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CDLB 2010/001 6
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Primary publicationCDLB 2010/001 6
Author(s)Metcalf, Christopher
Publication date2010
Secondary publication(s)
Collectionprivate: Hulin, Linda, Oxford, UK
Museum no.PH 024
Accession no.
ProvenienceUmma (mod. Tell Jokha)
Excavation no.
PeriodUr III (ca. 2100-2000 BC)
Dates referencedXX.XX.04.00
Object typetablet
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20091215 dahl
ATF sourceMetcalf, Christopher
TranslationMetcalf, Christopher
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz0020fwtw
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P393068

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1. 3(disz) gu4 niga#
en: 3 oxen, grain-fed,
2. 1(disz) ansze-libir 4(u)# 4(disz)# [x]
en: 1 donkey, “old”, 44 ...
3. 1(u) 5(disz) masz2 4(ban2) 1(disz) 1/2(disz) sila3
en: 15 male goats, 4 ban2 1 1/2 sila,
4. 1(ban2) 7(disz) sila3 ga-ar3
en: 1 ban2 7 sila of kašk-cheese,
5. im 1(disz)-kam
en: 1st tablet;
6. 6(disz) gu4
en: 6 oxen,
7. 4(u) 7(disz) ansze-libir!
en: 47 donkeys, “old”,
8. 1(disz) udu
en: 1 sheep,
9. 2(u) 4(asz) sze gur
en: 24 gur barley,
10. im 2(disz)-kam
en: 2nd tablet;
11. 2(gesz2) 3(asz) 1(barig) 4(ban2) 5(disz) 2/3(disz) sila3 sze gur#
en: 123 gur, 1 barig 4 ban2 5 2/3 sila3,
12. im 3(disz)-kam
en: 3rd tablet;
13. 1(u) sze gur
en: 10 gur barley,

1. im 4(disz)-kam
en: 4th tablet;
2. 1(u) 9(disz) gin2 ku3-babbar
en: 19 shekels silver,
3. im 5(disz)-kam
en: 5th tablet;
4. 1(gesz'u) 4(gesz2) 5(disz) udu masz2 hi-a
en: 845 various sheep and goats,
5. im 6(disz)-kam
en: 6th tablet;
6. 1(gesz2) 4(u) 4(disz) gu4 1(disz) 1/3(disz) ma-na 3(disz) 1/3(disz) gin2 1(u) 8(disz) sze ku3-babbar
en: 104 oxen, 1 1/3 mana 3 1/3 shekels 18 grains silver,
7. n(ban2) 2(disz) sila3 i3-nun 2(barig) 2(ban2) 1(disz) sila3 ga-ar3
en: n ban2 two sila3 of clarified butter, 2 barig 2 ban2 1 sila3 kašk-cheese,
8. n kusz gu4 2(u) 6(disz) ad3 gu4
en: n hides of oxen, 26 carcasses of oxen,
9. im# 7(disz)-[kam]
en: 7th tablet;
10. x 1(u) udu im [8(disz)-kam]
en: 10 sheep, 8th tablet;
11. 1(gesz2) 2(u) udu im# [9(disz)-kam]
en: 80 sheep, 9th tablet;
12. 1(disz) ansze-libir#
en: 1 donkey, “old”, ...,
13. im 1(u)#-[kam]
en: 10th tablet;
14. pisan szu-er3-[ra-ta?]
en: from the basket of Šu-Erra(?)
15. i-din-er3#-[ra szu ba-ti?]
en: Iddin-Erra received(?);

1. 8(asz) sze# [gur] im# 1(u) 1(disz)-kam
en: 8 gur barley, 11th tablet.

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