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RIME composite
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Primary publicationRIME composite
Author(s)Frayne, Douglas R.
Publication date1993
Secondary publication(s)
Museum no.
Accession no.
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Akkadian (ca. 2340-2200 BC)
Dates referencedErridu-pizir.00.00.00
Object typeother (see object remarks)
Remarkscomposite text
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20131227 cdliadmin
ATF sourceFoxvog, Daniel A.
TranslationFoxvog, Daniel A.
UCLA Library ARK21198/z1p56t2x
Composite no.Q001433
Seal no.
CDLI no.P462080

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No Image AvailableComposite text

surface a
1. [...]-im
2. [...] x
3. [...] x
4. [...] x
5. {[d]}inanna
en: The goddess Ištar-
6. [an-nu-ni]-tum
en: Annunitum
7. [x] x x id*-su
en: (is) his ...,
8. u3
en: and
9. il3-a-ba4
en: Ilaba,
10. _kalag_ i3-li
en: the mightiest of the gods,
11. il-la-at-su
en: is his clan (god).
12. e-er-ri-du-pi-zi-ir
en: Erridu-pizir
13. da*-num2
en: the mighty,
14. _lugal_
en: king
15. gu-ti-um
en: of Gutium
16. u3
en: and
17. ki-ib-ra-tim
en: of the world quarters
18. ar-ba-im
en: the four,
19. a-[x]
en: ...,
20. 1(asz) u3-[x-x]
en: U-...,
21. szagina-su
en: his general,
22. ma?-ad-[ga]{ki}
en: Madga
23. [...]-BI
24. [...]-im
25. [...] x
n lines broken
26'. [e-er-ri-di]-pi-zi-ir
en: Erridu-pizir
27'. da-num2
en: the mighty,
28'. _lugal_
en: king
29'. gu-ti-um
en: of Gutium
30'. u3
en: and
31'. ki-ib-ra-tim
en: the world quarters
32'. ar-ba-im
en: the four,
33'. DA-is2-su
en: to ...
34'. ig-ru-us2
en: he hastened.
35'. ip-la-ah-su2-ma
en: He (that king) feared him, and
36'. e-ta2-ra-ab
en: entered
37'. _sa-tu_-sum6
en: his mountain land.
38'. e-s,u2-ud-su2-ma#
en: He hunted him down and
39'. ik-mi-su
en: captured him.
40'. _lugal_
en: (That) king
41'. u3-ru-a-szu-ma
en: he led away, and
42'. um-ma?-ni-su
en: ...
43'. e#-er-ri-du-[pi]-zi-ir
en: Erridu-pizir
44'. da-[num2]
en: the mighty,
45'. _lugal_
en: king
46'. gu-ti-um
en: of Gutium
47'. u3
en: and
48'. ki-ib-ra-tim
en: of the world quarters
49'. ar-ba-im
en: the four,
50'. in _ka2_
en: into the gate
51'. _dingir_ gu-ti-um
en: of the god of Gutium
52'. im-si4*
en: he took him by force(?),
53'. il-pu-ut-su-ma
en: and struck him, and
54'. _sag-gesz-ra_-su
en: killed him,
55'. _lugal*_
en: (that) king (of Madga).
56'. en-ma
en: Thus (says)
57'. e-er-ri-du-pi-zi-ir
en: Erridu-pizir
58'. da-num2
en: the mighty,
59'. _lugal_
en: king
60'. gu-ti-um#
en: of Gutium
61'. [u3]
en: and
62'. [ki]-ib#-ra#-tim
en: of the world quarters
63'. ar-ba-im
en: the four:
64'. in u-mi-su
en: ‘At that time
65'. _dul3_-mi
en: a statue of myself
66'. ab-ni-ma
en: I created, and
67'. in na-pa2-as2-ti-su
en: on its neck
68'. sa-ap-su
en: a sun disk(?)
69'. is2#-ku-un
en: I (text: he) placed.
70'. [x]-x-x
en: ...
n lines broken
71'. x [...]
en: ...
72'. as2-x-[...]
en: I did ...
73'. lu-ub-sa?-[am?]
en: a garment
74'. _za-gin3_ sza [(x)]
en: of lapis lazuli which
75'. la as2-ku-nu#*
en: I did not place(?)’.
76'. a-na
en: To
77'. {d}en-lil2
en: Enlil
78'. in nibru{ki}
en: in Nippur
79'. _dul3_-su
en: the statue of himself
80'. _a mu-ru_
en: he dedicated.
81'. sza _dub_
en: The one who the inscription
82'. su4-a
en: this
83'. u-sa-sa3-ku-ni
en: shall remove,
84'. {d}utu
en: may Šamaš,
85'. {d}inanna
en: Ištar,
86'. [u3]
en: and
87'. dingir-a-[ba4]
en: and Ilaba
88'. _suhusz#_-su
en: his foundation
89'. li-su2-hu
en: tear out,
90'. u3
en: and
91'. _sze-numun_-su
en: his seed
92'. li-il-qu3-tu
en: may they pluck up.
(Colophon 1)
93'. _mu-sar-ra ki-gal-ba_
en: Inscription on its socle.
(Caption 1)
94'. e-er-ri-du-pi-zi-ir
en: Erridu-pizir
95'. da-num2
en: the mighty,
96'. _lugal_
en: king
97'. gu-ti-im
en: of Gutium
98'. u3
en: and
99'. ki-ib-ra-tim
en: of the world quarters
100'. ar-ba-im
en: the four,
101'. [a-na]
en: to
102'. {[d]}en-lil2
en: the god Enlil
103'. in nibru{[ki]}
en: in Nippur
104'. _a mu-[ru]_
en: dedicated it.
(Colophon 2)
105'. _mu-sar-ra_ x [x x]
en: Inscription on ...
106'. _alan-bi_ x [x x] im#-[x x]
en: Its figure: ...
(Caption 2)
107'. 1(asz) u3-[...]
en: U-...
108'. _szagina_
en: the general
109'. ma-[ad-ga{ki}]
en: of Madga.
rest broken

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