: ..., having laid down in the meadows
11. x x sza3# hul2-la u4 hu-mu-ni-ib-zal-e
en: ... spends time rejoicing
12. nun#? x x lugal sze-ga-zu za-a-sze3 gal2-la
en: The ... ruler, your obedient king who is present on your behalf
13. {d}ri-im-{d}suen# en {d}dil-im2#-babbar mu-ni bi2-in-sze21-a
en: Rīm-Sîn, named by lord Dilimbabbar
14. u4 bala-ni su3#-u4#-ba#?-ni-ib zi x x [...]-x
en: Make distant the days of his reign, ... his life(?)
15. 1(u) aga zi mah x x x [...]-x-SAR#?-SAR#?
en: (10) A true and supreme tiara ...
with 10 line tag
16. nam-ti-la-ni szu? x [...]-x?-i
en: ... his life, ...
17. {gesz}gu-za-zu? AN x x [...] suhusz#-bi# he2-ge-en
en: Your(!?) throne, ..., may its foundations(?) be firm
18. ur5 sa6-ge sza3 zalag-ge a-la-bi sza3 he2-eb-si
en: May the exuberance of a (mood typified by a) pleased liver and brightened heart fill his(?) heart
19. x-bi-sze3 nam-x x x x-bi-sze3 silim-ma he2-em
en: ... shall be well
20. u3-luh nig2-si#-sa2#? x [...] x szu#?-ni-sze3 si-bi2-ib ug3 szar2-ra he2-lu-lu#
en: Entrust a scepter of justice ... to his hand, so that the many people ...
21. u4 zalag-ga sag x x x x za#?-e mu-na-RU-ab
en: ... shining light ... for him
22. iti giri17-zal asilx(EZEN)#?-la2-x nig2-ba-asz ba-mu-na-ab
en: Give him a month of happiness and rejoicing as a gift
23. mu hi-a!? mul an za-gin3-gin7 szid-bi nu-til-le sag-e-esz rig7-mu-na-ab
en: Bestow upon him an assortment/multitude of(?) years, as inexhaustible as the stars of blue heaven
24. nam-lugal-la bala sza3 hul2-la du-ri2-sze3 he2-eb-ke3-e
en: May he exercise the kingship, a reign of rejoicing, forever
25. 1(u) lugal u2-a zi he2-ti-le
en: (10) May the king, the faithful provider, live
with 10 line tag
26. {d}ri-im-{d}suen u2-a zi he2-ti-le
en: May Rīm-Sîn, the faithful provider, live
27. nam-lugal-la-ni su-za-a he2-eb-du10
en: May his kingship be made pleasing in your flesh
28. u4 nam-ti-la-ka-ni su3-u4-ba-ni-ib
en: Make the days of his life extensive
29. ma-da ki-bi gi4-a nam-lugal-bi szum2-mu-na-ab
en: Give to him the overlordship of restoring the (cultic) places of the land
30. sza3 ma-da du10-ga-na-ab giri3 ma-da si sa2-na-ab
en: Sweeten the heart of the land for him, set the paths of the land in order for him
31. gu3 kalam-ma tesz2-a si-ge5-mu-na-ab
en: Put the voice of the land in unison/the land in agreement for him
32. {d}ri-im-{d}suen sipa sza3 sze-ga-zu he2-ti-le
en: So that Rim-Suen, your obedient-hearted shepherd, lives
33. ix(|A.TUG2|)?-bi a hu-mu-na-ab-tum3
en: May its canal irrigate water for him
34. a-sza3-ga sze hu-mu-na-ab-mu2-mu2
en: In the field may barley grow for him
35. 1(u) pu2-{gesz}kiri6 lal3 gesztin hu-mu-na-ab-tum3
en: (10) May the irrigated orchard bring syrup and wine for him
with 10 line tag
36. sug ku6 muszen ul-le-esz hu-mu-na-ab-gar-gar
en: May the swamp pile up fishes and birds joyfully/in a swollen state for him
37. e2-tur3-e udu-utuwa2?-a gu4?-de3 ha-ba-lu-lu
en: In the holding pen may the ram(?) and the ox(?) teem for him
38. szegx(|IM.A|) an-ta a-esztub idim-ta he2-en-na-ge-en
en: May rain from above and the carp-flood from the (river) source be constant for him
39. e2-gal zi su3-u4 gal2 he2-en-da-ab-si
en: May (his) palace fill him/be filled with possession of a long life
40. {d}ri-im-{d}suen lugal-gu10
en: Rīm-Sîn, my king!
double ruling
41. szu-nigin2 1(gesz2){+szu-szi} 2(u) 5(disz) mu-ni igi duh-a lugal
en: Total: 85 (are) its(!) lines, viewed by the king/(for the) seeing (of Nanna?) by the king(?).

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