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BM 091439
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Primary publicationunpublished unassigned ?
Publication datend
Secondary publication(s)
CollectionBritish Museum, London, UK
Museum no.BM 091439
Accession no.
Excavation no.
PeriodNeo-Assyrian (ca. 911-612 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typeother (see object remarks)
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20150415 cdliadmin_taylor
ATF sourceEnglund, Robert K.
Translationno translation
UCLA Library ARK
Composite no.needed
Seal no.
CDLI no.P480529

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surface a
1. dingir-ba-ni _nam za3_ {disz}tukul-masz _sanga_ asz _man szu2 man kur_ asz{ki}
en: Ilu-bani, border governor of Tukulti-Ninurta, sangû of Assur, king of the universe, king of Assyria,
2. a-szar? x x x x sza2 _kur kur_ lu-ub-da
en: ... of the mountain of the land of Lubda
3. a-na mah? x x x?-a?-ma? i-su-ra? x x
en: or the ...
4. u2-piš-ma!?
en: did I assuredly make (this)!
5. 6(dis)-su
en: one sixth.

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