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CDLI Literary 000754, ex. 052
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Primary publicationCDLI Literary 000754, ex. 052
Publication date2014ff.
Secondary publication(s)Wilson, Mark, Education in the Earliest Schools (2008) 001
CollectionCotsen Collection of Cuneiform Tablets, Special Collections, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA
Museum no.SC 4, 009
Accession no.52210
ProvenienceNippur (mod. Nuffar) ?
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet
Sub-genreETCSL 5.01.01 Edubba A (witness)
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20090406 cdliadmin_veldhuis
ATF sourceEnglund, Robert K.
Translationno translation
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz0022z9m4
Composite no.Q000754
Seal no.
CDLI no.P388251

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(needs collation)

1. dumu e2-dub-ba-a u4 ul#?-[...]
2. e2-dub-ba-sze3? i3-du-de3#-[en]
3. e2-dub-ba a#-na#?-am3? i3-ak
4-5. dub-mu? a-szid ninda-ka-mu# i3-nag#
6. dub-mu i3#-du3# i3-sar# til3-ma
7. mu-gub-ba-mu ma-an-gub-bu-usz
8. kin-sig x-x im-szu-mu ma-an-gub-bu-usz?
9-10. u4 e2-dub-ba-a du8-e-de3 e2-sze3 i3-du-de3-en
11-12. e2-e i3-ku4-re-DU? ad-da-mu al-tusz

1. ad-da-mu im-szu#-mu# in-an#-[du11-ma]
2-3. dub-mu in-na-an#-szid# ad-da-mu mu-un-sa6#
4. igi ad-da-mu-sze3 i-gub-[bu-nam]
5. enmen2 tuku nag-mu#-ub#-[en-ze2]
6. szagar tuku ninda szum2-ma-ab#-en#-[ze2-en]
7. {gesz?}na2? gub!-ba-ab-en-ze2-en giri3-mu luh-ha-ab-en-[ze2-en] gab-ba-nu2
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