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CDLI Literary 000623 (Inanna B) composite
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Primary publicationCDLI Literary 000623 (Inanna B) composite
Publication date2014ff.
Secondary publication(s)Black, Jeremy A., et al., ETCSL (1998-2006) 4.07.02 Inanna B; Attinger, Pascal (s. PDF version at ‟View commentary”)
Museum no.
Accession no.
ProvenienceNippur (mod. Nuffar)
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typeother (see object remarks)
Remarkscomposite text
Sub-genreETCSL 4.07.02 Inanna B ('Decad no. 04' (composite)
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20150207 cdliadmin
ATF sourcecdlistaff (check)
Translationno translation
UCLA Library ARK
Composite no.Q000623
Seal no.
CDLI no.P478852

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Composite text

surface a
1. nin me szar2-ra u4 dalla e3-a
Cited in OB catalogue from Nippur, at Philadelphia, 0.2.01, line 4; OB catalogue from Ur (U2), 0.2.04, line 8; OB catalogue at Andrews University, 0.2.11, line 3; OB catalogue at Yale, 0.2.12, Seg. A, line 4)
2. munus zi3 me-lam2 gur3-ru ki ag2 an urasz-a
3. nu-gig an-na suh-gir11 gal-gal-la
4. aga zi3-de3 ki-ag2 nam-en-na tum2-ma
5. me 7(disz)-bi szu sa2 du11-ga
6. nin-gu10 me gal-gal-la sag kesz2-bi za-e-me-en
7. me mu-e-il2 me szu-zu-sze3 mu-e-la2
8. me mu-e-ur4 me gaba-za bi2-tab
9. uszumgal-gin7 kur-re usz11 ba-e-szum2
10. {d}iszkur-gin7 ki szegx(|KAxLI|) gi4-a-za {d}ezina2 la-ba-e-szi-gal2
11. a-ma-ru kur-bi-ta e11-de3
12. sag-kal an ki-a {d}inanna-bi-me-en
13. izi bar7-bar7-ra kalam-e szeg3-ga2
14. an-ne2 me szum2-ma nin ur-ra u5-a
15. inim ku3 an-na-ta inim du11-du11
16. biluda{+da} gal-gal-la nig2-zu a-ba mu-un-zu
17. kur gul-gul u4-de3 a2 ba-e-szum2
18. ki-ag2 {d}en-lil2-la2 kalam-ma ni2 mi-ni-ri
19. a2 ag2-ga2 an-na-ke4 ba-gub-be2-en
20. nin-gu10 za-pa-ag2-zu-sze3 kur i3-gam-gam-e
21. ni2 me-lam2 u18-lu-da nam-lu2-ulu3
22. nig2-me-gar giri3-bi u3-mu-ri-gub
23. me-ta me husz-bi szu ba-e-re-ti
24. i-dub er2-ra-ke4 gal2 ma-ra-ab-tak4
25. e2 a-nir gal-gal-la sila-ba mu-ri-du
26. igi me3-ta nig2 ma-ra-ta-si-ig
27. nin-gu10 a2 ni2-za {na4}zu2 zu2 i3-gu7-e
28. u4 du7-du7-gin7 i3-du7-du7-de3-en
29. u4 gu3 ra-ra-da gu3 im-da-ab-ra-ra-an
30. {d}iszkur-da szegx(|KAxLI|) mu-da-an-gi4-gi4-in
31. im-hul-im-hul-da im-da-kusz2-u3-de3-en
32. giri3-za nu-kusz2-u3 i3-im-si
33. balag a-nir-ra-ta i-lu im-da-ab-be2
34. nin-gu10 {d}a-nun-na dingir gal-gal-e-ne
35. su-din{muszen} dal-la-gin7 du6-de3 mu-e-szi-ib-ra-asz
36. igi husz-a-za la-ba-su8-ge-de3-esz
37. sag-ki husz-a-za sag nu-mu-un-de3-ga2-ga2
38. sza3 ib2-ba-za a-ba ib2-te-en-te-en
39. sza3 hul-gal2-la-za te-en-te-bi mah-am3
40. nin ur5 i3-sa6 nin sza3 i3-hul2
41. ib2-ba nu-te-en-te-en dumu gal {d}suen-na
42. nin kur-ra diri-ga a-ba ki-za ba-an-tum3
43. hur-sag ki-za ba-e-de3-gid2-de3-en {d}ezina2 nig2-gig-bi
44. abul-la-ba izi mu-ni-in-ri-ri
45. i7-ba usz2 ma-ra-an-de2 ug3-bi ma-ra-na8-na8
46. ugnim-bi ni2-bi-a ma-ra-ab-lah5-e
47. zu2 kesz2-bi ni2-bi-a ma-ra-ab-si-il-le
48. gurusz a2-tuku-bi ni2-bi-a ma-ra-ab-su8-ge-esz
49. iri-ba ki-e-ne-di-ba mer i-ib2-si
50. gurusz sza3-gan-bi lu2-esz2 ma-ra-ab-sar-re-esz
51. iri kur za-ra li-bi2-in-du11-ga-am3
52. a-a ugu-zu li-bi2-in-esz-am3
53. inim ku3-zu bi2-in-du11 ki giri3-za he2-eb-gi4
54. sza3 tur3-bi-ta giri3 he2-eb2-ta-an-ze2-er
55. munus-bi dam-a-ni-ta sa6-ga na-an-da-ab-be2
56. ge6 u3-na ad na-an-di-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
57. nig2 ku3 sza3-ga-na nam-mu-da-an-bur2-re
58. u3-sun2 zi3-zi3 dumu gal {d}suen-na
59. nin an-ra diri-ga a-ba ki-za ba-an-tum3
60. me zi3-de3 nin gal nin-e-ne
61. sza3 ku3-ta e3-a ama ugu-ni-ir diri-ga
62. gal-zu igi-gal2 nin kur-kur-ra
63. zi-gal2 ug3 lu-a szir3 ku3-zu ga-am3-du11
64. dingir zi3 me-a tum2-ma gal-bi du11-ga-zu mah-am3
65. sza3 su3-ra2 munus zi3 sza3 zalag-zalag-ga me-zu
66. ge6-par3 ku3-ga2 hu-mu-szi-in-ku4-re-en
67. en-me-en en-he2-du7-an-na-me-en
68. {gi}ma-sa2-ab i3-gur3-ru asil-la2 i3-du11
69. ki-se3-ga bi2-ib-gar ge26-e nu-mu-un-ti-le-en
70. u4-de3 ba-te u4 mu-da-bil2
71. gissu ne ba-te u18-lu-da im-mi-dul
72. ka lal3-gu10 szu uh3-a ba-ab-du11
73. nig2 ur5 sa6-sa6-gu10 sahar-ta ba-da-gi4
74. nam-gu10 {d}suen lugal-an-ne2
75. an-ra du11-mu-na-ab an-ne2 ha-ma-du8-e
76. a-da-lam an-ra ba-an-na-ab-be2-en an-ne2 mu-e-du8-e
77. nam lugal-an-ne2 munus-e ba-ab-kar-re
78. kur a-ma-ru giri3-ni-sze3 i3-nu2
79. munus-bi in-ga-mah iri mu-un-da-ab-tuku4-e
80. gub-ba sza3-ga-na ha-ma-sed-de3
81. en-he2-du7-an-na-me-en a-ra-zu ga-mu-ra-ab-du11
82. er2-ga2 kasz du10-ga-gin7
83. ku3 {d}inanna-ra szu ga-mu-ni-ri-bar di-zu ga-mu-ra-ab-du11
84. {d}asz-im2-babbar na-an-kusz2-u3-de3-en
85. szu-luh an ku3-ga-ke4 nig2-nam-ma-ni in-kur2
86. an-da e2-an-na ha-ba-da-an-kar
87. dingir lu2 gu-la-ta ni2 ba-ra-ba-da-te
88. e2-bi la-la-bi ba-ra-mu-un-gi4 hi-li-bi ba-ra-mu-un-til
89. e2-bi e2 hul-a hu-mu-un-di-ni-in-ku4
90. tab mu-szi-in-ku4-ra-ni ninim-ma-ni hu-mu-un-te
91. {d}sun2-zi3-gu10 lu2 hu-mu-sar-re-en lu2 he2-em-mi-dab5-be2-en
92. ki zi-sza3-gal2-la-ka ge26-e a-na-me-en
93. ki-bala hul gig {d}nanna-za-ke4-esz an-ne2 ha-ba-ab-szum2-mu
94. iri-bi an-ne2 ha-ba-ra-an-si-il-le
95. {d}en-lil2-le nam ha-ba-da-an-ku4-de3
96. dumu er2 pa3-da-bi ama-ni na-an-se25-e
97. nin a-nir ki gar-ra
98. {gesz}ma2 a-nir-ra-zu ki kur2-ra he2-bi2-ib-tak4
99. szir3 ku3-ga2-ke4-esz i3-ug5-ge-de3-en
100. ge26-e {d}nanna-gu10 en3-gu10 ba-ra-an-tar
101. ki-lul-la he2-eb-gul-gul-en
102. {d}asz-im2-babbar-e di-gu10 ba-ra-bi2-in-du11
103. bi-in-du11 nam-gu10 li-bi2-in-du11 nam-gu10
104. u3-ma gub-gub-ba e2-ta ba-ra-an-e3-en
105. sim{muszen}-gin7 ab-ta ba-ra-an-dal-en zi-gu10 im-mi-gu7
106. {gesz}kiszi16 kur-ra-ke4 bi2-in-du-e-en
107. aga zi3 nam-en-na mu-da-an-kar
108. gir2 ba-da-ra ma-an-szum2 a-ra-ab-du7 ma-an-du11
109. nin kal-kal-la an-ne2 ki ag2
110. sza3 ku3-zu mah-a ki-bi ha-ma-gi4-gi4
111. nitalam ki-ag2 {d}uszumgal-an-na-ka
112. an-ur2 an-pa nin gal-bi-me-en
113. {d}a-nun-na-ke4-ne gu2 gesz ma-ra-an-gar-re-esz
114. u3-tu-da-ta nin banda3{+da}-me-en
115. {d}a-nun-na dingir gal-gal-e-ne a-gin7 ba-e-ne-diri-ga
116. {d}a-nun-na-ke4-ne nundum-nundum-bi-ta ki su-ub ma-ra-ak-ke4-ne
117. di ni2-ga2 nu-mu-un-til di kur2 di-gu10-gin7 igi-ga2 mu-un-nigin2
118. {gesz}na2 gi-rin-na szu nu-um-mi-la2
119. inim du11-ga {d}nin-gal lu2-ra nu-mu-na-bur2
120. en dadag-ga {d}nanna-me-en
121. nin ki-ag2 an-na-gu10 sza3-zu ha-ma-sed-de3
122. he2-zu he2-zu-am3 {d}nanna li-bi2-in-du11-ga za-a-kam bi2-in-du11-ga
123. an-gin7 mah-a-za he2-zu-am3
124. ki-gin7 dagal-la-za he2-zu-am3
125. ki-bala gul-gul-lu-za he2-zu-am3
126. kur-ra gu3 de2-e-za he2-zu-am3
127. sag gesz ra-ra-za he2-zu-am3
128. ur-gin7 ad6 gu7-u3-za he2-zu-am3
129. igi husz-a-za he2-zu-am3
130. igi husz-bi il2-il2-i-za he2-zu-am3
131. igi gun3-gun3-na-za he2-zu-am3
132. uru16-na nu-sze-ga-za he2-zu-am3
133. u3-ma gub-gub-bu-za he2-zu-am3
134. {d}nanna li-bi2-in-du11-ga za-a-kam bi2-in-du11-ga
135. nin-gu10 ib2-gu-ul-en i3-mah-en
136. nin ki-ag2 an-na-gu10 mer-mer-za ga-am3-du11
137. ne-mur mu-dub szu-luh si bi2-sa2
138. e2-esz2-dam-ku3 ma-ra-gal2 sza3-zu na-ma-sed-de3
139. im-ma-si im-ma-diri-ga-ta nin UN-gal ma-ra-du11
140. nig2 ge6 u3-na ma-ra-an-du11-ga-am3
141. gala-e an-bar7-ka szu hu-mu-ra-ab-gi4-gi4
142. dam dab5-ba-za-ke4-esz dumu dab5-ba-za-ke4-esz
143. ib2-ba-zu ib2-gu-ul sza3-zu nu-te-en-te-en
144. nin gu2-tuku nir-gal2 gu2-en-na-ke4
145. sizkur2-ra-na szu ba-an-szi-in-ti
146. sza3 ku3 {d}inanna ki-bi ba-an-na-ab-gi4
147. u4 ba-an-na-du10 la-la ba-an-su4-su4 hi-li ma-az ba-an-du8-du8
148. itudx(|UD.AN.ŠEŠ.KI|) e3-a-gin7 la-la ba-an-guru3
149. {d}nanna u6 zi3-de3-esz mu-un-e3
150. ama-ni {d}nin-gal-am3 szudu3 mu-na-an-sza4
151. gesz-ka2-na-ke4 silim-ma mu-na-ab-be2
152. nu-gig-ra du11-ga-ni mah-am3
153. kur gul-gul an-da me ba-a
154. nin-gu10 hi-li gu2 e3 {d}inanna za3-mi2

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