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CDLI Literary 000784, ex. 005
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Primary publicationCDLI Literary 000784, ex. 005
Publication date2014ff.
Secondary publication(s)Gadd, Cyril J. & Shaffer, Aaron, UET 6 (1963, 1966, 2006) 0172; Civil, Farmer's Instructions pls.7-8
CollectionBritish Museum, London, UK
Museum no.BM —
Accession no.
ProvenienceUr (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
Excavation no.U 07790
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet
Sub-genreETCSL 5.06.03 Farmer’s instructions (witness)
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20061205 cdliadmin_veldhuis
ATF sourcePeterson, Jeremiah
TranslationPeterson, Jeremiah
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001z6hv5
Composite no.Q000784
Seal no.
CDLI no.P346257

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column 1
1. u4 ul uru4-e dumu-ni na# mu-un-de5#-[...]
en: The one who sows (since) ancient time was the one who instructed his son
2. a#-sza3 dib2-da-zu-[ne]
en: When you pass through the field
3. e pa5 sux(|LAGARxDISZ|)? duh-u3-de3 igi kar2-kar2-[...]
en: Inspect the dikes, ditches, and/of the threshing floor(?) that are to be opened
4. a-sza3! a de2-a-zu-ne a-bi sza3-bi nu-x-[...]
en: When you irrigate the field, its water (should) not rise (too high) in its midst
5. u4# a-ta i-im-me-e11-de3-x [...]
en: When (the field) (re)emerges from the water
6. a#-sza3 ki!-duru5-bi en-nu-ug3 ak-ab ki-sze-er a-ra-ab#-[...]
en: Watch the wet patches of the field, after it has been fenced/reached the appropriate limit
7. gu4# suhub giri3 na-ra-ab-zukumx(|LAL2.SAR|)?-e#
en: Do not let the suhub oxen trample it
8. u2-sagx(UR4)-bi u3-bi2-zi2 a-sza3 ki-gar u3-bi2-du11#
en: After you cut down the bundles (for reinforcement) and establish the suitable area (of) the field
9. u {uruda}gin2-sal szanabi ma-na-ta sa2!-a-ab
en: Ten (times) level it with a light hoe weighing two-thirds mana
10. {gesz}al-szub-be2 umbin gu4 ha-ra-ab-szu2-szu2 sa ha-ra-ab-la2-la2
en: The alšub implement should cover up the oxen hoof (marks), may it sweep (the field clean)
11. ki ka sal-la-bi u2-tag ha-ra-ab-tag-tag
en: The utag tool should touch the places (of?) “narrow intake"(?) for you
12. gu2 a-sza3!-ga ub-da# limmu2 {gesz}al-la ha-ra-ab-ni10-ni10
en: The hoe should encircle the four edges of the field
13. en-na a-sza3-ga al-sze6-sze6-ga2-dam tesz2# a-ra-ab-si-ge5
en: Until (the field) is dried, ... should be employing (the tools) together(?) for you
14. {gesz}szu-gar6-zu sa ha-ra-ab-gi4
en: The implements should be prepared (their bindings restored?) for you
15. {gesz}szudul4-zu a2-szita4 ha-ra-ab-kesz2
en: The equipment of your yoke should be bound for you
16. {kusz}usan3 gibil-zu {gesz}gag-ta ha-ra-ab-la2
en: May your new whip hang from a nail for you
17. {kusz}usan3 sumun-zu mud# la2-la2-bi
en: The handle bindings of your old whip
18. dumu# gaszam-e-ne du10-UD ha-ra-ab-ak-en
en: The craftsmen should repair (! this ms.: “pray”!?) it for you
19. {uruda}gin2 {uruda}bulugx(BUR2) {uruda#}dur10# szum-me nig2 ak {gesz}szu-kar2#-zu a2-zu!? sag ha-ra-ab-us2-en
en: The adze, chisel/drill, dur maul(?) and šumme saw, that which does/makes(??), your implements, your strength(?), should be constant(?) for you
20. {kusz}sag-kesz2 bar-e11#-de3# {kusz}ka-du10 {kusz}usan3 [...]-za#?-a#? he2-en-ha-za
en: The leather thong, braiding lever, cover/wrapping, and whip should be at your disposal
21. {gi}ba-an-du8-zu kab2#? di# mu-ra-an-ak a2 kal?-ga#-zu? ha-ra-an-ke3-en
en: ... (should) check your basket for you, you should strengthen your arms
22. a2-asz2 a-sza3-zu e2?-za-a he2-en-gal2 kin2-zu nig2 nam-mu-un-szub-be2-en
en: You should have what you require (for) the field in your house(?), do not neglect anything (pertaining) to your work
23. gu4# {gesz}apin gu4 diri a-ra-ab-tuku-a
en: The plow ox has acquired an extra ox for you
24. gu4 gu4-da dur bi-ib2-tu-lu-a
en: The bond between oxen was made (sufficiently) slack
25. {gesz#}apin#-bi? {gesz}apin-na a-ab-diri
en: The plow was made to have an extra plow
26. [...] {gesz}apin 1(disz)-e 1(bur'u) GAN2-am3
en: The assignment(?) of 1 plow is 10 bur
27. [...] 8(bur3) GAN2-am3 gesz du3-da-ab
en: (When) it is eight bur, (re)build the wood(en) object(?)
28. [...] kusz2#?-u3-da-zu?-gin7 a-ra-ab-dim2-e
en: ... will make ... for you according to what you are to toil(?)
29. 1(bur3)# GAN2-ba 3(gesz2) sze gur-am3 ba-an-ga2-ga2
en: It is ... gur of barley that will be expended (for oxen feed)(?) in the 1 bur area
30. usu# {gesz}apin disz-ta a-sza3 {gesz}bar-dili-bi u3-bi2-ak
en: After working the field (with) the bardili plow by means of the force of one seed plow
31. {gesz}bar#-dili-bi {gesz}apin-[...] u3#-bi2-ak tug2-gur#-ra#-ab
en: After working the field (with) the bardili plow and the tugsig plow, use the tuggur plow

column 2
beginning broken
1'. u4#? mul# [...]
en: After the stars of heaven are appropriate (in the proper place)
2'. u {gesz#}apin# x [...]
en: Ten (times) the plow ...
3'. {gesz}al du3#-[...]
en: The hoe should work everything for you
4'. a-sza3 uru4{+ru#}-[...]
en: When you sow the field
5'. {gesz}apin-zu gu ha#-[...]
en: Your plow should be marked/aligned
6'. {gesz}ka-szu2 {gesz}apin-na-zu {kusz}im-x-[...]
en: Lay down a ... on the kašu of your plow (to prepare it for seeding?)
7'. {gesz}dam!-zu {gesz}gag sal-la szub#-[...]
en: Lay down your beam (with) a thin nail
8'. {gesz}le-um-zu a2 he2-bi2-tal2-tal2 absin3-zu# x
en: Your boards/ears should be spread out, ... your furrow
9'. disz ninda-ta-am3 absin3 ussu-am3 gub-ba-ab
en: Set up eight furrows per one ninda (of width)
10'. absin2 dur2-dur2-ru-na sze-bi gu2 a-ab-gid2
en: The barley would have lodged in ... furrows
11'. a-sza3 uru4{+ru}-da-zu#-ne
en: When you sow a field
12'. lu2 sze numun gar-ra-zu-usz igi-zu gar-ni
en: Look (carefully) towards the one planting the barley seed
13'. min szu-si-ta-am3 {d}asznan he2-en-szub
en: At a depth of two fingers, he should drop grain
14'. disz ninda-ta-am3 sze disz gin2 ha-ra-an-gar
en: He should set one gig of barley per one ninda
15'. tukumbi sze numun# e2-tur3-ra nu-um-suhur
en: If the barley seed was not “incised/scratched in the stall”
16'. {gesz}nig2-ku5 {gesz}eme {gesz}apin-na-zu kur2-ra-ab
en: Change your wedge(?) of the plowshare
17'. tukumbi dur a-ab-tu-lu dur tur-ra-ab
en: If the bindings have slackened, reduce (i.e. tighten) the bindings
18'. ki absin3 si sa2 i3-uru4{+ru}-ab absin3 {gesz}szibir uru4{+ru}-ab
en: Where straight furrows were sown(?), sow “shepherd's crook” furrows
19'. ki absin3 {gesz}szibir i3-uru4{+ru}-ab absin3 si sa2! uru4{+ru}-ab
en: Where “shepherd's crook” furrows were sown(?), sow straight furrows
20'. absin3 si sa2 gu4 ku5 gu4 TAG nu-mu-ra-ab-x
en: The straight furrow will not(!?) be ... with ... and ... edges(?) for you
21'. absin3 lu-gu2-zu si ha-ra-ab-sa2
en: Your twisted furrows should be straightened out
22'. absin3 ab-ki-iz-bi DU-a absin3 gib-ba#? x GAN2 ku5-da-x uru4#?-[...]
en: ... the “unobstructed"(?) furrows, ... the traversal furrows, and sow your “separated field”
23'. szeg12 lag-bi ha#-[...]
en: Its brick(like?) clods should be collected for you
24'. ki-sahar us2-[...]
en: The blocking(?) deposits of the furrow should be beaten
25'. ki-sahar [...]
en: The covering(?) deposits of(?) the furrow should be thinned out/weakened
26'. henbur2#-[...]
en: Regarding the seedlings, it is good for you


column 1
1. u4 henbur2-e [...]
en: After the seedlings have split the ground
2. siskur2 {d}nin-gi4#-x-[...]
en: Perform the rites of Ninkilim
3. zu2 bir5{muszen}-a bala#-x-[...]
en: Turn away the bite of the locust
4. u4 sze ka sal-la absin3-na-ka a-ab#-[...]
en: When the barley exceeds the “narrow intake” of the furrow
5. a numun sag-ga2-ka du11-ga-[ab]
en: Water it with the water of the first seed
6. u4 sze {gi}kid-ma2-szu2-a-ba a-ab-gub-ba a du11-ga#-[ab]
en: When the barley stands in (the form of?) a reed mat, water it
7. {sze}lillan-bi a du11-ga-ab
en: Water the ripe grain
8. u4 sze# lu-ha am3-si-a a na-ab-be2-en sa-ma-na-asz#? ba-e-gig
en: When the grain is filled with(?) offshoots, you should not water it, you would have(?) afflicted it in the manner of the samana disease
9. u4# sze birx(HI)#? ke3-de3 ba-ab-du7-a a du11-ga-ab
en: When the grain has become suitable for dehusking, water it
10. {gesz}ban2{+an} 1(u) 1(disz) sila3-ta ku-dun ba-an-tuku-tuku
en: It(?) will acquire a profit of one sila grain for each ban
11. sze gurx(UR4)-gurx(UR4)-ru-da-zu-ne sze ur5 gurum nam-ba-ak-e
en: When you are to harvest the grain, do not let the grain bend itself over (overripe)
12. u4 a2-ba-ka gurx(UR4)-ru-a-ab
en: Harvest at that of its appropriate time
13. |KID2xIM| disz-e lu2# sze zar kesz2-da min-am3
en: There is one cutter(?) and two(!?) people to bind the barley sheaves
14. u3 lu2 disz-e igi-ni-sze3 sze zar hu-mu-na-ab-tag-ge
en: And one who will “touch” the barley sheaves before him
15. esz5-am3# hu-mu-ra-ab-gurx(UR4)-gurx(UR4)-ru-ne
en: (They) are three, they should harvest for you
16. lu2# sze de5-de5-ga-zu sze hum na-an-ke3-e
en: Your grain gatherers should not break(?) the barley
17. sze# garadin-na na-ab-si-il-si-le-de3-en
en: They(!?) are not to split apart the barley of the stacks of sheaves
18. kin2 u4-da-zu u4 tur-gin7
en: Your work of the day, when the day is young (i.e. at dawn)
19. usu# di4-di4-la2-zu-ne u3 lu2 sze de5-de5-ga-zu-ne
en: The force of your “little ones” and your grain gatherers
20. szid?-bi#!? du6#-ul-la-ab zar#?-re-esz nu2-de3-eb
en: Store/gather its number(?), lay down (the grain) in the manner of sheaves
21. kin2-zu# mi2 zi a-ra-ab-[...]
en: Your work should be executed with care
22. sze sumun-e#? tuku#-a-[...]
en: After having old grain (for so long before the harvest?)
23. gu7-gu7-zu-usz# lu2 sze gesz# [...]
en: Do not have someone thresh the barley for your eating(?)
24. sze# zar#?-ra ne#-[...]
en: Give your barley sheaves a rest
25. siskur2# [...]
en: The rites of the barley sheaf should be performed for you daily
26. u4 sze ab-e11#-[...]
en: When you bring up the barley (for transportation)
27. har-ra-an-[...]
en: Set your paths in order
28. x [...]
en: ...
29. x [...]
en: ...
30. x [...]
en: ...

column 2
1. zu2# gesz-bad-ra2-zu# kusz# la2-la2-bi esir2 ha-ra-ab-sub6-sub6
en: The leather (straps) that bind together the teeth of your threshing sledge should be coated with bitumen for you
2. gu4 KU-KU-ru-da-zu-ne lu2 sze gesz bad-du8-zu usu he2-ri-gub-bu-usz
en: When your oxen ..., the ones threshing the grain (by sledge) should stand for you (by their own?) strength
3. u4 sze bi2-in-|LAGARxDISZ|!?-a
en: When he ... the barley
4. siskur2 sze nu-nir-ra du11-ga-ab
en: Perform the rites of grain that is not winnowed (impure grain)
5. u4 sze al-la2-e11-de3-en-na-zu
en: When you are to bring up(!?) the barley
6. lu2 sze al-la2-e11-de3-en-na-zu
en: When you are to have someone who is to bring up(!?) the barley
7. lu2 sze ki-ta al-la2-e-na-gub lu2 gesztu2 tuku gub-ba-ab
en: Station an intelligent person (in the role of) standing “below” (winnowing/bringing up(!?)) the barley
8. lu2 sze DU-a esz5-am3 ha-ra-gub-bu-usz
en: Three grain movers(?) should be stationed there for you
9. sze nir-ra-zu {gesz}gidri-sze3 nu2-de3-eb
en: Lay your winnowed grain down for the (measuring) stick
10. siskur2 u4-te-en ge6-ba du11-ga-ab
en: Perform the rites of its evening and night
11. u4 sa9-a-gin7 sze bur2-ra-ab
en: When it is midday, spread out the grain
12. na de5 {d}nin-urta engar {d}en-lil2-la2
en: The instruction of Ninurta, the farmer of Enlil
13. {d}nin-urta en dumu {d}en-lil2-la2-ke4
en: Ninurta, lord, son of Enlil
14. za3-mi2-zu du10-ga-am3
en: Your praise is sweet
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