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Fs Wilcke 130-131
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Primary publicationFs Wilcke 130-131
Author(s)Geller, Markham J.
Publication date2003
Secondary publication(s)Langdon, BL 003; Dalley, Stephanie, Edinburgh 83 (Cat.)
CollectionNational Museums Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Museum no.NMS A.1909.405.33
Accession no.
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20070110 cdliadmin_tinney
ATF sourceWagensonner, Klaus
TranslationWagensonner, Klaus
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz00203tg8
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P355875

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1. igi musz-husz igi lu2-ulu3 musz-husz
en: The dragon-face (is) the dragon-face of a man,
2. igi lu2 nig2-hul-dim2-ma musz-husz
en: the dragon-face of a man causing evil
3. an-e ba-te im nu-szeg3-szeg3 ki ba-te {u2}szim nu-mu2-mu2
en: approached heaven (and) the clouds bring no rain. He approached the earth, and the plants do not grow.
4. gu4-de3 ba-te {gesz}szudulx(UR)-bi im-du8
en: He approached the ox, and its yoke does not open,
5. e2-tur3-re ba-te ga-ra-bi im-gaz-gaz
en: he approached the stall and smashes its cheese-pot.
6. amasz-e ba-te uax(|NINDA2xMASZ2|) im-hul
en: He approached the fold and destroys the flock.
7. gurusz-ra ba-te usu lirum mu-da-an-kar
en: He approached the lad and sapped his (sexual) energies,
8. ki-sikil-ra ba-te tug2 mu-da-an-szub
en: he approached the maiden and tossed away her towel.
9. um-me-da dumu-da mu-na-te ul3-la2 mu-da-si-il
en: He aproaches the nurse with (her) charge and cuts through the (child)-harness.
10. {d}asar-lu2-hi-e igi im-ma-an-sum
en: Asarluhi took notice (and approached his father Enki ...):
11. nig2-i3-zu-a-mu u3 za-e in-ga-e-zu
en: "What do I know that your do not already know?"
12. 7(disz)-a sze-ar3-re egir {gesz}naga3-kam
en: Seven times, mix milled barley on the back of the grinding slab,
13. 7(disz)-a sze-ar3-re egir na4-ar3-kam
en: Seven times, mix milled barley on the back of the mortar,
14. i3-ta u3-me-ni-hi
en: together with fat.
15. kusz!-ta u3-me-ni-kesz2
en: Bind it with leather.
16. nam-szub eridu{ki}
en: (Recite) the Eridu incantation.
17. gu2 lu2-tu!-ra u3-mu-ni-la2
en: Bind it on the neck of the patient.
18. {d}nin-tin-ug5-ga gi hu-mu-ni-zalag
en: May Nintinuga purify her (surgical) reed,
19. {d#}da-mu {uruda}dur10-tab-ba hu-mu-sig3-ge
en: may Damu strike with his axe,

1. {d}gu-nu-ra {gesz}dimgul hu-mu-un-du3-e
en: and may Gunura erect her boat-mast.
2. tu6-enuru{+e2-nu-ru}
en: tu-enuru.
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