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AASOR 16, 026
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Primary publicationAASOR 16, 026
Author(s)Speiser, Ephraim A. & Pfeiffer, Robert H.
Publication date1936
Secondary publication(s)
CollectionHarvard Museum of the Ancient Near East, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Museum no.SM 2000.06.020
Accession no.(SMN) 2020
ProvenienceGasur/Nuzi (mod. Yorgan Tepe)
Excavation no.
PeriodMiddle Babylonian (ca. 1400-1100 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet
Sub-genrepersonal antichretic loan
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20090623 dahl
ATF sourceAbrahami, Philippe; Lion, Brigitte
Translationno translation
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz0020phf1
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P388505

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1. t,up#-pi2# ti-te-nu-ti sza {disz}pu#-[hi-sze-ni]
2. _dumu ARAD2_-ke2-nu u3 _ni2_-szu-_mesz_
3. a-na ti-te-nu-ti a-na _e2_
4. {munus}tu2-ul-pu-na-a usz-te-ri-ib
5. u3 {munus}tu2-ul-pu-na-a
6. 1(u) 1(disz) _ansze sze_ i-na {gesz}_ban2-mesz_-ti
7. sza _ur5-ra_ a-na ti-te-nu-ti
8. a-na {disz}pu-hi-sze-ni id-di-in#
9. im-ma-ti-me-e 1(u) 1(disz) _ansze sze-mesz_
10. {disz}pu-hi-sze-ni a-na {munus}tu2-ul-pu-na-a
11. u2-ta-ar u3 _ni2_-szu-_mesz_
12. u2-sze-is,-s,i2
single ruling
13. _igi_ ki-pa-ar-ra-ap2-he _dumu_ wa-an-ti-isz-sze
14. _igi_ tu-ra-ri _dumu_ a-kip-_lugal_
15. _igi_ ma-li-ia _dumu_ na-i-sze-ri
16. _igi_ pu-hi-sze-ni _dumu_ ki-pa-pu
17. _igi_ a-ku8-sze-ni _dumu_ ha-ip-_lugal_
18. _igi_ a-ri-ka4-ma-ri _dumu_ a-kap-sze
19. _igi_ a-ki-ti-ir-wi _dumu_ pu-hi-sze-ni
20. _igi_ ha-asz-te-ia _dumu_ a-ka4-wa-til
21. _igi_ ut-hap2-sze-ni _{lu2}muszen-du3_
22. _igi_ pu-hi-sze-ni _dumu_ ha-ma-an-na
23. _igi_ a-kap-sze-ni _dumu_ szi-il-wa-a
24. _igi_ na-i-ke2-mar _dumu_ a-ri-ma-at-ka4
25. _igi_ sze-er-szi-ia t,up-szar-ru3
single ruling

seal 1
1. _na4_ {disz}pu-hi-sze-ni _dumu-ARAD2_-ke2-[nu]
seal 2
2. _na4_ {disz}ki-pa-ra-ap2-he _dumu_ wa-an-ti-isz-sze
seal 3
3. _na4_ {disz}a-ri-ka4-ma-ri _dumu_ a-kap-sze
seal 4
4. _na4_ {disz}tu-ra-ri _dumu_ a-kip-_lugal_
seal 5
5. _na4#_ {disz}a-ku8-sze-ni _dumu#_ ha-ip-_lugal_
seal 6
6. _na4_ {disz}ha-asz-te-ia _dumu_ a-ka4-wa#-[til]

seal 7
7. [_na4_ {disz}]a-kap-sze-ni _dumu_ szi-il-wa-a
seal 8
8. _na4#_ t,up-szar-ru3

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