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OECT 03, 01
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Primary publicationOECT 03, 01
Author(s)Driver, Godfrey R.
Publication date1917
Secondary publication(s)Kraus, Fritz R., AbB 04 (1968) 079
CollectionAshmolean Museum, Oxford, UK
Museum no.Ashm 1923-0006
Accession no.
Provenienceuncertain (mod. Babylonia)
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20080507 cdliadmin_brumfield
ATF sourceWagensonner, Klaus
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz00210s98
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P384863

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1. a-na {d}utu-ha-zi-ir
en: To Šamaš-ḫazir
2. qi2-bi2-ma
en: speak,
3. um-ma ha-am-mu-ra-pi2-ma
en: thus Hammurapi:
4. {disz}i3-li2-ip-pa-al-sa3-am _sipa_
en: Ilī-ippalsam, the shepherd,
5. ki-a-am u2-lam-mi-da-an-ni um-ma szu-ma
en: thus informed me, as follows that one:
6. _3(bur3) asza5{a-sza3}_ sza i-na ka-ni-ik be-li2-ia
en: A field of 3 bur3, which through a sealed document of my lord
7. ka-an-kam
en: was given (lit. sealed) to me—
8. isz-tu _mu 4(disz)-kam_ {disz}e-tel-pi2-{d}marduk i-ki-ma-an-ni-ma
en: 4 years ago Etel-pî-Marduk took it away from me, and
9. _sze_-szu il-te-ne-eq-qi2
en: its barley regularly takes.
10. u3 {d}suen-i-din-nam u2-lam-mi-id-ma
en: Further, Sîn-iddinam I informed,
11. u2-ul u2-te-er-ru-nim
en: but it was not returned to me;
12. ki-a-am u2-lam-mi-da-an-ni
en: Thus he (Ilī-ippalsam) informed me.
13. a-na {d}suen-i-din-nam asz-tap-ra-am
en: To Sîn-iddinam I (now) have written.
14. szum-ma ki-ma i3-li2-ip-pa-sa3-am szu-u2
en: If, as that Ilī-ippalsam
15. iq-bu-u2
en: said,
16. _3(bur3) asza5{a-sza3}_ sza i-na _e2-gal_
en: a field of 3 bur3, which in the palace
17. ka-an-ku-szum
en: was given (lit. sealed) to him,

1. {d}e-tel-pi2-{d}marduk isz-tu _mu 4(disz)-kam_ il-qe2-e-ma
en: Etel-pî-Marduk 4 years ago took away, and
2. i-ik-ka-al
en: is ‘eating,′
3. e-li-sza a-wa-tum# ma-ru-usz-tum
en: then a more sickening case
4. u2-ul i#-ba-asz-szi
en: does not exist.
5. wa-ar-ka-at a-wa-tim szu-a-ti
en: With this matter
6. dam-qi2-isz pu-ur-sa-ma
en: deal well, and
7. _a-sza3#_-am sza pi2-i ka-ni-ki-im
en: the field that according to the wording of the sealed document
8. sza i-na _e2-gal_ ik-ka#-an-ku-szum
en: in the palace was sealed for him,
9. a-na i3-li2-ip-pa-al-sa3-am te-er-ra#
en: to Ili-ippalsam have returned.
10. u3 _sze_-am sza isz-tu _mu 4(disz)-kam_
en: Further, the barley that for 4 years
11. i-na _a-sza3_ szu-a-ti {disz}e-tel-pi2-{d}marduk
en: on that field Etel-pî-Marduk
12. il-te-eq-qu2-u2
en: has been taking regularly,
13. i#-na# _{gesz}tukul_ sza _dingir_ bi-ir-ra-ma
en: through the divine weapon investigate, and
14. a-na i3-li2-ip-pa-al-sa3-am _sipa_
en: to Ilī-ippalsam, the shepherd,
15. id-na
en: give!
16. u3 te4-em di-nim szu-a#-ti#
en: Further, a report regarding this litigation
17. szu-up-ra-nim#
en: send here!

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