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OAA 1, 051
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Primary publicationOAA 1, 051
Author(s)Larsen, Mogens Trolle
Publication date2002
Secondary publication(s)
CollectionRosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose, California, USA
Museum no.RC 1749c
Accession no.
ProvenienceKanesh (mod. Kültepe)
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Assyrian (ca. 1950-1850 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20070213 dahl
ATF sourceOld Assyrian Text Project
TranslationLarsen, Mogens Trolle
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz00224r3w
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P361694

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1. um-ma a-szur3-na-da-ma
en: From Aššur-nādā
2. a-na szi2-sza-ah-szu-szar
en: to Šišaḫšušar:
3. qi2-bi-ma u2-t,a2-tam2
en: speak! As to the grain
4. u3 su2-ba-ra-am
en: and the subāru(-fodder),
5. ma-la2 i3-li2-i-szar
en: as much as Ilī-išar
6. u3 hu-lu-ba szi2-im
en: and Ḫuluba as the price
7. ni-ga-li u3 _an-na_
en: of sickles and tin (collected),
8. sza a-di2-nu-szu-nu-ti2-ni-ma
en: that I gave to them and
9. a-na a-la2-ni
en: to the City
10. ub-lu-ni ma-la2
en: they brought—how much
11. i-di2-nu-ni-ki-ni
en: they have given to you
12. mi3-szu-um ma-ti-ma
en: why at all

1. te2-er-ti2-ki la2 i-la2-kam
en: is your report not arriving?
2. szu-ma la2 i-du-nu-nim
en: If they did not give,
3. a-na bi-ti2-a
en: my house
4. la2 e-ru-bu-nim
en: let them not enter.
5. hu-lu-ba i-na ki-sza-ar-szi2-im
en: Ḫuluba in jail
6. id-a
en: throw!
7. u3 i3-li2-sza-ar
en: And let Ilī-išar
8. szi2-im _3(u) ma-na_
en: the price of 30 minas of (copper)
9. u3 _1(disz) gin2 2(u) 2(disz) 1/2(disz) ku3-babbar_
en: and 1 shekel 22 (grains) of silver
10. sza ha-bu-lu sza-asz2-qi2-la2-szu
en: that is owed pay.

1. _4(u) ma-na uruda 1(u) tug2_ ku-ta-nu
en: 40 minas of copper, 10 kutānu(-textiles),
2. 4(disz)# szu-ru-tum sza _tug2#_
en: 4 black ones of the textiles
3. sza il5-qe2-u2-szu-nu-ni
en: that they took for themselves.

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