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CTN 6, 077
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Primary publicationCTN 6, 077
Author(s)Herbordt, Suzanne, Mattila, Raija, Parker, Barbara, Postgate, J. Nicholas & Wiseman, Donald J.
Publication date2019
Secondary publication(s)Siddall, Luis R., Raymond, Carla & Bevitt, Joseph J., Buried History 54 (2018) 003-010
CollectionAustralian Institute of Archaeology, Melbourne,Victoria, Australia
Museum no.IA5.074
Accession no.
ProvenienceKalhu (mod. Nimrud)
Excavation no.ND 03430
PeriodNeo-Assyrian (ca. 911-612 BC)
Dates referenced
Object typetablet & envelope
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20190602 cdliadmin
ATF sourceSiddall, Luis R., Raymond, Carla & Bevitt, Joseph J.
TranslationSiddall, Luis R., Raymond, Carla & Bevitt, Joseph J.
UCLA Library ARK
Composite no.
Seal no.Sx
CDLI no.P513717

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Tablet & envelope

1. _e2 2(disz) ansze_ ina u-szal-le
en: An estate of 2 homers on river-flats,
literally 2 donkey (loads of seed grain as indication of field size)
2. gab-di {disz}sanga-1(u)-5(disz)
en: adjoining (that of) Sangî-Issār;
15 = Ištar
3. _e2 2(disz) ansze_ ina mu-le
en: an estate of 2 homers on high grounds
4. gab-di _kaskal_ {iri}nina
en: adjoining the Nineveh Road.
5. _pap! e2 4(disz) ansze a-sza3-ga_
en: A total of 4 homers of fields.
6. ku-um ru-be2-e _ku3-babbar_
en: Instead of interest on the silver,
7. {disz}{d}sza2-masz-man-pab _gu7_
en: Šamaš-šarru-uṣur will have usufruct (of the pledged land).
literally, will “eat”
8. 3(disz) me-re-sze 3(disz) kar-ap-hi
en: 3 (years) cultivated (and) 3 fallow:

1. _pap 6(disz) mu-an-na gu7_
en: a total of 6 years they will have usufruct.
2. ina u4-me sza2 _ku3-babbar szum2_-nu
en: When they pay back the silver
3. _a-sza3_-szu2-<nu> u-sze-s,a
en: they will redeem their field(s).
literally, will send out
4. _nu_ szi-pi-sze _nu_ {sze}nu-sa-hi
en: There will be no straw, no corn tax.
5. ina _iti-bara2 u4 2(u) 8(disz)_
en: The 28th of Nisannu,
6. lim-me {disz}en-kaskal-kur-u-a
en: eponym of Bēl-ḫarran-šaddû’a;
7. _igi_ {disz}s,il-en-dal
en: before Ṣīl-bēl-dalli,
8. _igi_ {disz}sanga!-1(u)-5(disz) _igi_ {disz}{d}pa-ka-min-pab
en: before Sangî-Issār, before Nabû-pī-aḫi-uṣur,
9. _igi_ {disz}{iri}limmu#!-dingir#-a
en: before Arba-ilāiu,
10. _igi_ {disz}gig-sza3-dingir
en: before Limraṣ-libbi-ili,

1. _igi_ {disz}{d}pa-zu
en: before Nabû-lē’i,
2. _igi_ {disz}en-bad3
en: before Bēl-dūri.


1. {na4}kiszib {disz}qur-di-{d}u-gur
en: Seal of Qurdi-Nergal;
2. {na4}kiszib {disz}gig-sza3-dingir
en: seal of Limraṣ-libbi-ili;
3. _1(u) gin2-mesz ku3-babbar luh_{+u}
en: 10 shekels of refined silver
blank space
seal impressions
stamp seals of two witnesses/debtors, ll. 1-2 here
4. sza {disz}sza2-masz-man-pab ina pa-ni-szu2-nu
en: belonging to Šamaš-šarru-uṣur, in their presence,
5. ku-um ru-be2-e sza _ku3-babbar_
en: instead of interest on the silver
6. _e2 2(disz) ansze a#-[sza3]-ga#_ u2-szal-le
en: an estate of 2 homers of field on river-flats,
7. gab-di {disz}sanga-{d}1(u)-5(disz)
en: adjoining Sangi-Issār;

1. _e2 2(disz) ansze_ ina mu-le-e gab-di _kaskal_ {iri}nina
en: an estate of 2 homers of high ground adjoining the Nineveh Road;
2. _pap 4(disz) ansze a-sza3-ga_
en: total: 4 homers of field
3. ina _iri_ sze-u2-sa-a-ni
en: in the city Še’usāni.
4. 3(disz) me-re-sze 3(disz) kar-ap-hi
en: 3 (years) cultivated (and) 3 fallow—
5. _pap 6(disz) mu-an-na-mesz gu7_
en: total: 6 years they will have usufruct;
6. la sze-pi-szi {sze}nu-sa-hi
en: there will not be straw nor corn taxes.
7. ina u4-me sza _ku3-babbar_ ina _ugu_
en: When the silver on the account
8. sze-[bil] i-szak-<kan>-u-ni
en: will be brought and settled,
9. _a-sza3_-szu2-nu u-sze-s,u-u
en: they will redeem their fields.
10. ina _iti-bara2 u4 2(u) 8(disz)-kam_
en: The 28th of Nisannu,
11. lim-mu {disz}en-kaskal-kur-u-a
en: eponym of Bēl-ḫarrān-šaddû’a;
12. _igi_ {disz}s,il-en-dal-li
en: before Ṣīl-bēl-dalli,
13. _igi_ {disz}{d}pa-zu
en: before Nabû-lē’i,

1. _igi_ {disz}{iri}limmu-dingir-a-a
en: before Arba-ilāiu,
2. _igi_ {disz}{d}pa-ka-pab-pab
en: before Nabû-pī-aḫi-uṣur,
3. _igi_ {disz}sanga-1(u)-5(disz)
en: before Sangi-Issār,
4. _igi_ {disz}en-bad3
en: before Bēl-dūri.

seal 1
(no linguistic content)

seal 2
(no linguistic content)

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