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RIME composite
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Primary publicationRIME composite
Author(s)Frayne, Douglas R.
Publication date1993
Secondary publication(s)
Museum no.
Accession no.
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Akkadian (ca. 2340-2200 BC)
Dates referencedSargon.00.00.00
Object typeother (see object remarks)
Remarkscomposite text
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20131227 cdliadmin
ATF sourceFoxvog, Daniel A.
TranslationFoxvog, Daniel A.
UCLA Library ARK21198/z1281d5v
Composite no.Q001397
Seal no.
CDLI no.P461927

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surface a
1. sar-ru-GI
en: Sargon,
2. _lugal_
en: king
3. a-ka3-de3{ki}
en: of Agade,
4. _maszkim-gi4_
en: bailiff
5. {d}inanna
en: of Ištar,
6. _lugal kisz_
en: king of the world,
7. _pa4-szesz an_
en: pašeš-priest of An,
8. _lugal_
en: king
9. _kalam-ma{ki}_
en: of the nation,
10. _ensi2_
en: (chief) governor
11. {d}en-lil2
en: for the god Enlil,
12. in _REC169_
en: in battle
13. unu{ki}
en: with Uruk
14. isz11-ar
en: he was victorious,
15. u3
en: and
16. 5(u@c) _ensi2_
en: fifty governors
17. in _szita2_
en: by the weapon
18. il3-a-ba4
en: of Ilaba
19. u3
en: and
20. _iri{ki}_
en: the city (Uruk)
21. _sag-gesz-[ra]_
en: he conquered,
22. [u3]
en: and
23. _bad3_-[su]
en: its walls
24. _i3-gul-gul_
en: he destroyed.
25. u3
en: Further,
26. lugal-za3-ge-si
en: Lugalzagesi,
27. _lugal_
en: the king
28. unu{ki}
en: of Uruk,
29. in _REC169_
en: in battle
30. _szu-du8-a_
en: he captured,
31. in _si-gar_-im
en: and in a (neck) stock
32. a-na _ka2_
en: to the gate
33. {d}en-lil2
en: of the god Enlil
34. u-ru-us2
en: he led him.
35. sar-ru-GI
en: Sargon,
36. _lugal_
en: king
37. a-ka3-de3{ki}
en: of Agade,
38. in# _REC169_
en: in battle
39. uri2{ki}
en: over Ur
40. isz11-ar
en: was victorious,
41. u3#
en: and
42. _iri{ki}_
en: the city
43. _sag-gesz-ra_
en: he conquered,
44. u3
en: and
45. _bad3_-[su]
en: its walls
46. _i3-gul-[gul]_
en: he destroyed.
47. [e2-nin-mar{ki}]
en: The city Eninmar
48. _[sag-gesz-ra]_
en: he conquered,
49. [u3]
en: and
50. _bad3_-su
en: its wlls
51. _i3-gul-gul_
en: he destroyed,
52. u3
en: and
53. _kalam-ma#{ki}_-su
en: its countryside
54. u3
en: and
55. lagaszx(|LA.BUR.SZIR|)#{ki}
en: Lagaš
56. a-di3-ma
en: as far as
57. ti-a-am-tim
en: the sea
58. _sag-gesz-ra_
en: he conquered,
59. _{gesz}tukul_-ki2-su
en: and his weapons
60. in ti-a-am-tim
en: in the sea
61. _i3-luh_
en: he washed.
62. ummax(|UB.ME|){ki}
en: Over Umma
63. in _REC169_
en: in battle
64. isz11-ar
en: he was victorious,
65. u3
en: and
66. _iri{ki}_
en: the city
67. _sag-gesz-ra_
en: he conquered,
68. u3
en: and
69. _bad3_-su
en: its walls
70. _i3-gul-[gul]_
en: he destroyed.
71. sar-[ru]-GI
en: Sargon,
72. _lugal_
en: king
73. _[kalam-ma]{ki}_
en: of the nation,
74. [szu {d}en]-lil2
en: to whom Enlil
75. ma-[hi]-ra
en: a rival
76. la i-di-nu-sum6
en: did not give,
77. ti-a-am-tam2
en: the Seas,
78. a-li2-tam2
en: Upper
79. u3
en: and
80. sa-pil2#-[tam2]
en: Lower
81. [i-di3-sum6]
en: he (Enlil) gave to him.
82. [isz-tum-ma]
en: And from
83. [ti-a-am-tim]
en: the Sea
84. [sa-pil2-tim]
en: the Lower
85. [a-di3-ma]
en: as far as
86. [ti-a-am]-tim
en: the Sea
87. [a-li2-tim]
en: the Upper
88. _[dumu] dumu_
en: (only) citizens
89. a-ka3-de3{ki}
en: of Agade
90. _ensi2_-ku8-a-a-tim
en: the governorships
91. u-ka3-lu2
en: held.
92. ma-ri2{ki}
en: Mari
93. u3
en: and
94. elam{ki}
en: Elam
95. mah-ri2-is2
en: before
96. sar-ru-GI
en: Sargon,
97. _lugal_
en: the king
98. _kalam-ma{ki}_
en: of the nation,
99. i-za-zu-ni
en: stood (to serve).
100. sar-ru-GI
en: Sargon,
101. _lugal_
en: king
102. _kalam-ma{ki}_
en: of the nation,
103. kisz{ki}
en: Kiš's
104. [a]-sza-ri2-su
en: its places
105. i-ni
en: he changed,
106. u3
en: and
107. _iri{ki}_-lam
en: a (single) city
108. u-sa2-hi-su-ni
en: he made them occupy(?).
109. [sza] _dub_
en: The one who the inscription
110. su4-a
en: this one
111. u-sa-sa3-ku-ni
en: shall remove,
112. {d}en-lil2
en: may the gods Enlil
113. u3
en: and
114. {d}utu
en: Šamas
115. _suhusz_-su
en: his foundation
116. li-su2-ha
en: tear out
117. u3
en: and
118. _sze-numun_-su
en: his seed
119. li-il-qu3-ta2
en: may they pluck up.
120. ma-ma-na
en: Anyone who
121. _dul3_
en: the statue
122. su4-a
en: this one
123. u-a-ha-ru
en: sets aside,
124. {d}en-lil2
en: may the god Enlil
125. _mu_-su
en: his name
126. li-a-hirx(|HA+SZU2|)
en: set aside,
127. _{gesz}tukul_-su
en: and his weapon
128. li-isz-bir5
en: may he break.
129. mah-ri-is2
en: Before
130. {d}en-lil
en: Enlil
131. e _du_
en: may he not walk.
132. _mu-sar-ra ki-gal-ba_
en: Inscription on its socle.
133. _igi lugal-za3-ge-si-sze3 a-ab-sar_
en: It is written in front of Lugalzagesi.

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