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RA 015, 001-0051
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Primary publicationRA 015, 001-0051
Author(s)Thureau-Dangin, F.
Publication date1918
Secondary publication(s)Ungnad, RLA 02, 150-153 (L1)
CollectionLouvre Museum, Paris, France
Museum no.AO 07025
Accession no.
ProvenienceLarsa (mod. Tell as-Senkereh) ?
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)
Dates referencedGungunum.01.00.00, Gungunum.02.00.00, Gungunum.03.00.00, Gungunum.04.00.00, Gungunum.05.00.00, Gungunum.06.00.00, Gungunum.07.00.00, Gungunum.08.00.00, Gungunum.09.00.00, Gungunum.10.00.00, Gungunum.11.00.00, Gungunum.12.00.00, Gungunum.13.00.00, Gungunum
Object typeprism
Sub-genreyear names
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20151201 wagensonner
ATF sourceFirth, Richard
Translationno translation
UCLA Library ARK
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P492501

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No Image AvailablePrism

(each year-name given on a single line)

surface a
1. [2(u) 1(disz)] mu na-ap-la-nu-um#
2. [2(u) 8(disz)] mu e-mi-szum2?
3. [3(u) 5(disz)] mu sa-mu-u2-um
4. [9(disz)] mu za-ba-a-a
5. [mu] gu-un-gu-nu-um
Gungunum 1
6. mu 2(disz) geszimmar uruda e2-{d}utu sze3 i-ni-in-tu#-[ri]
Gungunum 2
7. mu ba-szi-mi{ki} ba-hul#
Gungunum 3
8. mu us2-sa ba-szi-mi{ki} ba-hul
Gungunum 4
9. mu an-sza-an{ki} ba-hul
Gungunum 5
10. mu en {d}utu masz2-e in-pa3#
Gungunum 6
11. mu us2-sa en {d}utu masz2-e in-pa3#
Gungunum 7
12. mu alan uruda gu-la e2-{d}utu-sze3 i-ni-in-tu-ri
Gungunum 8
13. mu en {d}utu ba-hun-ga2
Gungunum 9
14. mu {gesz}szu-nir 2(disz)-a-bi e2 {d}nanna-sze3 i-ni-in-tu-ri
Gungunum 10
15. mu alan uruda gir3-tab-ba mu-un-na-an-dim2#
Gungunum 11
16. mu us2-sa alan uruda gir3-tab-ba mu-un-na-an-dim2#
Gungunum 12
17. mu en {d}nin-sun2-zi en {d}nin-x ba-hun-ga2#
Gungunum 13
18. mu alan uruda gir3-tab-ba e2-{d}nanna-sze3 i-ni-in-[tu-ri]
Gungunum 14
19. mu e i7 an-ne2-pa3-da in#-[si-ga]
Gungunum 15
20. mu e2 {d}inanna sza3 larsa{ki}-ma# [ba-du3]
Gungunum 16
21. mu e im-gur-{d}suen in#-[si-ga]
Gungunum 17
22. mu e2 {d}lugal-ki-bur2-na [ba-du3]
Gungunum 18
23. mu inim {d}en-lil2-la2 {d}nanna-ta ugnim [...] e2-danna in-gi-na u3 i7 kur#-[ra ka-bi ba-an-dab]
Gungunum 19
24. mu abul mah [uri2{ki} ba-du3]
Gungunum 20
25. mu bad3 gal [larsa{ki}-ma ba-du3]
Gungunum 21
26. mu du-un-nu-um{ki} u3 i7 i-szar#-[tum ba-du3]
Gungunum 22
27. mu bad3 gal ka2#-[... ba-du3]
Gungunum 23
28. mu e2 {d}nin-i3-si-in{ki}-na [... ba-du3]
Gungunum 24
29. mu e2-gi-na-ab-du7 ku3 {d}nanna [... ba-du3]
Gungunum 25
30. mu alan ku3-babbar {d}nanna-ra [...]
Gungunum 26
31. mu i7 {d}ba-ba6-he2-gal2 ba-[ba-al]
Gungunum 27
32. 2(u) 7(disz) mu gu#-un#-gu-nu#-um#
33. mu a-bi-sa-ri-e
Abi-sare 1
34. mu i7 sze-ga-{d}inanna-zabala#{ki} ba-ba-al#
Abi-sare 2
35. mu alan ku3-babbar e2-{d}nanna-sze3 [i-ni]-in#-tu-ri#
Abi-sare 3
36. mu i7 an-ne2-pa3-da ba#-ba-al#
Abi-sare 4
37. mu us2-sa an-ne2-pa3-da [ba]-ba-al#
Abi-sare 5
38. mu i7 hi-ri-tum sza3 larsa#{ki}-ma# ba-ba-[al]
Abi-sare 6
39. mu i7 mah ba-ba-[al]
Abi-sare 7
40. mu alan {na4}gug {na4}za-gin3 szu-du7 e2-{d}nanna-sze3 i-[ni-in-tu-ri]
Abi-sare 8
41. mu ugnim i3-si-in{ki}-na {gesz}tukul ba-an#-[sag3]
Abi-sare 9
42. mu en {d}utu ba-hun-ga2#
Abi-sare 10
43. mu us2-sa en {d}utu ba-hun-ga2
Abi-sare 11
44. 1(u) 1(disz) mu a-bi-sa-ri#-e
45. mu su#-mu-el3
Sumu-el 1
46. mu alan ku3-babbar e2-{d}utu-sze3 i-ni-in-tu-ri#
Sumu-el 2
47. mu ur#-mah uruda 2(disz)-a-bi ka2 [mah-bar]-ra {d}inanna-sze3 i-ni-in-tu-ri#
Sumu-el 3
48. mu a-ku-us{ki} ba-hul u3 ugnim ka-zal-lu{ki} {gesz}tukul ba-an-[sag3]
Sumu-el 4
49. mu i7 lugal-{d}suen-na ba-ba-al
Sumu-el 7
50. mu en {d}utu ba-hun-ga2#
Sumu-el 6
52. mu us2-sa en {d}utu ba-hun-ga2
Sumu-el 6*
53. mu iri{ki} ka-i7-da ba-an-[hul]
Sumu-el 8
54. mu us2-sa iri{ki#} [ka-i7-da] ba-an-[hul]
Sumu-el 9
55. mu us2-sa-bi iri{ki#} [ka-i7-da ba-an-hul]
Sumu-el 9*
56. mu ugnim kisz{ki#} [{gesz}tukul ba-an-sag3]
Sumu-el 11
57. mu us2-sa ugnim kisz{ki#} [{gesz}tukul ba-an-sag3]
Sumu-el 12
58. mu us2-sa-bi ugnim kisz{ki#} [{gesz}tukul ba-an-sag3]
Sumu-el 13
59. mu e2-duru5 {d}nanna#-[i3-sa6{ki} ba-an-dab5]
Sumu-el 16
60. mu us2-sa e2-duru5 {d}nanna#-[i3-sa6{ki} ba-an-dab5]
Sumu-el 17
61. mu us2-sa-bi e2-duru5 {d}nanna#-[i3-sa6{ki} ba-an-dab5]
Sumu-el 18
62. mu 4(disz)-kam-ma e2-duru5 {d}nanna#-[i3-sa6{ki} ba-an-dab5]
Sumu-el 19
63. mu 5(disz)-kam-ma e2-duru5 {d}nanna#-[i3-sa6{ki} ba-an-dab5]
Sumu-el 19*
64. [mu] i7# {d}buranun-na [ba-ba-al]
Sumu-el 20
65. [mu us2]-sa# i7 {d}buranun-na [ba-ba-al]
Sumu-el 21
66. [mu us2-sa]-bi i7 {d}buranun-na [ba-ba-al]
Sumu-el 22
67. [mu] ugnim# ka-zal-lu{ki} u3 [...]
Sumu-el 15
68. [mu ...] en {d}nanna# [ba-hun-ga2]
Sumu-el 23
69. [mu us2-sa] en {d}nanna# [ba-hun-ga2]
Sumu-el 24
70. [mu us2-sa]-bi en [{d}nanna ba-hun-ga2]
Sumu-el 25

surface b

surface c
1. [mu e2 {d}bara2-ul]-e-gar-ra sza3 adab{ki} mu#-[un-du3-a u3] alan# ku3-sig17 suen-i-din#-nam# lugal# [...]
Rim-Sin 6
2. [mu ka2-gal-a 2(disz)-a]-bi# sza3 masz-kan2-szabra[{ki} mu-un-du3-a u3 e a-sza3] sza3-tum-ma 4(disz) danna-bi [mu-un-si-ga]
Rim-Sin 7
3. [mu e2-{d}en]-ki sza3 uri2{ki}-ma u3 {d}nin#-[e2?-nim-ma] sza3 e2-{d}nin-mar-ki [mu-un-du3-a]
Rim-Sin 8
4. [mu i7 lagasz{ki}] za3 a-ab-ba-sze3 [mu-un-ba-al-la2]
Rim-Sin 9
5. [mu] bad3# [{d}utu-gar]-ra# gu2 i7 buranun-na# [mu-un-du3-a]
Rim-Sin 10
6. [mu 2(disz) uruda] alan# [szud3-szud3]-bi {d}ri#-[im-{d}suen lugal e2] {d}utu-sze3 i-[ni-in-tu-ri]
Rim-Sin 11
7. [mu] nin-dingir {d}[iszkur] sza3 [ennegi{ki} ba-un-ga2]
Rim-Sin 12
8. [mu] bad3 {d}ne3-unu-gal-gar-ra [mu-un-du3]-a
Rim-Sin 13
9. [mu] ugnim# unu#{ki}-ga i3-si-[in{ki} tin-tir]{ki} su-tu-um#{ki} ra-pi2-qum#[{ki} u3 er3-ne]-ne lugal unu#{ki}-ga [{gesz}]tukul# ba-an-sag3
Rim-Sin 14
10. [mu iri{ki}] ka-i7-da# u3 iri{ki} na#-za-ru-um{ki} ba-an-dab
Rim-Sin 15
11. [mu i7] edin#-na i7 [he2-gal] za3#-a-ab-ba-sze3 mu-un-ba-al-la2
Rim-Sin 16
12. [mu ...] im-gur-{d}gibil# u3 iri{ki} zi-ib-na-tum{ki} [{gesz}]tukul# kal-ga {d}[en]-lil2 mu-un-na-se3-ma-ta in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 17
13. [mu e2-{d}szu]-{d}suen#{ki#} u3 u2-zar-pa-ra{ki} [{gesz}tukul] kal-ga [{d}]en#-lil2 mu-un-na-se3-ma-ta in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 18
14. [mu i7 idigna] i7 dingir-ri#-e-ne nam-he2 tum4 za3-a-ab-ba-sze3 mu-un-al#-[la2]
Rim-Sin 19
15. [mu ki-sur]-ra#{ki} larsa#{ki#}-ma-sze3 mu-un-na-gur4-ra [u3 {gesz}tukul kal-ga {d}]en-lil2 mu-un-na-szum2-ma-ta bad3{ki} [mu-un-hul-a]
Rim-Sin 20
16. [mu {gesz}tukul kal-ga {d}en-lil2] mu-un-na-szum2-ma-ta# [unu{ki}-ga mu-un-hul-a] erin a2-dah-bi szu-ni sa2 bi-in#-[du11-ga] [ugu nam-lu2-ulu3-bi] szu-gar mu-un-gar-[ra]
Rim-Sin 21
17. [mu du11-ga zi-da] an {d}en-lil2 {d}en-ki-ga-ta [i7 ul-ta] mu-bi nu-sa4#-a [sipa {d}ri]-im#-{d}suen mu-un-ba-al-la2 [i7 sikil-la] mu-ni bi2-in-sa4-a [...] GAN2 dagal-la bi2-in-dah-e
Rim-Sin 22
18. [mu du11-ga an {d}en-lil2] {d}en-ki-ga-ta [i7 buranun]-na# ti-ki-da ku3-ga {d}nanna-ta [nesag tum4 e2-kur]-ra# esz3 nam-ti-la-ke2 [sipa-zi] {d}ri-im-{d}suen [ki unu{ki}] za3 a-ab-ba-sze3 mu-un-ba-al-la2 [gu2-bi-ta a-gar3]-dagal-la im-ta-e3-a [a-dug sza3]-uri2{ki}-esz2 im-mi-in-gar-ra
Rim-Sin 23
19. [mu du11-ga an {d}en]-lil2# {d}en-ki-ga-ta [i7 masz-tab-ba] a-nag un dagal-la-sze3 gal2-la [gu2]-si#-a-[bi] he2-gal2 {d}ezenu gar-gar-ra-am3 [sipa]-zi# {d}ri-im-{d}suen [lu2 igi]-gal2 tuku banda3{da}-bi diri-ga [za3] a-ab-ba-sze3 mu-un-ba-al-la2 [a]-gar3 didli-bi GAN2-zi-de-esz bi2-in-tu-ri
Rim-Sin 24
20. [mu a2] mah# an {d}en-lil2 {d}en-ki-ga-ta iri{ki} dam-qi2-i3-li2-szu a2-dam za3-sze3 dab-bi i3-si-in{ki}-ka sipa#-zi {d}[ri]-im#-{d}suen in-dab-ba [...]-gesz?-ra lu2 [...] larsa{ki}-ma-sze3 bi2-in-tu-ri [u4] ul-a-ta u3-ma-a-ni mu-un-gub-ba
Rim-Sin 25
21. [mu du11 zi] an {d}en-lil2 {d}en-ki-ga-ta i7 ul-ta ba#-ra#-gal2-la he2-gal2 tum4 larsa{ki}-ma-sze3 sipa# zi {d}ri#-im#-{d}suen mu-un-ba-al-la2 [i7] nig2#-si-sa2 mu-bi bi2-in-sa4-a [...] gal2#?-la mu-bi pa bi-in-e3-a
Rim-Sin 26
22. [mu du11-ga an {d}]en-lil2 {d}en-ki-ga-ta [e i7 ka-nun-di] ul-ta ba-ra-si-ga [...] GAN2-zi nu-gal2-la [{d}ri-im-{d}suen] sipa gesz-tuku kur-gal-la [...] in-si-ga [...] im-ta-e3-a
Rim-Sin 27
23. [mu du11-ga an {d}en-lil2] {d}en-ki-ga-ta [zar-bi-lum{ki} ...] na#-me# bad3#-bi mu-un-du3-[a sipa gi-na {d}ri-im-{d}suen] bad2-bi mu-un-du3-[a] [un dagal-la-bi] ki-bi-esz2# [bi-in-ge4-a ki-tusz] ne#-ha im#-[mi-in-tusz]
some next moved from next line
Rim-Sin 28

surface d
1. [mu a2 kal-ga] an# {d}en-lil2 {d}[en-ki-ga-ta] du#-un-nu-um{ki} iri{ki} sag-mah i3-[si-in-na-ka] sipa# zi {d}ri-im-{d}suen u4 asz-am3 [in-dab-ba] erin nam-gub-bi szu-ni-esz2 bi-in#-[gar-ra] nam-lu2-ulu3-bi ki-tusz-bi nu-mu-un-kur2-[ra]
Rim-Sin 29
2. [mu {gesz}]tukul mah an {d}en-lil2 {d}en-ki-ga-ta i3-si-in{ki} iri{ki} nam-lugal-la u3 a2-dam didli-bi a-na me-a-bi sipa zi {d}ri-im-{d}suen in-dab-ba ugu un dagal-bi szu nam-ti-la in-gar-ra mu nam-lugal-bi du-ri2-esz2 bi2-in-e3
Rim-Sin 30
3. mu us2-sa {gesz}tukul mah an {d}en-lil2 {d}en-ki-ga-ta i3-si-in{ki} iri{ki} nam-lugal-la u3 a2-dam didli-bi a-na me-a-bi sipa zi {d}ri-im-{d}suen in-dab-ba ugu un dagal-bi szu nam-ti-la in-gar-ra mu nam-lugal-bi du-ri2-esz2 bi2-in-e3-a
Rim-Sin 31
4. mu us2-sa-bi {gesz}tukul mah an {d}en-lil2 {d}en-ki-ga-ta i3-si-in{ki} iri{ki} nam-lugal-la u3 a2-dam didli-bi a-na me-a-bi [sipa] zi {d}ri-im-{d}suen in-dab-ba ugu# un dagal-bi szu nam-ti-la in-gar-ra mu nam-lugal-bi du-ri2-esz2 bi2-in-e3-a
Rim-Sin 32
5. mu ki# 4(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 33
6. mu ki# 5(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 34
7. mu ki# 6(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 35
8. mu ki 7(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 36
9. mu ki 8(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 37
10. mu ki 9(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 38
11. mu ki 1(u) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 39
12. mu ki 1(u) 1(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 40
13. mu ki 1(u) 2(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 41
14. mu ki 1(u) 3(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 42
15. mu ki 1(u) 4(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 43
16. mu ki 1(u) 5(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 44
17. mu ki 1(u) 6(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 45
18. mu ki 1(u) 7(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 46
19. mu ki 1(u) 8(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 47
20. mu ki 1(u) 9(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 48
21. mu ki 2(u) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 49
22. mu ki 2(u) 1(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 50
23. mu ki 2(u) 2(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 51
24. mu ki 2(u) 3(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 52
25. mu ki 2(u) 4(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 53
26. mu ki 2(u) 5(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 54
27. mu ki 2(u) 6(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 55
28. mu ki 2(u) 7(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 56
29. mu ki 2(u) 8(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 57
30. mu ki 2(u) 9(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 58
31. mu ki 3(u) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 59
32. mu ki 3(u) 1(disz) i3-si-in{ki} in-dab-ba
Rim-Sin 60
33. 1(gesz2) mu {d}ri-im-{d}suen lugal
double rule
34. iti ab-e3 u4 1(u) 4(disz)-kam ba-zal
35. szu {d}suen-u3-zi-li
blank space
36. mu ha-am-mu-ra-pi2 lugal-e usu kal-ga {d}en-lil2 mu-un-na-szum2-ma-ta kilib3 gu2 du3-a-bi kur su-bir4{ki}-sze3 sag gesz bi2#-in#-ra#

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