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CDLI Literary 000663 (Dumuzi and Enkidu) composite
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Primary publicationCDLI Literary 000663 (Dumuzi and Enkidu) composite
Publication date2014ff.
Secondary publication(s)Black, Jeremy A., et al., ETCSL (1998-2006) 4.08.33 Dumuzi and Enkidu; Attinger, Pascal (s. PDF version at ‟View commentary”)
Museum no.
Accession no.
ProvenienceNippur (mod. Nuffar)
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typeother (see object remarks)
Remarkscomposite text
Sub-genreETCSL 4.08.33 Dumuzi and Enkidu (composite)
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20150124 cdliadmin
ATF sourcecdlistaff (check)
Translationno translation
UCLA Library ARK
Composite no.Q000663
Seal no.
CDLI no.P473749

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Composite text

surface a
1. lu2{ki}-sikil tur3 [...]
2. ki-sikil {d}inanna amasz [...]
3. ab-sin2-na gam-gam-e [...]
4. {d}inanna ga-e-re-dib-dib [...]
5. ziz2 AN? [...]
6. in-nin [...] GA [...]
7. nu-nus-ge nu-me-en ne nu-me-en
8. x x x-ta mul-ge nu-me-en
9. gidlam sipa-da nu-me-en-x
10. szesz-a-ni ur-sag szul {d}utu
11. ku3 {d}inanna-ra gu3 mu-un-na-de2-e
12. nin9-gu10 he2-tuku-tuku su8-ba-de3
13. ki-sikil {d}inanna za-e a-na-asz nu-ub-sze-ge-en
14. i3-ni du10-ga-am3 ga-ni du10-ga-am3
15. {lu2}su8-ba nig2 szu du11-ga-ni dadag-ga-am3
16. {d}inanna he2-tuku-tuku {d}du5-mu-zi3-de3
17a. unu2 la2 szuba la2 za-e a-na-asz nu-ub-sze-ge-en
17b. i3-ni du10-ga-am3 ga-ni du10-ga-am3
17c. {lu2}su8-ba nig2 szu du11-ga-ni dadag-ga-am3
18. i3-ni du10-ga mu-un-da-gu7-e
19. an-dul3-e lugal-la za-e a-na-asz nu-ub-sze-ge-en
20. ge26-e su8-ba-de3 ba-ra-mu-tuku-tuku-un _la? i-ha-[...]_
21. tug2 gibil-la2-na ba-ra-mi-ni-ga-ga-an _s,u2-ba-ti-szu na-ap-szi-im x a la?_
22. siki gibil-la2-a-ni sa2 ba-ra-mu-e-en _re-sze20-et sza szi-pa-ti-szu x a la?
23. ki-sikil-ge me-e mu-un-gar3-e de3-mu-tuku-tuku-un
24. mu-un-gar3 gu gun3-gun3-a-da
25. mu-un-gar3 sze gun3-gun3-a-da
26. x gu2-un [...]
27. [...]
28. [...]
29. [...]
30. [...]
31. [...]
32. [...]
33. [...]
34. me-e su8-ba-de3 ba-ra-mu-tuku-tuku-un
35. inim-bi [...]
36. sipa-ra engar? [...]
37. lugal-gu10 x [...]
38. su8-ba {d}du5-mu-zi3-de3
39. x x x du11-ge-de3 in-x x
40. engar-e ga2-a-ra engar-e ga2-a-ra engar-e a-na mu-un-diri-ga-am3
41. {d}en-ki-im-du lu2 e pa5-ra-ke4
42. ga2-a-ra engar-e a-na mu-un-diri-ga-am3
43. tug2 ge6-ga-ni ha-ma-ab-szum2-mu
44. engar-ra u8 ge6-gu10 ge26-e ga-mu-na-szi-ib-szum2
45. tug2 babbar2-ra-ni ha-ma-ab-szum2-mu
46. engar-ra u8 babbar2-ra-gu10 ga-mu-na-szi-ib-szum2
47. e-ne kasz sag-ga2-ni ha-ma-an-de2-e
48. engar-ra ga sig7-a-gu10 ga-mu-na-szi-in-de2
49. e-ne kasz sag10-ni ha-ma-an-de2-e
50. engar-ra ga-ki-si-im-ma?-gu10 ga-mu-na-szi-in-de2
51. e-ne kasz sa2 gi4-a-ni ha-ma-an-de2-e _hi-iq-szu?_
52. engar-ra ga BUL-a-gu10 ga-mu-na-szi-in-de2
53. e-ne kaszbir-a-ni ha-ma-an-de2-e _x x x a?-szu_
54. engar-ra ge26-e ga u2-gu10 ga-mu-na-szi-in-de2
55. ha-ha-la sag10-ni ha-ma-ab-szum2-mu
56. engar-ra ge26-e ga i3-ti-ir-da-gu10 ga-mu-na-szi-ib-szum2
57. ninda sag10-ni ha-ma-ab-szum2-mu
58. engar-ra ga nunuz-te-a-gu10 ga-mu-na-szi-ib-szum2
59. gu2 di4-di4-la2-ni ha-ma-ab-szum2-mu
60a. engar-ra ga-ar3 tur-tur-gu10 ga-mu-na-szi-ib-szum2
60b. gu2 gal-gal-la-ni ha-ma-ab-szum2-mu
60c. engar-ra ga-ar3 gal-gal-gu10 ga-mu-na-szi-ib-szum2 (x x x [...])
61. u3-mu-ni-gu7 u3-mu-ni-nag-ga2-ta _i-zu-ba_
62. i3 nig2 diri-ga ga-mu-na-ra-ab-szub _wa-at-ri-im_
63. ga nig2 diri-ga ga-mu-na-ra-ab-szub
64. ga2-a-ra engar-e a-na mu-un-diri-ga-am3
65. ul am3-te ul am3-te gaba pesz10-a ul am3-te
66. pesz10-am3 sipa-de3 pesz10-am3
67. sipa-de3 pesz10-am3 udu na-an-ga-am3-mi-ni-in-lu-lu
68. sipa pesz10-a udu lu-a-ra
69. {lu2}sipa-ra engar mu-na-ni-in-te
70. engar {d}en-ki-im-du mu-na-ni-in-te
71. {d}dumu-zi3 lugal e pa5-re [...]
72. edin-a-na sipa-de3 edin-a-na du14 mu-un-di-ni-ib-mu2-mu2
73. su8-ba {d}dumu-zi3-de3 edin-a-na du14 mu-un-di-ni-ib-mu2-mu2
74. ga2-a za-a-da su8-ba ga2-a za-a-da su8-ba ga2-a za-a-da
75. a-na-asz mu-da-ab-sa2-e-en
76. udu-zu u2 pesz10 he2-em-mi-gu7
77. iszin-ga2 udu-zu he2-em-mi-gu7
78. a-sza3 szuba unu{ki}-ga sze ha-ba-ni-gu7
79. masz2 sila4-zu {i7}surungal-ga2 a ha-ba-ni-in-nag
80. {lu2}sipa-me-en nam-gidlam-gu10-sze3
81. engar gu5-li-ga2 na-ba-ni-in-ku4-ra
82. engar {d}en-ki-im-du gu5-li-ga2 engar gu5-li-ga2
83. na-ba-ni-in-ku4-ra-am3
84. gig ga-mu-ra-de6 gu2 ga-mu-ra-de6
85. gu2-nida bir-un4-na ga-mu-ra-de6
86. lu2{ki}-sikil nig2 za-a-ra si-ga
87. ki-sikil {d}inanna sze gin2 gu2 MUNUS ga-mu-ra-de6
88. sipa engar-da a-da-min3 du11-ga
89. ki-sikil {d}inanna za3-mi2-zu du10-ga-am3
90. bala-bala-e-dam

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