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CDLI Literary 000482 (Lipit-Ishtar B) composite
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Primary publicationCDLI Literary 000482 (Lipit-Ishtar B) composite
Publication date2014ff.
Secondary publication(s)Black, Jeremy A., et al., ETCSL (1998-2006) Lipit-Ishtar B; Vanstiphout, Herman L. J., JCS 30 (1978) 033-061
Museum no.
Accession no.
ProvenienceNippur (mod. Nuffar)
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typeother (see object remarks)
Remarkscomposite text
Sub-genreETCSL Lipit-Ishtar B ('Tetrad no. 1') (composite)
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20150131 cdliadmin
ATF sourceetcslstaff
TranslationVanstiphout, Herman L. J.
UCLA Library ARK
Composite no.Q000482
Seal no.
CDLI no.P478812

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Composite text

surface a
1. {d}li-pi2-it-esz18-dar lugal sag il2 nun bara2-ga
en: Lipit-Ištar, proud king, enthroned prince,
2. he2-du7 {gesz}isimu2{sar} nam-lugal-la
en: most fit offshoot of kingship,
3. {d}utu-gin7 gub sze-er-zi kalam-ma
en: who stands like Utu, brilliant light of the land,
4. nam-nun-sze3 mah me gal-la u5
en: lofty in nobility, riding the great ordinances,
5. ub-da limmu2 ug3 ki gar-ra
en: who settles the people in the four quarters,
6. sze-ga {d}en-lil2-la2 {d}nin-lil2-le ki-ag2
en: favored by Enlil, beloved by Inanna,
7. szul zi igi gun3 bara2-ga tum2-ma
en: true youth with shining eyes, worthy of the throne
8. men aga zi sag me-te-gal2
en: (whose) head is adorned with the tiara, the true crown,
9. sibir szu du8 sag-ge6-ga
en: (who is) perfectly equipped with the sceptre over the blackheads,
10. nun {d}li-pi2-it-esz18-dar dumu {d}en-lil2-la2 sipa igi-gal2 tuku
en: prince Lipit-Ištar, son of Enlil, wise shepherd,
11. ug3 lah5-lah5-e gissu du10-ga ug3-e ni2 dub2-bu
en: who leads the people, letting the people people relax in sweet shade?
12. en alim mah an-ne2 ki-ag2
en: Lord, great bison, beloved by An,
13. geszkim-ti-zu-um ama {d}nin-lil2-la2
en: your trust is (put in) the mother of Ninlil.
14. {d}li-pi2-it-esz18-dar a2 nun hu-mu-te-gal2
en: Lipit-Ištar, you are granted princely power;
15. ka lal3-gin7 du10 mu ka-ge du7
en: (your) name, a sound as sweet as honey, is perfect for speaking;
16. sza3-ge de6-a dam {d}inanna
en: longed-for husband of Inanna,
17. {d}en-ki-ke4 gesztu2 dagal sag-e-esz rig7-ga
en: whom Enki gave broad wisdom as a gift.
18. {d}nisaba munus ul-la gun3-a
en: Nisaba, the woman radiant with joy,
19. munus zi dub-sar nin nig2-nam zu
en: the true woman scribe, the lady of all knowledge,
20. si-zu im-ma si ba-ni-in-sa2
en: guided your fingers on the clay,
21. sza3 dub-ba-ka gu-szum2 mi-ni-in-sa6-sa6
en: embellished the writing on the tablets,
22. gi-dub-ba ku3-sig17-ka szu mu-ni-in-gun3
en: made the hand resplendent with a golden stylus.
23. gi 1(disz) ninda esz2-GAN2 za-gin3
en: the 1-ninda rod, the gleaming surveyor’s line,
24. {gesz}as4-lum le-um igi-gal2 szum2-mu {d}nisaba-ke4 szu dagal ma-ra-an-du11
en: the cubit ruler which gives wisdom, Nisaba lavishly bestowed upon you.
25. {d}li-pi2-it-esz18-dar dumu {d}en-lil2-la2-me-en
en: Lipit-Ištar, you are Enlil's son;
26. nig2-zi nig2-gi-na pa bi2-e-e3
en: truth and justice you make manifest;
27. en sa6-zu an-za3-sze3 na-dul?
en: lord, your goodness covers even the horizon.
28. {d}li-pi2-it-esz18-dar lugal umusz gal-gal-la ad gi4-gi4
en: King Lipit-Ištar, counsellor of great judgment,
29. inim-ma nu-kusz2-u3 gal zu ka-asz bar ug3-e si sa2
en: (whose) word never falters, wise one (whose) decision provides justice for the people;
30. gesztu2 dagal nig2-nam gal-le-esz zu
en: great mind, knowing all things deeply,
31. di kur-kur-ra-ke4 si sa2-sa2-e-de3
en: in order to lay down the law for all foreign countries,
32. inim sza3-ga gal2-la lul zi-bi mu-e-zu
en: you perceive falsehood and truth even from the words hidden in the heart.
33. {d}li-pi2-it-esz18-dar lu2 erim2-ra guru5-usz mu-e-ta-ab-e3-de3-en
en: Lipit-Ištar, you rage against the enemies,
34. ka nir-da-ka giri3 saga11 du11 lu2 zi-zi-i mu-e-zu
en: from evil and oppression you know how to save people,
35. nam-tag dugud ka garasz2-kam lu2 ti-le mu-ni-in-zu
en: from sin and destruction you know how to free them.
36. a2-tuku sa-gaz nu-mu-un-szi-ak-e
en: The mighty do not perpetrate robbery,
37. kal-ga si-ga szaga-sze3 nu-mu-un-ak-e
en: and the strong do not make the weaker ones into hirelings—
38. nig2-si-sa2 ki-en-gi ki-uri-a mu-ni-gar
en: thus you established justice in Sumer and Akkad,
39. su kalam-ma mu-du10
en: and made pleasant (the life of) everybody in the land.
40. {d}li-pi2-it-esz18-dar lugal i3-si-in{ki}-na lugal ki-en-gi ki-uri-me-en
en: Lipit-Ištar, king of Isin, king of Sumer and Akkad,
41. nibru{ki}-sze3 dub sar-re-me-en
en: to Nippur you are the scribe;
42. e2-kur-re e2 {d}en-lil2-la2-sze3 {d}li-pi2-it-esz18-dar sag-us2-bi za-e-me-en
en: to the Ekur, Enlil’s house; Lipit-Ištar, you are its provider;
43. {d}en-lil2 {d}nin-lil2-ra ki-ag2 sza3-ba-me-en
en: for Enlil and Ninlil you are the love of their hearts;
44. ur-sag {d}nin-urta maszkim kal-ga-zu-um
en: the hero Ninurta is your powerful guard,
45. {d}nusku sukkal mah a2-tah inim-ma-zu-um
en: and vizier Nusku enforces your decisions.
46. iszib kesz3{ki}-sze3 {d}nin-tu-re zi-de3-esz pa3-da-me-en
en: You are the Išib-priest for Keš, whom Nintu truly chose.
47. uri2{ki}-sze3 gal2-la szul gesz tuku {d}suen-na-me-en
en: Installed in Ur, you are the youth who has the attention of Suen.
48. {d}en-ki-ke4 eridu{ki}i-ta aga zi szum2-ma-me-en
en: You are the one whom Enki gave the true tiara in Eridu.
49. ki unu{ki}-ga ku3 {d}inanna-ra {d}li-pi2-it-esz18-dar hi-li sza3-ga-na-me-en
en: For holy Inanna in the region of Uruk, you, Lipit-Ištar, are her heart’s delight.
50. {d}nin-i3-si-in-na-ke4 i3-si-in{ki}-na bara2 mah-zu mi-ni-in-ri
en: Ninisina in Isin made you sit on your lofty dais.
51. i-lu sza3-ga mu bala sa6-ga
en: With a hearty song of joy, in a prosperous regnal year,
52. nun-e nun uru16 dirig gal mah-bi
en: the prince, the valiant prince surpassing in greatness and nobility,
53. ad-da-zu {d}isz-me-{d}da-gan lugal kalam-ma-ke4
en: your father Išme-Dagan, king of the land,
54. {gesz}gu-za-na suhusz-bi mu-ra-an-ge-en
en: stabilized the foundation of your throne,
55. inim du11-ga an {d}en-lil2-la2-ta
en: and upon the order spoken by An and Enlil
56. di nim kur-kur-ra si-a mu-ni-in-gar
en: he silenced the loud strife of the foreign countries.
57. {d}li-pi2-it-esz18-dar dumu {d}en-lil2-la2-me-en
en: You, Lipit-Ištar, Enlil’s son,
58. nig2-gi-na-zu ka-ka mi-ni-in-gal2
en: have put your righteousness on everybody’s lips;
59. za3-mi2-zu e2-dub-ba-a-ka im mu-e-ni-du11-du11
en: your praise shall never disappear from the clay in the Edubba;
60. dub-sar-re a-le he2-em-szi-ak-e gal-le-esz he2-i-i
en: may every scribe therefore sing of this bliss and glorify (you) greatly,
61. ar2-zu e2-dub-ba-a-ka musz3 nam-ba-an-tum2-mu
en: so that your laudation in the Edubba shall not cease.
62. sipa gu2-tuku szul dumu {d}en-lil2-la2
en: O leading shepherd, youthful son of Enlil,
63. {d}li-pi2-it-esz18-dar za3-mi2
en: Lipit-Ištar, be praised!

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