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RIME composite
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Primary publicationRIME composite
Author(s)Frayne, Douglas R.
Publication date1990
Secondary publication(s)Edzard, Dietz, ZwZw 68f; Sollberger/Kupper, IRSAIVH1a (Tr); YOS 09, 062
Museum no.
Accession no.
ProvenienceDer (mod. Tell Aqar) ?
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referencedNidnusha.00.00.00
Object typeother (see object remarks)
Remarkscomposite text
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20130120 cdliadmin
ATF sourceFoxvog, Daniel A.
TranslationFoxvog, Daniel A.
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz002fzbm5
Composite no.Q006350
Seal no.
CDLI no.P448598

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No Image AvailableComposite text

surface a
1. {d}ni-id-nu-sza
en: Nidnuša,
2. _nita kal-ga_
en: the mighty man,
3. mi-gir {d}isztaran
en: favored of Ištaran,
4. na-ra-am {d}inanna
en: beloved of Ištar,
5. _szagina_
en: governor
6. _bad3-an{ki}_
en: of Dēr,
7. da-ia-an ki-na-tim
en: judge of the truth,
8. la ha-bi-il5 a-wi-lim
en: who does not oppress people,
9. mu-usz-te9-szi-ir ha-ab-lim
en: who makes things right for the oppressed man
10. u3 ha-bi-il5-tim
en: and oppressed woman,
11. sza-ki-in me-za-ri-im
en: who establishes justice,
12. mu-ha-li-iq ra-gi-im
en: who makes wrongdoing disappear,
13. [(x)] x [...]
en: ...
rest broken

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