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CDLI Literary 000416 (Shulgi X) composite
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Primary publicationCDLI Literary 000416 (Shulgi X) composite
Publication date2014ff.
Secondary publication(s)Black, Jeremy A., et al., ETCSL (1998-2006) Shulgi X; Klein, Jacob, Three Shulgi Hymns (1981) p. 124-166; Hall, Mark G., A Study of the Sumerian Moon-God, Nanna/Suen (1985) p. 433-439; Attinger, Pascal (s. PDF version at ‟View commentary”)
Museum no.
Accession no.
ProvenienceNippur (mod. Nuffar)
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typeother (see object remarks)
Remarkscomposite text
Sub-genreETCSL Šulgi X (composite)
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20120524 cdliadmin
ATF sourceetcslstaff
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz002c4jq1
Composite no.Q000416
Seal no.
CDLI no.P429785

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Composite text

surface a
1. lugal ma2 na-mu-u5
en: At the king sailing
2. ki unu{ki}-ge? me nam-nun-na-sze3
en: to Uruk towards the princely divine powers
3. ki-en-gi ki-uri u6 mu-e
en: Sumer and Akkad marvel.
4. kar kul-aba4{ki}-ba-ke4 ma2 na-ga-am3-mi-in-us2
en: Did he not he moor the boat at the quay of Kulaba?
5. am-gal hur-sag-ga2 a2 il2-il2-la-da
en: With a big wild bull of the mountains with uplifted horns
6. udu en zi-de3 szu-a la2-a-da
en: with a sheep led by the hand of an en priest at his right side,
7. masz2 su4? masz2 za-la2 gaba-a tab-ba-da
en: with a reddish kid and a bearded kid doubled up on the breast,
8. {d}inanna-ra esz3 e2-an-na-ka mu-na-da-an-ku4-ku4-u3
en: before Inanna in the shrine of E-anna he enters.
9. sipa zi szul-gi-re sza3 ki-ag2 {tug2}ma6 tug2 mu-mu4
en: Good shepherd Šulgi, loving heart, dressed himself in a ma garment,
10. hi-li men-sze3 sag-ga2 mi-ni-gal2
en: put a ḫili wig as a crown on his head.
11. {d}inanna-ke4 u6 mu-ni-du11
en: Inanna marveled,
12. ni2-te-ni-sze3 szer3 ba-szi-ni-ra
en: and spontaneously struck up a song,
13. en3-du-sze3 im-e
en: singing the lyrics:
14. lugal-ra u3-mu-un-ra
en: “When for the king, for the lord,
15. a mu-na-tu17-a-gin7
en: I have bathed,
16. su-ba du5-mu-zi-ra a mu-na-tu17-a-gin7
en: when for the shepherd Dumuzi I have bathed,
17. im da-mu szu tag-ge4 du11-ga-gin7
en: when I have adorned my sides with clay,
18. u3 szembulug3-ga giri17-mu gun5-gun5-na-gin7
en: when with resin I have colored my nose,
19. szembi2-zi i3-bi2-ga2 mi-ni-mar-mar-ra-gin7
en: when with kohl I have covered my face,
20. szu na-am3-sa6-ga-na-ka
en: when with hands of his fairness,
21. ib2-ib2-mu mi-ni-dim2-dim2-ma3-gin7
en: he has covered my hips,
22. u3-mu-un i3-nu2 ku3 {d}inanna{na}-sze3
en: when the lord who lies down beside silver Inanna,
23. su-ba du5-mu-zi-de3
en: the shepherd Dumuzi,
24. ur2-ra ga-ni-du8-a-na-gin7
en: (has said) ‘I would loosen that of the lap’,
25. x IM a2 gi-rin-ga2 GI4 in-tenx(GUR8)-tenx(GUR8)-na-gin7
en: when in my radiant arms he has grown calm,
26. x x sag kasz sag-gin7
en: when ... like choice beer
27. mu-da?-[...] mu-tag-ga-gin7
en: ... had touched,
28. siki-ur2-mu ga2-an-suh3?-suh3-a-gin7
en: when my lap-wool has ...,
29. siki-pa-mu a-ne in-da-an-du11-ga-gin7
en: my pa-wool he has played,
30. gal4 ku3-ga2 szu bi2-in-ma-ra-gin7
en: when he has put hand to my vulva,
31. sza3 ze2-ba-ga2 u3 x x-bi i3-x-nu2?-a-gin7
en: when on my sweet stomach he has lain,
32. ma2 ge6-ni-gin7 mu-x-x-an?-gin7
en: like his night boat ...,
33. ma2 sal-la-ni-gin7 mu-un-til-til-la-gin7
en: like his thin boat he has finished,
34. ki-nu2-a mu10 ma3-ni-du11-ga-a-gin7
en: when on the bed he has caressed me,
35. u3-mu-un-ra mu10 da-an-du11
en: then the lord I shall caress,
36. na-am3 ze2-eb2 du10-mu-ni-ib2-tar{ar}
en: I shall decree him a good destiny;
37. sipa zi szul-gi-ra mu10 da-an-du11
en: the good shepherd Šulgi I shall caress,
38. na-am3-ze2-eb2 du10-mu-ni-ib2-tar{ar}
en: decree him a good destiny.
39. a2-gu2-ra-na mu10-sze3 da-an-du11
en: his thick arms I shall caress,
40. na-am3-sipa kur-kur-ra
en: shepherdship of all lands
41. na-am3-sze3 du10-mu-ni-ib2-tar{ar}
en: as his destiny I shall decree.”
42. nin su3-ra2-ag2 an-na
en: The lady, the mountain-crystal of heaven,
43. hi-li sag-ge6-ga
en: delight of the black-headed,
44. munus szul-la ama-ni-ra diri-ga
en: youthful woman who excels her mother,
45. a-a-ne2 me ba-a
en: by her father granted divine powers,
46. {d}inanna dumu {d}suen-na-ke4
en: Inanna, daughter of Suen,
47. szul-gi dumu {d}nin-sun2-ka-ra
en: for Šulgi, son of Ninsun,
48. nam mu-ni-ib2-tar-re
en: decrees a destiny:
49. me3-a igi-sze3 du-zu ge26-me-en3
en: “Your ‘walking to the fore in battle’ am I!
50. szen-szen-na sahar-gin7 tukul la2-zu-me-en3
en: Your ‘weapon carrier in combat like an attendant’ am I!
51. ukken-na inim-mud-gal2-zu-me-en3
en: Your ‘advocate in the assembly’ am I!
52. har-ra-an-na zi-sza3-gal2-zu ge26-me-en
en: Your ‘breath-giver in the campaign’ am I!
53. sipa sza3-ge pa3-da x ku3-ga-me-en3
en: Shepherd chosen by ... silver are you!
54. lugal u2-a zi e2-an-na-me-en3
en: King, good provider of Eanna are you.
55. szuba3 iri12-gal an-na-me-en3
en: carneol of An’s Irigal are you!
56. du-du-e ba-ab-du7-u3
en: fir for running,
57. bara2 mah-ha sag il2-la-a ba-ab-du7-me-en3
en: fit to lift head in the august dais are you!
58. {gesz}gu-za za-gin3-na dur2 gar-ra-a ba-ab-du7-u3
en: fit to take a seat on the lapis throne,
59. sag-zu men gun3-a ba-ab-du7-u3
en: your head fit to wear a colorful,
60. bar-zu-sze3 {tug2}suluhu su3-de3 ba-ab-du7-u3
en: as to your body, fit to spread out a the fleece-garment,
61. tug2 nam-lugal-la2-ka sza3 la2-a ba-ab-du7-u3
en: fit for stomach-hanging of the garment of royalty,
62. {gesz}mitum-ma a2 il2-de3 ba-ab-du7-u3
en: fit to lift to the side the mitum-weapon,
63. {gesz}tukul-a du10 bad-bad-de3 ba-ab-du7-u3
en: fit to open knees with mace,
64. ti su3 {gesz}pan si sa2-e-de3 ba-ab-du7-u3
en: fit to send off straight the broad arrows,
65. {gesz}ilar {kusz}eb2-ur3-ra za3 kesz2-ra2-a ba-ab-du7-u3
en: fit for throwing stick and shield bound to the hips,
66. szu-zu-sze3 gidri ku3-ge ba-ab-du7-u3
en: as to your hands, fit for silver staff,
67. giri3-zu-sze3 {kusz}e-sir2 ku3-ge ba-ab-du7-u3
en: as to your feet, fit for silver sandals,
68. du10-tuku-me-en3 har-ra-an-na kas4 di-de3 ba-ab-du7-u3
en: You have knees! On the campaign, fit for running,
69. amar za-gin3-na-gin7 gaba ku3-ga2 a-ne di-de3 ba-ab-du7-u3
en: fit for playing, like a calf of lapis, on my silver breast;
70. sza3 ki-ag2-zu-u3 u4 he2-em-su3-re6-e
en: May your loving stomach be lasting!
71. an-ne2 mi-ri-in-ak na-da-ab-kur2-re
en: An has doned this for you, may he never alter it!
72. {d}en-lil2 lu2 nam tar-tar-re-de3 szu na-an-ni-ib-bala-e
en: May Enlil, the decreer of fates, never change it!”
73. {d}inanna-ke4 mu10 mu-ni-in-du11
en: So did Inanna caress him.
74. sza3 hul2-la {d}nin-e2-gal-ka zu
en: He who knows the joyful heart of Ninegal
75. masz2 ge6 umbin ba-an-kin
en: sheared a black kid
76. masz2 babbar2 a ba-an-tu17-tu17
en: bathed a white kid;
77. am hur-sag-ga2 giri17-sze3 ba-an-la2-la2
en: wild bulls of the mountains by their noses tied up
78. e2 ninda2-mah gu3 nun di-dam
en: —house of the august breeding bull roars—
79. szul {d}utu-u3 esz3 e2-babbar2-ra mu-na-ni-ib2-ku4-ku4
en: up to the young man Utu into the temple E-babbar brings,
80. szul {d}utu-u3 sag-ki zalag-ga-ni mu-szi-ib2-zi-zi
en: up to the young man Utu raising his radiant forehead,
81. szul-gi sipa zi ki-en-gi-ra-ra nam mu-ni-ib2-tar-re
en: For Šulgi, good shepherd of Sumer, he decress a fate:
82. lugal inim gun3-gun3 igi sa6-sa6
en: “King, colorful words, sweet face,
83. ur-sag kal-ga pirig-sze3 tu-da
en: mighty hero, born to be a lion,
84. sun2 tur nam-szul-ba gub-ba
en: young cow standing firm in its vigor,
85. lipisz-tuku ne3-ni-e nu-kesz2-ra2
en: valiant, unbound in his strength,
86. hur-sag gal-gal-la giri3-ni gar
en: whose feet trample great mountains:
87. ur-sag kur-ra mu-ri-ri-ge-esz
en: the heroes of the foreign lands you have brought down,
88. bara2-bara2-ge giri3 sa-ga i3-mi-du11
en: you have trampled upon all the thrones,
89. mu-zu za3 an-na-sze3 mu-u3-gar
en: your name to the edge of heaven you have established.
90. lugal-zu {d}asz-im2-babbar2-ra silim-ma gen-na
en: Your king—to Ašimbabbar go in peace.”
91. enegir3{ki} iri me-lam2-ma du3-a
en: And so at Enegir, city built in splendor,
92. ma2 nam-ga-am3-mi-in-us2
en: did he not moor the boat?
93. a nun-ne2 sza3 ku3-ga ru-a kur szubax(|MUSZ.SZA|) tu-da-a
en: “Seed placed by the prince in the silver womb, born on the bright mountain,
94. {d}nin-a-zu gu4-sun2 nag-a ad-ba gu3 di-gin7
en: Ninazu, like a wild bull lowing in drink,
95. na? [...]
en: ...
96. [...]
en: ...
97. [...]
en: ...
98. [...]
en: ...
99. [...]
en: ...
100. [...]
en: ...
101. [...] x-zu-ra [...]
en: ...
102. KA [...] x MU GA2 [...]
en: ...”
103. x x-e lal3-gin7 i3-nun [...]
en: “... like date syrup, ghee ...
104. ur-sag-me-en ki-bala-ta gen-na [...]
en: your are hero! Come down from the revolting lands ...
105. lugal en inim szu12-da ra2-zu-ke4 sza3 mu-ni-pa3-pa3-de3
en: King, the lord of prayers and supplications chooses you by heart;
106. sipa szul-gi en szu12-da ra2-zu-ke4 sza3 mu-ni-pa3-pa3-de3
en: shepherd Šulgi, the lord of prayers and supplications chooses you by heart;
107. lugal {d}en-lil2-le a2 szum2-ma a-ba mu-da-ga2-ga2
en: Who sets a king given strength by Enlil?
108. HI? x-zu-u3 a-ba mu-ku4-ku4
en: Who enters to your ...?
109. HI? x-na-zu-u3 a-ba ba-ta-e3-e3
en: Who exits to your ...?
110. x x lu2 sza3-zu-u3 mu-zu-a a2-zu al na-me
en: ... who knows your stomach should not desire your strength.
111. [...] me3-zu al i3-bi2-in-du11-ga
en: Having desired ... battle with you
112. a2 su3-su3-da-zu a-na ba-ta-an-e3-e3
en: what escapes your outstretched arms?
113. anzu{muszen}-gin7 gu3 dub2-da-zu-ne igi-zu-u3 a-ba ba-gub
en: When like the thunder bird you shriek, who stands before you?
114. u4-gin7 sze17 gi4-gi4-da-zu-ne
en: When like the storm you howl,
115. kur gi bad-ra2 izi-da hur-sag gi-gin7 sag im-mi-sag3-sag3
en: the foreign lands, open reeds ablaze, mountains trembling like reeds,
116. kur-ra e2-bi-a igi mu-ni-bar-bar
en: in the houses of the foreign lands watching,
117. tidnum-e u6 du10 i3-mi-du11
en: Tidnum well marveled.
118. {d}utu-gin7 ni2-zu-u3 me3-a dalla im-ma-ni-e3
en: Like Utu, your terror radiates in battle.
119. {d}nergal-gin7 {gesz}tukul-zu-u3 usz2-a ka im-ma-ni-ba
en: Like Nergal, your mace drools in death
120. gesz-gid2-da-zu-u3 u3-mun kalam-ma-ka szu ba-ni-gid2-gid2
en: your lance reaches into the blood of the Land.
121. ig gal iri-a-me-en3 bad3 gal kalam-ma-me-en3
en: The great door of the city are you, the great wall of the Land are you!
122. sa-par4 an ki-e dub-ba-me-en3 {gesz}ud5-sag ki-en-gi-da si-ga-me-en3
en: A net piled up over heaven and earth are you, lead-jenny positioned with Sumer are you,
123. ar2?-zu-u3 he2-gal2-la x hu-mu-ni-ib2-pa3-de3
en: May your ... call in abundance!
124. inim {d}en-lil2-la2 nig2 gu-la-am3 sag-za an-dul3-esz2 he2-em-ak
en: May the words of Enlil, enormous things, create shade on your head!
125. sza3 ki-ag2 {d}inanna-ke4 szu na-ri2-bar-re
en: May the loving heart Inanna never abandon you!”
126. {d}nin-a-zu-u3 mu10-ma szu12-da mi-ni-in-pa3-pa3-da-ta
en: After Ninazu had called ... blessings again and again,
127. u8 zi-da sila4 mu-ni-in-szar2-szar2{ar}
en: he let ewes goodly produce endless lambs,
128. ud5 zi-da masz2 mu-ni-in-szar2-szar2{ar}
en: let jennies goodly produce endless kids,
129. ab2 babbar2-ra amar bi2-in-du3-du3
en: let white cows set up calves,
130. {d}nanna e2-temen-ni2-guru3-na mu-na-da-an-ku4-ku4-u3
en: then before Nanna in his E-temen-ni-guru he enters with them,
131. e2 nam-lugal e2 he2-du7-ba ki-lugal-gub ki ku3-ba sag bi2-in-il2
en: head held high in the most fitting house of the the royal household, in its royal offering place, the silver place.
132. lugal-a-ni {d}asz-im2-babbar2-re igi hul2-hul2-la-ni mu-szi-bar-ba-re
en: His king Ašimbabbar casts a joyous glance at him,
133. szul-gi sipa zi ki-en-gi-ra-ra nam mu-ni-ib2-tar-re
en: for Šulgi, the good shepherd of Sumer, decreed a fate:
134. ur-sag en gaba-gal2 kur-kur-ra a2 zi-da kalam-ma
en: “Hero, lord, mighty one of the foreign lands, right arm of the Land,
135. u3-ma gub-ba-mu-u3 sa2 bi2-du11 inim mu-du11-ga im-ma-ni-gar
en: you have achieved victory for me, have carried out the commandeds.
136. ki-bala nam ba-da-ku5-ra2-ga2 e2-bi du6-du6-ra2 mi-ni-gar-gar
en: The houses of the rebel lands that I have cursed you have reduced to ruin mounds.
137. iti u4-sakar me szu du7-du7-ga2 na-ba-an-kusz2-u3-de3-e
en: May you never grow weary of perfecting the divine powers for me every month at new moon!
138. {d}asznan2-gin7 mu-zu ka kalam-ma-ka ka kur-kur-ra-ka du10-ge-esz2 he2-eb?-gal2?
en: Like Ašnan, may your name be as sweet in the mouth of the Land and in the mouths of all the countries!
139. ku3 {d}nin-gal nin e2-nun-na-ke4 gesz-{kusz}ummu3-da-gin7 ur2 hu-mu-ri2-in-PI-PI
en: May silver Ningal, lady of the Enunna, like the wooden frame of a waterskin spread out her lap for you!
140. {d}suen-e nam du10 mu-ni-in-tar{ar}
en: Thus did Suen decree a good fate.
141. e2-gal-mah {d}nin-e2-gal-la?-kam bara2 ku3-ga-a dur2 ba-a-gar
en: In the Egal-maḫ of Ninegal, he took his seat on the silver throne.
142. {d}isztaran ki-en-gi-ra sza3-ta nig2-nam zu-u3
en: The Ištaran of Sumer, omniscient from the womb,
143. di kalam-ma ki-bi-sze3 i3-ku5-re6
en: renders the judgments of the Land in due order,
144. ga-esz8 kalam-ma ki-bi-sze3 i3-ba-re
en: makes decisions for the Land in due order
145. a2-tuku si-ga sza-ga2-asz-sze3 la-ba-an-gur4-e
en: lets no strong man wrong the weak,
146. ama dumu-ni-ir sa6-ga mu-na-ab-be2
en: lets mother speak sweetly to her child
147. dumu a-a-ni-ir nig2-gi-na mu-na-ni-ib2-gi4-gi4
en: lets child answer truthfully to his father.
148. ki-en-gi-re he2-gal2 mu-da-ab-si?
en: Sumer is filled with abundance,
149. uri2{ki}-e giri17-zal mu-da-ab-su13
en: Ur prolonged in splendor,
150. SZID-ni-sze3 ga-ki-tir-da mu-da-a-ga2-ga2
en: ... establishes.
151. lugal-e kur silim-e-esz2 du11-ga-a nam-kal-ga-ne-e dalla bi2-in-e3-a
en: Because the king exulted in his triumph and let his might radiate,
152. nam-ur-sag-ga2-ni szu zi bi2-in-ga2-ra
en: his heroism set well,
153. ki-bala-e gu2 ki-sze3 bi2-in-la2-a
en: made the rebellious lands bow,
154. iri-me uri2{ki}-e he2-gal2-la gu2-bi mi-ni-ib2-zi-ga-a
en: made our city Ur raise neck in prosperity;
155. lugal suhx(MUSZ) za-gin3-na gun3-a dumu {d}en-lil2-la2
en: king, adorned with a face of colorful lapis, son of Enlil;
156. men dagal-la sag an-sze3 il2-il2
en: lifting up head to heaven in broad crown,
157. an-da ki mah-ha-na sza3 kusz2-u3 ur5-ra-asz-da bara2 gal-e si-a
en: with An in his lofty place taking counsel, sitting with Uraš on a big throne,
158. i3-ti u4 zal-la kalam-e kur-kur-re a-ne hul2-la du11?-du11
en: manth and passing days making the Land of Sumer and all the foreign lands play joyously—
159. en {d}asz-im2-babbar2 za3-mu10
en: praise be to Lord Ašimbabbar!
160. {d}nisaba za3-mu10
en: praise be to Nisaba!

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