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CDLI Literary 000374 (Sargon and Ur-Zababa) composite
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Primary publicationCDLI Literary 000374 (Sargon and Ur-Zababa) composite
Publication date2014ff.
Secondary publication(s)Black, Jeremy A., et al., ETCSL (1998-2006) 2.1.4 Sargon and Ur-Zababa; Attinger, Pascal (s. PDF version at ‟View commentary”)
Museum no.
Accession no.
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typeother (see object remarks)
Remarkscomposite text
Sub-genreETCSL 2.01.04 Sargon and Ur-Zababa (composite)
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20140911 wagensonner
ATF sourceetcslstaff
UCLA Library ARK21198/z12r4z5f
Composite no.Q000374
Seal no.
CDLI no.P469678

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Composite text

surface a

segment A
1. esz3 ma2-gur8-gin7 [...]
en: To ...... the sanctuary like a cargo ship;
2. gir4 mah-bi x [...]
en: to ...... its great furnaces;
3. i7-bi a hul2-la da-ri2 ...
en: to see that its canals ...... waters of joy for eternity,
4. a-gar3-bi {gesz}al-e ri-e-de3 GAN2 [...]
en: to see that the hoes till the arable tracts and that ...... the fields;
5. e2 kisz{ki}-a iri lil2-la-gin7 masz-kan2 gi4-gi4-de3
en: to turn the house of Kiš, which was like a haunted town, into a living settlement again,
6. lugal-bi sipa ur-{d}za-ba4-ba4
en: its king, shepherd Ur-Zababa,
7. e2 kisz{ki}-a-ka {d}utu-gin7 am3-e3
en: rose like Utu over the house of Kiš.
8. nam-lugal-la-na bala-bi szu kur2-ru-de3 e2-gal-la LAM-bi su3-ra2-x-x
en: However, to alter his term of reigning and to remove the prosperity of the palace
9. an {d}en-lil2 inim ku3-ga-ne-ne-a zi-de3-esz x x x
en: An and Enlil authoritatively (?) decided (?) by their holy command.
10. ki u4-bi szar-ru-um-ki-in iri-ni iri [...]
en: Then Sargon - his city was the city of ......,
11. ad-da-ni la-i-bu-um ama-ni [...]
en: his father was La’ibum, his mother ......
12. szar-ru-um-ki-in sza3 du10-ga mu-[...]
en: Sargon ...... with happy heart.
13. mu im-ta-tu-ud-da-asz x [...]
en: Since he was born ...
rest broken

segment B
1. u4 ne u4 te-en-e um-ma-te-a-ta
en: One day, after the evening had arrived,
2. {disz}szar-ru-um-ki-in sa2-du11 e2-gal-sze3 im-de6-a-ba
en: and Sargon had brought the regular deliveries to the palace,
3. |GA2xMI| ku3 ki-tusz ku3-ga-ni-a im-ma-da-an-nu2
en: He Ur-Zababa was sleeping (and dreaming) in the holy bed-chamber, his holy residence.
4. sza3-ga-ni-sze3 mu-un-zu eme-na nu-ga2-ga2 lu2-da nu-mu-un-da-ab-be2
en: He realised what the dream was about, but did not put into words, did not discuss it with anyone.
5. {disz}szar-ru-um-ki-in sa2-du11 e2-gal-sze3 szu ba-ab-te-a-ta
en: After Sargon had received the regular deliveries for the palace,
6. |MUSZ3.KA.UL| mu-un-se3-ga {gesz}gu2-ne-sag-ga2 mu-un-dab5-be2
en: Ur-Zababa appointed him cupbearer, putting him in charge of the drinks cupboard.
7. ku3 {d}inanna-ke4 da-bi-a musz3 nu-tum2-me
en: Holy inanna did not cease to stand by him.
8. u4 5(disz)-am3 u4 1(u)-am3 ba-zal-la-ta
en: After five or 10 days had passed,
9. lugal {d}ur-{d}za-ba4-ba4 im-da-la2 ki-tusz-bi-ta mi-ni-ib-hu-luh
en: King Ur-Zababa ...... and became frightened in his residence.
10. pirig-gin7 sza3 pap-hal-la-na |USZxA| bi-bi sza3-ba usz2 |BAD.U4| si-a-ba
en: Like a lion he urinated, sprinkling his legs, and the urine contained blood and pus.
11. i3-kusz2 ku6 a mun lu-ga-gin7 zi mu-un-di-ni-ib-ir-ir
en: He was troubled, he was disturbed like a fish living in brackish water.
12. u4-ba |MUSZ3.KA.UL| e2-din {d}|SZE.TIR|-ka
en: It was then that the cupbearer of Ezina's wine-house,
13. {disz}szar-ru-um-ki-in u3-sa2-gin7 la-ba-nu2 ma-mu2-de3 ba-nu2
en: Sargon, lay down not to sleep, but lay down to dream.
14. ku3 {d}inanna-ke4 ma-mu2 i7 mud-sze3 mu-un-gir5-gir5
en: In the dream, holy inanna drowned Ur-Zababa in a river of blood.
15. {disz}szar-ru-um-ki-in dum-dam-ma-na zu2 ki-sze3 ba-da-ab-ra-ah
en: The sleeping Sargon groaned and gnawed the ground.
16. dum-dum-bi lugal {d}ur-{d}za-ba4-ba4 gesz tuku-tuku-da-ni
en: When King Ur-Zababa heard about this groaning,
17. lugal-ra ki ku3-ga-ni-sze3 im-ma-da-an-sun5-ne-esz
en: he was brought into the king's holy presence,
18. {disz}szar-ru-um-ki-in ki {d}ur-{d}za-ba4-ba4-sze3 im-ma-da-an-sun5-ne
en: Sargon was brought into the presence of Ur-Zababa (who said:)
19. |MUSZ3.KA.UL| ma-mu2 ge6 u3-na x-na u3-mu-ri-du8
en: "Cupbearer, was a dream revealed to you in the night?"
20. {disz}szar-ru-um-ki-in lugal-a-ni im-ma-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
en: Sargon answered his king:
21. lugal-gu10 ma-mu2-gu10 u3-mu-ri-du11-ga
en: My king, this is my dream, which I will tell you about:
22. {lu2}ki-sikil 1(disz)-am3 an-gin7 sukud-da-ni ki-gin7 dagal-la-ni
en: There was a young woman who was as high as the heavens and as broad as the earth.
23. suhusz? bad3-da-gin7 gar-gar-ra
en: She was firmly set as the base of a wall.
24. i7 mah i7 mud-sze3 ga2-ra mu-un-gir5-re-de3-en
en: For me, she drowned you in a great river, a river of blood."
25. x x {d}ur-{d}za-ba4-ba4 nundum KA bi2-in-gu7 ni2 sza3-sze3 ba-gid2
en: Ur-Zababa chewed his lips, he became seriously afraid.
26. [...] x NA AN x sukkal-a-ni gu3 mu-na-de2-e
en: He spoke to ......, his chancellor:
27. [...] nin9 e-gu10 ku3 {d}inanna-ke4
en: "My royal sister, holy inanna,
28. [...] x x mud-sze3 u-gu10 mu-un-ku4-re
en: is going to change (?) my finger into a ...... of blood;
29. x x 1(disz) szar-ru-um-ki-in |MUSZ3.KA.UL| i7 mah mu-un-gir5-gir5
en: she will drown Sargon, the cupbearer, in the great river.
30. {disz}be-li2-isz-ti-kal2 simug gal lu2 sza3-ga de6-a-gu10 im sar-sar
en: Beliš-tikal, chief smith, man of my choosing, who can write tablets,
31. inim ga-ra-ab-du11 inim-gu10 he2-dab5
en: I will give you orders, let my orders be carried out!
32. na de5-ga-gu10 |GESZ.TUG2.PI.SZIR@t.SILA3| he2-em-szi-ak
en: Let my advice be followed!
33. ne-esz2 |MUSZ3.KA.UL| zabar-szu-ga2 a-ra-x-ab-de6
en: Now then, when the cupbearer has delivered my bronze hand-mirror (?) to you
34. e2-sikil-la e2 nam tar-ra-ka alan-gin7 kusz3-kusz3-a se3-bi2-ib
en: in the E-sikil, the fated house, throw them (the mirror and Sargon) into the mould like statues."
35. {disz}be-li2-isz-ti-kal2 inim lugal-la-na-sze3 sag kesz2 ba-szi-in-ak
en: Beliš-tikal heeded his king's words
36. e2-sikil e2 nam tar-ra-ka kusz3-kusz3-a si mu-un-sa2
en: and prepared the moulds in the E-sikil, the fated house.
37. lugal-e 1(disz) szar-ru-um-ki-in gu3 mu-na-de2-e
en: The king spoke to Sargon:
38. gen-na zabar-szu-ga2 simug-gal-sze3 tum2-mu-na-ni-ib
en: "Go and deliver my bronze hand-mirror (?) to the chief smith!"
38A. {disz}szar-ru-um-ki-in e2-gal {d}ur-{d}za-ba4-ba4 im-ma-da-ra-ab-e3
(inserted here from the edge)
en: Sargon left the palace of Ur-Zababa.
39. ku3 {d}inanna-ke4 za3 zi-da-ni musz3 nu-tum2-mu
en: Holy inanna, however, did not cease to stand at his right hand side,
40. e2-sikil-la e2 nam tar-ra-ka 5(disz) ninda 1(u) ninda nu-te-a-na
en: and before he had come within five or 10 ninda of the E-sikil, the fated house,
41. ku3 {d}inanna-ke4 igi mu-un-na-nigin2-nigin2 giri3-ni im-da-RU
en: holy inanna turned around toward him and blocked his way, (saying:)
42. e2-sikil-la e2 ku3-ga na-nam lu2 mud nu-mu-un-ku4-re
en: "The E-sikil is a holy house! No one polluted with blood should enter it!"
43. ka2 e2 nam tar-ra-ka simug-gal lugal-la-ke4 gaba mu-un-da-ri
en: Thus he met the chief smith of the king only at the gate of the fated house.
44. zabar-szu lugal-la-ke4 simug-gal-sze3 mu-un-de6-a-ta
en: After he delivered the king's bronze hand-mirror (?) to the chief smith,
45. {disz}be-li2-isz-ti-kal2 simug-gal im-da-la2 alan-gin7 kusz3-kusz3-a ba-da-ab-se3-ga-bi
en: Beliš-tikal, the chief smith, ...... and threw it into the mould like statues.
46. {disz}szar-ru-um-ki-in u4 5(disz)-am3 u4 1(u)-am3 ba-zal-la-ta
en: After five or 10 days had passed, Sargon
47. ki {d}ur-{d}za-ba4-ba4 lugal-la-na-sze3 im-ma-da-an-ku4-ku4
en: came into the presence of Ur-Zababa, his king;
48. sza3 e2-gal kur gal-gin7 ki us2-sa im-ma-da-an-ku4-ku4
en: he came into the palace, firmly founded like a great mountain.
49. lugal {d}ur-{d}za-ba4-ba4 im-da-la2 ki-tusz-bi-ta mi-ni-ib-hu-luh
en: King Ur-Zababa ...... and became frightened in his residence.
50. sza3-ga-ni-sze3 mu-un-zu eme-na nu-ga2-ga2 lu2-da nu-mu-un-da-ab-be2
en: He realised what was it about, but did not put into words, did not discuss it with anyone.
51. |GA2xMI|-ka ki-tusz ku3-ga-ni {d}ur-{d}za-ba4-ba4 mi-ni-ib-hu-luh
en: Ur-Zababa became frightened in the bed-chamber, his holy residence.
52. sza3-ga-ni-sze3 mu-un-zu eme-na nu-ga2-ga2 lu2-da nu-mu-un-da-ab-be2
en: He realised what was it about, but did not put into words, did not discuss it with anyone.
53. u4-bi-ta inim im-ma gub-bu he2-gal2 im si-si-ge ba-ra-gal2-la-am3
en: In those days, although writing words on tablets existed, putting tablets into envelopes did not yet exist.
54. lugal {d}ur-{d}za-ba4-ba4 1(disz) szar-ru-um-ki-in dingir-re-e-ne szu du11-ga-ar
en: King Ur-Zababa despatched Sargon, the creature of the gods,
55. im-ma gub-bu nig2 ni2 ba-ug7-a-ta
en: with a message written on clay, which was about murdering Sargon
56. unu{ki}-ga lugal-za3-ge4-e-si szu ba-ni-ib-tag4-tag4
en: to Lugal-zage-si in Uruk.
rest broken

segment C
1. dam lugal-za3-ge4-si-da im-[...]
en: With the wife of Lugal-zage-si ...
2. nam-munus an-dul3-esz2 mu-ni-ba x [...]
en: She gave(?) her feminity as a shelter ...
3. lugal-za3-ge4-si kin-gi4-a nu-[...]
en: Lugal-zage-si did not ... the envoy.
4. ga2-nam-ma sig4 e2-an-na-sze3 giri3 mu-un-gub
en: "Come! He directed his steps to brick-built E-ana!"
5. lugal-za3-ge4-si sza3-ga-ni nu-un-zu ugu kin-gi4-a nu-mu-un-du11-du11
en: Lugal-zage-si did not grasp it, he did not talk to the envoy.
6. en-na ugu kin-gi4-a na-mu-un-du11-du11 igi dumu nun ba-an-da-bad
en: But as soon as he did talk to the envoy ...
7. en-e u8 bi2-in-du11 sahar-ra ba-an-da-tusz
en: "Alas!" and sat in the dust.
8. lugal-za3-ge4-si kin-gi4-a-ar im-szi-in-gi4
en: Lugal-zage-si replied to the envoy:
9. kin-gi4-a szar-ru-ki-in gu2 nu-mu-un-se3-se3
en: "Envoy, Sargon does not yield."
10. gam-gam-ma-ni szar-ru-ki-in lugal-za3?-ge4-si ...
en: After he has submitted,Sargon ... Lugal-zage-si ...
11. szar-ru-ki-in lugal-za3-ge4-si [...]
en: Sargon ... Lugal-zage-si ...
12. a-na-asz-am3 szar-ru-ki-in [...]
en: Why .... Sargon ....?

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