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CDLI Literary 000781 (Drinking Song) composite
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Primary publicationCDLI Literary 000781 (Drinking Song) composite
Publication date2014ff.
Secondary publication(s)Black, Jeremy A., et al., ETCSL (1998-2006) 5.05.a Drinking Song
Museum no.
Accession no.
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typeother (see object remarks)
Remarkscomposite text
Sub-genreETCSL 5.05.a Drinking Song (composite)
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20150207 cdliadmin
ATF sourcecdlistaff (check)
UCLA Library ARK
Composite no.Q000781
Seal no.
CDLI no.P478968

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surface a
1. {gi}gakkul-e {gi}gakkul-e
en: The gakkul (vat), the gakkul (vat)!
2. {gi}gakkul-e {dug}lam-sa2-ri
en: The gakkul (vat), the lamsare (vat)!
3. {gi}gakkul-e nig2 ur5 sa6-sa6-ge
en: The gakkul (vat), that puts us in a happy mood!
4. {dug}lam-sa2-ri nig2 sza3 hul2-hul2-e
en: The lamsare (vat), that makes the stomach rejoice!
5. {dug}u-gur-bala nig2 e2-a me-te-bi
en: The ugurbala (jar), glory of the house!
6. {dug}sza3-gub-be2 nig2 kasz si-si-ge
en: The šagub (jar), filling with beer!
7. {dug}am-am lah5 {dug}lam-sa2-ra-ke4
en: The amam (jar), that carries the beer from the lamsare (vat)!
8. {gi}bugin {u2}bur2 {gi}ba-an-du8 silag-ga2-ke4
en: The troughs of bur (grass) and the pails for kneading the dough!
9. dug sa6 dag-dug-e sa-gi4-a
en: All the beautiful vessels are ready on their pot stands!
10. sza3 dingir-za hu-mu-ra-ab-hun-e
en: May the stomach of your god be well disposed towards you!
11. igi {gi}gakkul-am3 igi-me na-nam
en: Let the eye of the gakkul (vat) be our eye,
12. sza3 {gi}gakkul-am3 sza3-me na-nam
en: and let the stomach of the gakkul (vat) be our heart!
13. ag2 sza3-zu gur4-gur4-ru ni2-bi-a
en: What makes your stomach feel wonderful in itself
14. sza3-me-a gur4-gur4-ru ni2-bi-a
en: also makes our stomachs feel wonderful in themselves!
15. ur5-me bi2-sa6 sza3-me bi2-hul2
en: We are in a happy mood, our stomachs are joyful!
16. sig4 nam-tar-ra a de2-zu
en: You have poured a libation over the brick of fate,
17. silim-ma he2-gal2-e ki us2-sa-zu
en: and you have laid the foundations in peace and prosperity—
18. {d}nin-ka-si za-da hu-mu-u8-da-an-ti
en: now may Ninkasi dwell with you!
19. kasz gesztin hu-mu-ra-an-bala-bala-e
en: She should transfer, one to the other, beer and wine for you!
20. kurun2 lal3-e gu3 nun ha-ra-ni-ib-be2
en: Let the pouring of the sweet liquor resound pleasantly for you!
21. {gi}bugin {u2}bur2-a kasz ku7-ku7-dam
en: In the troughs of bur (grass), there is sweet beer.
22. sagi lu2-tur-ra lunga3 bi2-in-gub-en
en: I will have the cupbearers, the boys and the brewers stand by.
23. a-nigin2-e nigin-na-gu10-ne
en: As I spin around the lake of drinks,
24. gur4-gur4-re-ga2 gur4-gur4-re-ga2-gu10-ne
en: while feeling wonderful, feeling wonderful,
25. kasz nag-e me-e se3-ga-gu10-ne
en: while drinking beer, in a blissful mood,
26. kurun2 nag-a ul ti-a-gu10-ne
en: while drinking alcohol and feeling exhilarated,
27. sza3 hul2-la ur5 sa6-ga-gu10-ne
en: with joy in the stomach and a contented liver—
28. sza3-ga2 sza3 hul2-la gal2-la-bi
en: my stomach is a heart stomach with joy!
29. ur5 sa6 {tug2}pala3-a sza-mur10-ra-gu10-ne
en: I clothe my contented liver in a garment fit for a queen!
30. sza3 {d}inanna ki-bi ba-ab-gi4
en: The stomach of Inanna is happy once again;
31. sza3 ga-sza-an-an-na-ke4 ki-bi ba-ab-gi4
en: the stomach of Inanna is happy once again!
32. [...] {d}nin-ka-si-kam
en: A ... to Ninkasi.

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