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RIME composite
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Primary publicationRIME composite
Author(s)Frayne, Douglas R.
Publication date1990
Secondary publication(s)CT 36, pl. 04, BM 108854
Museum no.
Accession no.
ProvenienceKish (mod. Tell Uhaimir) ?
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referencedAshduni-iarim.00.00.00
Object typeother (see object remarks)
Remarkscomposite text
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20130120 cdliadmin
ATF sourceFoxvog, Daniel A.
TranslationFoxvog, Daniel A.
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz002fz1k9
Composite no.Q006434
Seal no.
CDLI no.P448588

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No Image AvailableComposite text

surface a
1. [asz2]-du#-ni-a-ri-im
en: Ašdũni-iarīm,
2. _[nita] kal#-ga_
en: the mighty man,
3. [na-ra-am] {d#}inanna
en: beloved of Ištar,
4. [mi-gir] {d#}za-ba4-ba4
en: favored by Zababa,
5. _[lugal]_ kisz#{ki}
en: king of Kiš,
6. [i]-nu#-mi
en: when
7. [ki]-ib#-ra-tum
en: the world quarters
8. [er]-bi-im
en: four
9. [i]-ki-ra-ni-ni-ma
en: became hostile to me,
10. [sa]-ma-ni
en: for eight
11. sza#-na-tim
en: years
12. ta#-ha-za-am
en: battle
13. e#-pu-usz-ma
en: I waged, and
14. i-na sa-mu-un-tim
en: in the eighth
15. sza-tim
en: year
16. ma-hi-ri
en: my opponent
17. a-na _su2-a_
en: to clay
18. lu# i-tu-ur2
en: indeed turned.
19. um-ma-ni
en: My army
20. a-na sza-la-asz
en: into three
21. me-at-tim#
en: hundred (men)
22. lu i#-tu-ur2#
en: was turned.
23. i-nu-mi
en: When
24. {d}za-ba4-ba4 be-li2
en: my lord Zababa
25. i-di-na-an-na
en: gave judgment for me,
26. u3 esz3-tar2 be-el-ti
en: and my lady Ištar
27. ta#-pu-ti
en: to my assistance
28. i#-li-ku-na
en: came, then
29. [a]-ka#-al <pa-ta-ni-ia>
en: some food to eat
30. el#-qi2-ma
en: I took, and
31. [a]-na ha-ra-an
en: on a campaign
32. u2#-ma-ka-al
en: for one day
33. a-li-[ik-ma]
en: I went.
34. er-bi-e u2#-mi#
en: So for forty days
35. ma-ta-am
en: the land
36. na-ki-ir-ta-am
en: which was hostile
37. lu u2-ka-ni-isz
en: I made submit.
38. ed-di-szi-ma
en: I did it anew:
39. _bad3_ i-nu-uh2-dingir#
en: the wall of Inũh-Ilum
40. lu e-pu-usz
en: I did indeed build.
41. u3 {i7}im-gur-esz3-tar2
en: Also the Imgur-Eštar canal
42. lu ah-ri
en: I indeed dug.
43. i-na e-bu-ri-szu-ma
en: At that harvest time
44. ki-ib-ra-tum
en: the world quarters
45. er-be2-tim
en: four
46. i-ki-ra-ni-ni-ma
en: became hostile to me, and so
47. _bad3 bar_ kisz{ki#}
en: the outer wall of Kiš
48. lu e-pu-usz
en: I did indeed build.
49. u3 {i7}nun-di
en: Further, the Nundi canal
50. i-na szi-na u2-mi
en: in two days
51. lu es-ke-er
en: I dammed up.

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