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CDLI Literary 000623, ex. 009
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Primary publicationCDLI Literary 000623, ex. 009
Publication date2014ff.
Secondary publication(s)Gadd, Cyril J. & Shaffer, Aaron, UET 6 (1963, 1966, 2006) 0107a; Hallo & van Dijk Exaltation p.37
CollectionBritish Museum, London, UK
Museum no.BM —
Accession no.
ProvenienceUr (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
Excavation no.U 07750
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet
Sub-genreETCSL 4.07.02 Inanna B ('Decad no. 04') (witness)
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20061205 cdliadmin_veldhuis
ATF sourcePeterson, Jeremiah
TranslationPeterson, Jeremiah
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001wnr0m
Composite no.Q000623
Seal no.
CDLI no.P346192

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column 1
beginning broken
1'. [...]-x-en#?
en: You stand/serve according to(?) the command of An
2'. [...]-e
en: My lady, the mountain bows towards/on behalf of your shout
3'. [...]-lu7#
en: ...
4'. [...] husz#?-bi# x-x mu-re-[...]-DU
en: Along with the aura, radiance, and the southern stormwind(?), you have brought(?) for yourself(?) the furious(?) stupor of the people to the fore
5'. [...] me husz-bi# szu ba-ri-ti!
en: You have taken the (most) furious of the cosmic powers for yourself
6'. [...] er2#-ra-ke4 gal2 ma#-ra-ab-tak4
en: The “threshold of mourning” has opened for you
7'. x a#?-nir#-ra gal-gal-la sila-ba mu-ri-in-du
en: ... goes on the street of the temple(?) of greatest lamentation/great lamentations (i.e., the netherworld?) for you
8'. [...]-ta# nig2 ma-ra-ta-si-ig
en: From the front of battle things (that are shot, flung?) are removed for you (i.e., diverted?)
9'. nin#-gu10# a2 ni2-zu# {na4}zu2 zu2 i3-gu7#-e
en: My lady, (in/with) your own power “flints"(? i.e., sparks?) consume(!?)
10'. u4 du7-du7-gin7 i3-du7-du7-de3-en
en: You thrash like a thrashing storm
11'. u4 gu3 ra-da gu3 im-da-ab-ra#-ra
en: (You) shout together with the shouting storm
12'. {d}iszkur-da# szeg10? mu-un-da-ab-gi4#-gi4
en: (You) scream along with Iškur
13'. im-hul-im-hul-da im-da#-kusz2-u3-de3#
en: You are to become exhausted together with the destructive winds
14'. giri3-zu nu-kusz2-u3 i-im-si
en: (But) inexhaustiveness is worn (on) your feet (as footwear)
15'. balag a-nir-ra-ta i-lu im#-da#-ab-be2
en: ... performs a lament with the balag drum of weeping
16'. nin-gu10 {d}a-nun-na [...]-e#-ne#
en: My lady, the Anuna, the Anuna, the great gods
17'. su-din{muszen} dal-a-gin7 du6-de3# [...]-ra#-asz
en: Like flying bats, they have been driven into(!?) the ruin mound/cracks(?) because of you
18'. igi husz-a-zu# la-ba-sug2-[...]-esz
en: They are not to stand(?) (at) your furious face
19'. sag-ki husz-a-zu sag nu-mu-un#?-de#?-ga2#-ga2#
en: Not one (of them) can confront your furious forehead
20'. sza3 ib2-ba-a-zu a-ba-am3 i3-te-en-te-en#
en: Who will cool your angry heart?
21'. sza3# hul#-gal2-la-a-zu te-eb-te-bi mah-am3#
en: The cooling(!?) of your malevolent heart is a supreme(ly challenging undertaking)
22'. nin# ur5# i3-sa6 nin sza3 i3-hul
en: Lady, (your) liver is good, (your) heart rejoices
23'. ib2-ba# x-x-x-x-x dumu gal {d}nanna
en: (But your) anger does not cool, eldest child of Nanna
24'. nin# [...]-ra# [...] ki-za ba-an-tum2#?
en: Lady who surpasses the land/mountain/netherworld(?), who has deprived you?
25'. hur-[...]-de3-gid2#-en {d}asznan nig2#?-ki#!?-bi
en: The mountain range extends with you in your place, (it is) the taboo of (reserved for) Ezina (the grain goddess)
26'. abul#?-[...]-ba#? izi# mu#-ri-ri#
en: Fire was imposed on its gate
27'. i7#-[...]-x-ab#?-na8-na8
en: Blood is poured into its rivers for you and therefore the people cannot drink
28'. [...] ni2#-[...] ma-ra-ab-DU-e
en: Its army plunders(?) itself for you
29'. [...] ni2#-[...] ma-ra-ab-si#-x
en: The formations split themselves apart for you
30'. [...] ma#-ra-ab-sug2#-ge#-esz
en: Its able-bodied young men serve you by themselves(?)
31'. [...] im#-si#
en: A northern storm(?) has filled its cities and playgrounds(?)
32'. [...] x-x-bi#? szaga#?-x [...]-sug2#?-ge#?-esz
en: Its perfect young men stood as captives(?)
33'. iri# kur# za-ra li#-bi2#-[...]-am3#
en: The city that has not (compelled its people) to say “the land/mountain is for you”
34'. a#-a ugu-zu# li#-bi2#-in#-ne#?-esz-am3#
en: Nor has (its people) said “your father (...)”

column 2
beginning broken
1'. [...] x-te#? ulu3{+lu}-da# im-mi-dul#
en: (I?) approached the shade, but it was covered by (lit. along with) a southern storm(?)
2'. ka# lal3#-gu10 szu szita-a ba-ab-du11
en: My “honey mouth” was ...
3'. nig2 ur5 sa6-sa6-gu10 sahar-ta ba-da-ab-gi4
en: My “thing that gladdened the liver” was turned back with the dust(?)
4'. nam-gu10 {d}suen-e lugal-an-na
en: My fate, (involving?) Suen and lugalane
5'. an-ra du11-mu-na-ab an-ne2 ha-ma-duh-e
en: Speak to An, so that he undoes it for me
6'. a-da-lam an-ra ba-an-na-ab-be2 an-ne2 mu-e-duh-en
en: Now, she will speak to An, he will have released(!?) me
7'. nam lugal-an-e munus-e ba-ab-kar-re
en: The woman will take away the fate (involving?) lugalane
8'. kur a-ma-ru giri3-ni-sze3 i3-nu2
en: Mountain and flood alike lie/crouch at her feet
9'. munus-bi in-ga-mah iri mu-un-da-nigin2-e
en: That woman is also supreme, she can besiege(!?) the city
10'. gub-ba sza3-ga-na ha-ma-sed4-de3
en: Stand/serve, so that she is cooled in her heart to/for me
11'. en-he2-du7-an-na a-ra-zu ga-mu-ra-ab-du11
en: I am Enheduana, and I shall perform an arazu prayer for you
12'. er2-ga2 kasz du10-ga-gin7
en: ...
13'. ku3 {d}inanna-ra szu ga-mu-ni-re-ba di-zu# ga-mu-ra-ab-du11
en: I(!) shall release my tears like sweet beer for holy Inanna, I shall say to you “(give?) your legal decision”
14'. {d}dil-im2-babbar nam-kusz2-u3-de3
en: I/you(?) shall not exhaust/bother Dilimbabbar(?)
15'. szu-luh an ku3-ga-ke4 nig2-na-ma-ni i3-kur2
en: Within(?) the cleansing rites of holy An, everything of his(?) is changed
16'. an-da e2-an-na ha-ba-da-an-kar
en: And thus (Lugalane) has removed the Eanna temple from An
17'. an lu2 gu-la-ta ni2 ba-re-ba-da-te
en: He did not fear An, the greatest one
18'. e2-bi# la-la-bi ba-ra-mu-un-gi4 hi-li-bi ba-ra-mu-un-[...]
en: He did not solidify(!?) the charm of that temple did not satisfy, he did not fulfill its allure
19'. e2-bi hul-a hu-mu-di-ni-in-gur
en: He has turned that temple into an evil (temple)
20'. tab mu-szi-in-ku4-ra-ni ninim-ma-ni hu-mu-te
en: When(?) he entered ..., he drew his envy near(?)
21'. sumun2-zi-gu10 lu2 he2-em-ib-sar-re lu2 he2-em-eb-dab-be2-en
en: May my “true wild cow"(?) chase that man away, may you seize that man
22'. ki zi-sza3-gal2-la-ka ga2-e a-na-me-en
en: In the place of life giving force/encouragement, what(!?) am I? (i.e., why am I here making this prayer?)
23'. ki-bala hul gig {d}nanna-za-ke4-esz an-ne2 ha-ba-ab-szum2-mu
en: The rebel land, because of hatred of your Nanna/in the manner of (one) hated by your Nanna(?), may An hand it over
24'. iri-bi an-ne2 ha-pa-ra-an-si-le
en: May An tear apart its city
25'. {d}en-lil2-le nam ha-ba-da-an-ku5-de3
en: May Enlil curse it
26'. dumu er2-ra pa3-da-bi ama-ni na-sed4-e
en: His mother shall not calm down its weeping child/citizen
27'. nin a-nir ki gar-ra-am3
en: Lady whose lament is under way(?)
28'. ma2 a-nir-ra-zu ki kur2-ra he2-bi-ib-tak4
en: May your boat of lamentation be abandoned in a strange place
29'. szir3 ku3-ga2-ke4-esz i3-ugx(EZEN)-ge-de3-en
en: I am to “die” because of my holy song
30'. ga2-e {d}nanna-gu10 en3#-gu10 ba-ra-an-tar
en: (But) as for me, my Nanna has not inquired after me
31'. ki-lul-la he2-bi2-ib-gul-gul-en
en: He has caused my utter destruction(?) in a “place of violence”
32'. {d}dil-im2-babbar di-gu10 ba-ra-bi2-in-du11
en: Dilimbabbar has not undertaken my case
33'. bi2-du11 nam-gu10 li-bi2-du11 nam-gu10
en: (If) he did, what is it to me? (If) he did not, what is it to me?
34'. u3-ma gub-gub-bu-ba e2-ta ba-ra-e3#-[...]
en: After/when(?) triumphing, he (Lugalane) drove me out from the temple
35'. sim{muszen}-gin7-na ab-ta ba-ra-an-dal-en#
en: Like a swallow, he made me fly away from the window


column 1
1. {gesz#}kiszig kur-ra-ke4! bi2-in-du?-[...]
en: You make (me) go(!?) in the brambles of the mountain
2. aga# zi nam-en-na mu-un-da-an-[...]
en: He removed the true crown of the en priestess from (my head)
3. giri2 ba-da-ra ma-a-szum2 a-ra-ab-du11 ma-[...]
en: He gave a knife and dagger to me and said to me “it is suitable for you”
4. nin kal-kal-e an-ne2 ki [...]
en: Most precious lady, loved by An
5. sza3 ku3 mah-am3 ki-bi ha-ma-gi4-gi4#
en: May (your) holy heart, which is supreme, be restored to its place for me
6. gidlam ki ag2 uszumgal-an-na#-[...]
en: Beloved spouse of (Ama)'ušumgalana (Dumuzi)
7. an-ur2 an-pa eresz gal-bi-me-en#
en: You are the great queen of the horizon and zenith (i.e., the whole of heaven)
8. {d}a-nun-na-ke4-ne gux(GESZTIN) gesz ma-ra-an-gar-re-esz#
en: The Anuna have submitted to you
9. {d}a-nun-na dingir gal-gal-e-ne e-ne ba-e-ne-diri#-ga
en: How (you) have been superior to the Anuna, the great gods!
10. u3#-tu-da-ta nin banda3{+da}-me#-en#
en: Since birth you have been the younger sister (of Utu)
11. {d}a-nun-na nundum-nundum-bi-ta ki su-ub ma#?-[...]-ne
en: The Anuna kiss the ground with their lips for you
12. di ni2-ga2 nu-mu-un-til di kur2 di-ga2#-ta# igi-ga2# [...]-ni10-ni10-en
en: My case has not been finalized, (but the threat of) a hostile decision, apart from my case(?), prowls around(?) in my face
13. gesz-nu2 gi4-rin-na szu mu-um-mi-[...]
en: He (Lugalane) has not defiled the flowered bed
14. inim du11-ga {d}nin-gal lu2-lu7-ra nu-mu-un#-[...]-bur2
en: The uttered word of Ningal has not been released to him
15. en dadag-ga {d}nanna-me#-en#
en: I am the pure/bright en priestess of Nanna
16. nin ki ag2 an-na-gu10 sza3-zu ha#-ma-sed4#-de3
en: My lady beloved by An, may your heart be cooled to me
17. he2#-zu he2-za-am3 {d}nanna# li-bi2#-in-du11-ga za-a-kam bi2-in-du11-ga
en: May it be known, may it be known, what has not been said (of) Nanna('s), (but) what has been said of you
18. an-gin7 mah-a-zu he2-za-am3
en: Which is: “may your being supreme like heaven be known”
19. ki-gin7 dagal-la-a-zu he2-za-am3
en: Which is “may your being broad like the earth be known”
20. igi husz-a-zu he2-za-am3
en: Which is “may your red face be known”
21. igi su4-su4-a-zu he2-za-am3
en: Which is “may your brown face be known”
22. igi husz-bi il2-il2-a-zu he2-za-am3
en: Which is “may your furiously raised eye be known”
23. ur-gin7 adda gu7-a-zu he2-za-am3
en: Which is “may your corpse-eating like a dog be known”
24. sag gesz ra-ra-a-zu he2-za-am3
en: Which is “may your head bashing be known”
25. kur bala gul-gul-a-zu he2-za-am3#
en: Which is “may your destruction of the rebel country be known”
26. uru16-na sze-a-zu he2-za-am3#
en: Which is “may your being mighty(?) and (dis)obedient(?) be known”
27. kur#!?-ra gu3 de2-a-zu he2-za-am3#
en: Which is “may your shouting at the foreign land/mountain be known”
28. {d}nanna# li-bi2-in-du11-ga za-a-kam# bi2-x-du11-ga
en: (This is) what has not been said (of) Nanna('s), (but) what has been said of you
29. nin-gu10 ib2-gu-ul-en i3-mah-me-en
en: My lady, (you did these things?) the greatest(?), you are supreme
30. nin ki ag2 an-na-gu10 mir#?-mir#?-zu ga-am3-du11
en: My lady beloved of An, I shall speak of(?) your anger(?)
31. ne-mur mu-dub szu-luh si bi2-sa2
en: The charcoal has been piled up, the cleansing rites have been set in order
32. esz2-dam ku3 ma-ra-an-gal2 sza3-zu na-ma-sed4-de3
en: The “holy tavern” is opened for you/there for you, (but) your heart shall cool(?) for me
33. im-ma-an-si im-ma-diri-ga-ta nin UN#-gal ma-x-[...]
en: After it (the matter) filled up and became too much, lady and queen, (as has) been spoken to you(?)
34. nig2 ge6-u3-na ma-ra-an-du11-ga-am3
en: That which was said to you in the nighttime
35. gala#!-e an-bar7-ke4-esz szu hu-mu-ra-ab-gi4-gi4
en: The lamentation priest shall repeat at(?) midday for you
36. [...] dab5#-ba#-za-ke4-esz dumu# [...]
en: Because of your captured spouse, because of your captured child
rest broken

column 2
1. {d}inanna za3-mi2
en: Inanna, praise
double ruling
blank space

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