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RINBE 2, Nabonidus 10 composite
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Primary publicationRINBE 2, Nabonidus 10 composite
Author(s)Weiershäuser, Frauke & Novotny, Jamie
Publication date2020
Secondary publication(s)Schaudig, Hanspeter, AOAT 256 (2001) 2.17
Museum no.
Accession no.
ProvenienceBābili (mod. Babylon)
Excavation no.
PeriodNeo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)
Dates referencedNabonidus.00.00.00
Object typeother (see object remarks)
Remarkscomposite text
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20200105 cdliadmin_novotny
ATF sourceWeiershäuser, Frauke & Novotny, Jamie
TranslationWeiershäuser, Frauke & Novotny, Jamie
UCLA Library ARK
Composite no.Q005407
Seal no.
CDLI no.P518938

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No Image AvailableComposite text

surface a
beginning broken
1'. la ik-szu-du isz-t,u3-ru-ma isz-ku-nu
2'. um-ma te-me-en-na e2-ul-masz u2-ba-'i-i-ma la ak-szu-ud
3'. _{gesz}asal2_ u3 {gesz}masz-tu-u2 ak-szit,-ma
4'. te-ne2-e e2-ul-masz e-pu-usz-ma a-na {d}inanna a-ka3-de3{ki} ad-din
5'. {disz}{d}na3-nig2-gub-uru3 _lugal_ babilax(|TIN.TIR|){ki} _dumu_ {disz}{d}na3-ibila-uru3
6'. _lugal_ a-lik mah-ri-ia e-pesz _e2_ szu-a-tim lib3-ba-szu2 ub-lam-ma
7'. te-me-en-szu2 la-bi-ri u2-ba-'i-i-ma la i-mu-ur la i-pu-usz
8'. ia-ti {d}na3-ni2-tuku _lugal_ babilax(|TIN.TIR|){ki} e-pesz _e2_ szu-a-tim asz2-te-e'-e-ma
9'. i-na qe2-reb a-ka3-de3{ki} pa-ni qaq-qa-ru u2-pat-ti-ma
10'. asz2-te-e'-a te-me-en-na i-na _mu 7(disz)-kam_ i-na pa-le-e-a ki-i-nim
11'. i-na na-ra-am _lugal_-u2-ti-ia {d}inanna a-ka3-de3{ki} _gaszan gal_-ti
12'. szu-ba-at-su da-ri2-ti ih-ta-as-sa-as-ma
13'. a-na _e2_ szu-a-tim is-li-im-ma ip-pa-szir3 ka-bat-tu-usz
14'. {d}iszkur _gu2-gal an_-e u _ki_-tim x x x x x-di-ma
rest broken

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