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OECT 11, 001
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Primary publicationOECT 11, 001
Author(s)Gurney, Oliver R.
Publication date1989
Secondary publication(s)
CollectionAshmolean Museum, Oxford, UK
Museum no.Ashm 1923-0766
Accession no.
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet
Sub-genreAmurru Rīm-Sîn
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20061205 cdliadmin_veldhuis
ATF sourcecdlistaff (check)
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz0022d9mz
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P348900

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1. ra-asz-bu-um bu-uk-ri-i3-li an-sza#-an kab-tum# szu#-nu-du-um la-bi-isz me-li-im-mi
en: Awe-inspiring, offspring of the gods of Anshan(?), honored, far-famed, clad in splendor,
2. {d}an-mar-tu bu-uk-ri-i3-li2 an-sza-an kab-tum# szu#-nu-du-um la-bi-isz me-li-im-mi
en: Divine-Amurru, offspring of the gods of Anshan(?), honored, far-famed, clad in splendor,
3. wa-szi#-ib _hur-sag_ mi-sza#-ki de-szu-tim s,i-ru-tim at#-ma-ni# sza-di el-lu-ti-im
en: dwelling in the mountain, (in) numerous abodes(?), lofty temples, shining mountains,
4. szi-mi te-es2-li-tim pa-t,i-ir ar-ni-im pa-sza#?-ir ni-qi2-im-tim ga-am-lu-ni-ik-ka
en: hearer of prayer, absolver of sin, remover of misery (for them that) propitiate you.
5. be-li2 da-ad-ni a-bu i-szi-a3-ru lu-szi-e-pi# na-ar-bi-ka na-an-za-as-su2
en: Lord of the inhabited world, just father, I will extol the manifestation of your majesty,
6. ap-ra-at a-gi#?-e? na-mur-ri-a-tim na-szi-a-at pi-di-a-am im-tu-uk-ka
en: you are crowned with brilliance, you carry mercy in your right hand.
7. tu-ka-al ga-am-lam el-le-tam szu#-mi-lu-uk-ka na-di-na-at ba-la-t,i-im a-na na-szi x x x
en: You bear the holy crook in your left hand, that gives life to the people ...
8. s,a-al-ma-at qa2-qa2-da-at e-qu#-lu# a-na ni-isz ga-am-li-i-ka i-ba-asz-szi uz4-na-szi-inx
en: the black-headed ones listen (and) pay attention to the lifting of your crook,
9. ma-al-ku wa-szi-ib ku-us4-si20-a-at x-zi-in da-ad-ni i-qa2-lu i-na ga-am-li-i-ka
en: at your word they govern the people, they do your will in passing judgment.
10. zi-ik-ru-ka-ma u2-wa-e-ru ni-[szi di]-in# i-di-in-nu ga-am#-lu#-ni-ik-ka
en: Kings that sit on thrones ... the inhabited world, pay heed to your crook.
11. ra-bu-tum i-gi-i-gu ma-ru i-lu# i-na ni-isz ga-am-li-i#-ka# ni#-id-da-ba-szu-nu x x x
en: The great Igigi, the divine sons, at the lifting of your crook ... their offerings,
12. szu-ub-ti-szu-nu nu-hu-usz as-na-an# pi-ri-ik-ki-szu-nu i-di x x x isz-bu
en: their dwellings are sated with abundance of grain, their shrines with ...
13. be-li2 e-t,e-el qa2-bu-u2-ka la#-u2#-ta-ak-ka-asz zi-ik-ra-ka szi-ma#-at-[ka la sza-na-an]
en: My lord, mighty is your command, your word is not cast aside, your destiny is [unrivalled],
14. ra-bi-a s,i2-ra-tum sza-at-ka? la#-an# sza sza-na-ni-im-ma sza#
en: great are the noble (deeds) of yours, unrivaled ...
15. ma-sza-an i-la-an ki-la-al-la#-an ra-me-a-at szu-pa-tum#
en: both the twin gods. You dwell in abodes ...
16. be-li2 isz-ta?-ka na-zu-uz4#-zum ha-a-a-t,um2 e-pe-qum#
en: my lord, it is your (task) to stand forth, to inspect, (and) to show mercy ...
17. sza#-ap-pi-du ur-ha-a-tim u2-ba-la-a-tim mu-x
en: Traveller over roads and hills, ...
18. rix(HU)-bi-it ka-ar-sza-am# u2# ar-ka-a ha-si2-sa3#
en: you are broad-minded, (your) understanding is profound.

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