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UET 6, 0149
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Primary publicationUET 6, 0149
Author(s)Gadd, Cyril J. & Shaffer, Aaron
Publication date1963, 1966, 2006
Secondary publication(s)Ludwig, LTU, 150–151
CollectionBritish Museum, London, UK
Museum no.BM —
Accession no.
ProvenienceUr (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
Excavation no.U —
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20061205 cdliadmin_veldhuis
ATF sourcePeterson, Jeremiah
TranslationPeterson, Jeremiah
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001wqbt4
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P346234

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beginning broken
1'. [...] x ki tag-tag [...]
en: They are sparrows, witches that lay witchcraft (like eggs)
2'. ki-sikil-ra# szu# mu-un-duh-[...]
en: For the young woman, they bind(?) the hands of the young woman
3'. nita#-ra [a2] mu-un-la2-e-ne#
en: For the male, they tie up the arms
4'. lu2-lu7 nig2-ak#? im-mi-in-ke4-ke4-ne
en: They perform magic (against) the man
5'. u2-e na-an-de6 lu2 ba-an-gu7-e
en: (One of them) brought(?) ... onto(?) the food(?), and the man eats it
6'. mu7#?-mu7 bi2-in-tum3#? a lu2 ba-an-nag!(|KAxDISZ|)
en: (One of them) brought murmuring (into a beverage)(!?), and the man drank it
7'. {d}utu an-na-sze3 a im-ma-an-ze2#?-en
en: I/You(!?) raise water to Utu of heaven
8'. {i7}idigna a ka# gal2 tak4-a-bi
en: Water of(!?) the Tigris, whose intake is open
9'. a inim bi2-in-da-dab#?
en: (One of them) passed a word(?) through the water(?)
10'. zi3 sze-musz nig2-gig gidim-ma!?
en: šemuš flour, set apart for the ghost
11'. zi3 sze gib-be2 nig2-gig dingir-re-e-ne
en: Wheat flour, set apart for the gods
12'. {sze}in-nu-HA usz7# bur2-da-am3
en: innuha barley, which will dispell witchcraft (take them and mix them together)
13'. lu2-lu7 pa4-hal-la kesz2-da-a-ni he2-duh
en: (For?) the afflicted man, may his/her bonds be loosened
14'. sza3 {gi}pisan-gin7 kesz2-da-ni he2-duh
en: May her bonds, like the contents of a bisag basket, be loosened
15'. a-e3-gin7 u4 he2-si-il-si-le
en: As if (subjected to) gushing water, may the food(?) be torn apart
16'. [{i7}]idigna-gin7 gu3 nun-bi he2-em-de2#?
en: Like the Tigris river, may she bellow loudly
17'. [...]-gin7# x TUG2? HI-ta he2-em-e3#
en: Like ..., may it go out from ...
18'. [...] gal2#? szu x x# la2 x
en: ...
19'. [...] zu2?-kesz2#-bi x [...]
en: the bindings ...
20'. [...] x [...]

beginning broken
1'. x-la#? x-bi#? NIG2 x [...]
en: ...
2'. nam-erim2# x x x x x ku5#-da#
en: Swearing(?) ...
3'. KU# a2 zi-da x lu2-ra bur2#-e
en: ... of the right side ... unleashed upon the man
4'. KU#-a#? a zi-ga-gin7 lu2-ra szu tag#?-ga#!?
en: ... like a flood touching/affecting the man
5'. nig2-ak nig2 igi du3-a-bi x x te#-ga2-x
en: Magic, everything involving the face(!?), which approached(?) ...
6'. ME LU kalam-a dul4 a a-gar3# kur2#?-ra bi2-de2
en: (Like) a ... covering(?) the land(?), (may it?) pour water onto another meadow
7'. nig2-ak er2 igi-zu#-a i3-gar-ra
en: The magic that has put tears in your eyes
8'. udu-gin7 ha-ba-lug-ga buluh-gin7 ha-ba-si-il-le
en: May it pasture like a sheep, may it belch (while ruminating?)
9'. lu2-lu7-ba a nam-iszib-e u3-me-szub
en: After you cast the water of the art of the incantation priest on that man
10'. i3 nam-iszib-e um-me-te-tan2
en: After you cleanse him with the oil of the incantation priest(?)
11'. lu2-lu7-bi u3-me-sikil u3-me-dadag-ge
en: After you purify and cleanse that man
12'. {na4}bur i3-nun-gin7 u3-me-luh-luh
en: After you clean him like a bowl (used for) ghee
13'. {na4}bur szagan-la2-gin7 szu mu-un-na-su13-su13
en: (After you) scrub him like a flask(!?)
14'. {d}utu sag-kal dingir-re-e-ne szu-ni u3-me-dab
en: After you pass his hand(!?) (towards?) Utu, the foremost of the gods
15'. zabar-gin7 szu dingir!-ra-na-a-ka he2-em-mi-szi-in-gi4-gi4
en: Like a bronze (cup?) may he return him to the hand of his god
16'. dingir lu2-ba-ke4 sa6-ke4 me-tesz2-sze3 he2-e3
en: May the good god of that man, the good one(?) be praised
17'. inim sa6 ka-ke4 pa e3 he2-ak-ke4
en: May he make a good word manifest in (his) mouth/may (his) mouth make a good word(?) manifest(?)
18'. x x x x-ke4 si he2-em-sa2-sa2
en: May ... set ... in order
19'. [...] x abzux(DE2)-ke4
en: Asalluhi, child of the Abzu(?)
20'. [...] x

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