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RINBE 2, Nabonidus 34 composite
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Primary publicationRINBE 2, Nabonidus 34 composite
Author(s)Weiershäuser, Frauke & Novotny, Jamie
Publication date2020
Secondary publication(s)Schaudig, Hanspeter, AOAT 256 (2001) 2.07
Museum no.
Accession no.
ProvenienceUr (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
Excavation no.
PeriodNeo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC)
Dates referencedNabonidus.00.00.00
Object typeother (see object remarks)
Remarkscomposite text
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20200105 cdliadmin_novotny
ATF sourceFoxvog, Daniel A.
TranslationFoxvog, Daniel A.
UCLA Library ARK
Composite no.Q005431
Seal no.
CDLI no.P519058

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surface a
1. i3-nu {d}nanna-re i-ri-szu _nin-dingir-ra_
en: When Nanna (the moon god) desired a high priestess,
2. _dumu_ ru-be2-e gi-is-ki-im-ma u2-kal-li-im ad-na-a-tim
en: the Princely Son showed a sign to the world,
3. {d}nam-ra-s,i-it u2-sza-pi pu-ru-us-sa-szu ki-i-nu
en: Namraṣīt revealed his firm decision.
4. a-na {disz}{d}na-bi-um-na-'i-id _lugal_ babilax(|TIN.TIR|){ki} za-ni-in e2-sag-il2 u3 e2-zi-da
en: To Nabonidus, king of Babylon, provider for the Esaĝil and Ezida temples,
5. re-e2-a-am pa-al-hu mu-usz-te-'u-u2 asz-ra-a-ti _dingir-mesz gal-mesz_
en: the pious shepherd solicitous about the shrines of the great gods,
6. {d}nanna-re _en_ a-gi-i na-asz2 s,a-ad-du a-na da-ad-mi
en: Nanna the lord of the crown, who bears signs to all settled places,
7. u2-ad-di it-ta-szu asz-sum e-re-esz _nin-dingir-ra_
en: made known to him his sign regarding his wish for a high priestess:
8. i-na {iti}kin-{d}inanna _u4 1(u) 3(disz)-kam iti_ szi-pi2-ir _{d}isz-tar-mesz_
en: 'If in the month of Elul on the 13th day, the month (known as) Task of the Goddesses,
9. {d}in-bi in-na-di-ir-ma i-na na-a'2-du-ri-szu ir-bi
en: Inbi becomes dark, but from his state of darkness he begins to grow large,
10. {d}suen _nin-dingir-ra_ i-ri-isz ki-a-am it-ta-szu u3 pu-ru-us-su-szu2
en: Sîn desires a high priestess'. Thus his sign and his decision
11. a-na-ku {disz}{d}na-bi-um-na-'i-id re-e2-am pa-li-ih i-lu-ti-szu2
en: I, Nabonidus, the shepherd, standing in awe of his divinity,
12. qi2-bi-it-su ki-it-tim ap-la-ah at-ta-'i-id-ma
en: feared and heeded his just command, and
13. asz-szum e-re-esz _nin-dingir-ra_ ra-sza-ku ni-qi2-it-tim
en: I became anxiously occupied with the request for a high priestess.
14. asz-ra-a-ti {d}utu {d}iszkur _en-mesz_ bi-ri asz-te-'e-e-ma
en: I sought out the shrines of Šamaš and Adad, the lords of divination, and
15. {d}utu u3 {d}iszkur an-na ki-i-nu i-tap-pa-lu-in-ni
en: Šamaš and Adad answered me with a firm Yes
16. i-na bi-ri-ia isz-t,u-ru _uzu_ da-mi-iq-tum
en: In my extispicy they wrote a favorable omen,
17. _uzu_ e-ri-isz-ti na-da-a-ti e-ri-isz-ti _dingir-mesz_ a-na _lu2_
en: an omen requesting nadītu-women, a request of the gods to a person.
18. asz2-ni-ma te-er-tum ap-qi2-id-ma _uzu saga_ e-li sza2 mah-ri i-tap-pa-lu-ni
en: I had a second omen taken, and they answered me with an omen more favorable than before.
19. asz2-szu2 _dumu-munus-mesz_ ki-im-ti-ia te-er-tum e-pu2-usz-ma ul-la i-tap-pa-lu-ni
en: I performed an extispicy concerning the daughters of my kinsmen, but they answered No
20. asz2-lu-usz asz2-szu2 _dumu-munus_ s,i-it lib-bi-ia
en: A third time, concerning a daughter, my own offspring,
21. te-er-tum e-pu2-usz-ma _uzu saga_ i-tap-pa-lu-in-ni
en: I had a omen taken, and they answered me with a favorable omen.
22. a-wa-at {d}suen _en_ szu-ur-bu-u2 _dingir_ ba-a-ni-ia
en: The word of Sîn, the exalted lord, the god my creator,
23. qi2-bi-it {d}utu u3 {d}iszkur _en-mesz_ bi-ri at-ta-'i-id-m a
en: (as well as) the command of Šamaš and Adad, the lords of divination, I heeded, and
24. _dumu-munus_ s,i-it lib-bi-ia a-na e-nu-ti asz2-szi-ma
en: a daughter, my own issue, I raised to the office of high priestess, and
25. _en nig2-al-di_ {d}nanna szu-um-sza2 am-bi
en: I called her name En-Nigaldi-Nanna (High-Priestess the Request of Nanna).
26. asz2-szu2 isz-tu _u4-mesz_ ru-qu-tim pa-ra-as, en-ti ma-szu-u2-ma
en: Since the office of the high priestess had long been forgotten, and
27. la ud-du-u2 szi-ki-in-szu u4-mi-sza2-am usz-ta-ad-da-an
en: her (proper) image was not known, I pondered the problem daily.
28. a-da-an-nu ik-szu-da-am-ma up-ta-at-ta-a-ni _ka2-mesz_
en: (Finally) the time arrived that the 'gates were opened' for me.
29. ap-pa-li-is-ma _{na4}na-ru2-a_ la-bi-ri sza {d}na-bi-um-ku-dur-ri-u2-s,ur
en: I saw an old stela of Nabium-kudurrī-uṣur (2nd Dynasty of Isin, 1125-1104),
30. _dumu_ {disz}{d}nin-urta-na-din-szu-mi _lugal_ pa-na ma-ah-ra-a
en: son of Ninurta-nādin-šumi, an earlier king (1131-1126),
31. sza s,a-lam _nin-dingir-ra_ ba-asz2-mu s,e-ru-usz-szu
en: on whose surface had been fashioned the likeness of a high priestess.
32. si-ma-ti-szu lu-bu-usz-ta-szu u3 ti-iq-ni-szu
en: Her fittings, her clothes, and her jewelry
33. it-ti-i isz-t,u-ru-ma a-na _e2 ge6-par4_ u2-sza-ri-bu
en: they had in addition written down, and they had brought it into the É-Gipar residence.
34. t,up-pa-nu u3 _{gesz}le-u5-um-mesz libir-ra-mesz_ at-ta-at,-t,a-al-ku
en: I examined the old tablets and writing-boards,
35. ki-ma la-bi-ri-im-ma e-pu2-usz
en: and I followed the old examples.
36. _{na4}na-ru2-a_ si-ma-ti-szu u3 u2-na-a-at _e2_-szu
en: A stela (representative) of her fittings and household furnishings
37. e-esz-szi-isz ab-ni s,e-ru-usz-szu asz2-t,u-ur-ma
en: I had made anew, and I wrote upon its surface, and
38. ma-ha-ar {d}suen u3 {d}nin-gal _en-mesz_-e-a u2-ki-in
en: I had it set up before Sîn and Ningal, my lord and lady.
39. i-nu-szu _e2 ge6-par4_ ku-um-mu el-lu a-szar pa-ra-as, e-nu-tim isz-tak-la-lu qe2-re-eb-szu
en: At that time, the É-Gipar, the pure cult place wherein the rites of the office of high priestess used to be performed,
40. a-szar-szu na-di-ma e-mi kar-mi-isz
en: its area had been neglected and had fallen into ruin,
41. {gesz}a-la-mi-it-tim in-bi s,i-ip-pa-a-tim a-s,u-u2 qer-bu-usz-szu
en: and alamittu-palms and fruit trees had grown up within it.
42. ak-szi-it,-ma is,-s,i e-pe-ri ka-ar-mi-szu as-su-uh
en: I cut down the trees and removed the rubble of its ruins,
43. _e2_ ap-pa-li-is-ma ud-da-a te-me-en-szu
en: (and so) I saw the house, discovered its foundations,
44. szi-t,i-ir szu-mi sza _lugal-mesz_ mah-ri la-bi-ru-tim ap-pa-li-is qer-bu-usz-szu2
en: looked at the inscriptions within it written by the previous kings.

column 2
45. _mu-sar_-u2 la-bi-ri sza2 _en-an-e-du7 nin-dingir-ra_ uri2{ki}
en: An old inscription of En-Anedu, a high-priestess of Ur,
46. _dumu-munus_ ku-du-ur-ma-bu-uk a-ha-at ri-im-{d}suen _lugal_ uri2{ki}
en: the daughter of Kudur-mabuk and the sister of Rīm-Sîn king of Ur,
47. sza _e2 ge6-par4_ usz-szi-szu-ma a-na asz2-ri-szu u2-te-er-ru
en: who had renovated and restored the Gepar House,
48. a-na i-te-e _e2 ge6-par4 bad3_ e-li ma-a-al _nin-dingir-ra-mesz libir-ra-mesz_ il-mu-u2
en: and at the side of the Gepar House had enclosed with a wall the resting-places of the old high priestesses,
49. ap-pa-li-is-ma _e2 ge6-par4_ ki-ma la-bi-ri-im-ma e-esz-szi-isz e-pu2-usz
en: (all this) I saw, and I fashioned the Gepar House anew, following the old examples.
50. _bara2-mesz_-szu u3 _gesz-hur-mesz_-szu ki-ma la-bi-ri-im-ma e-esz-szi-isz ab-ni
en: Its daises and plans I built anew, following the old examples.
51. a-na i-te-e _e2 ge6-par4 e2 en nig2-al-di_ {d}nanna _dumu-munus_-ia _nin-dingir-ra_ {d}sin e-esz-szi-isz e-pu2-usz
en: At the side of the Gepar House I built anew the house of my daughter En-Nigaldi-Nanna the high-priestess of Sîn.
52. _dumu-munus_ ul-li-il-ma a-na {d}sin u3 {d}nin-gal _en-mesz_-e-a asz2-ru-uk
en: (My) daughter I consecrated and presented to Sîn and Ningal, my lord and lady.
53. i-na szi-pi2-ir ka-ku3-gal2-u2-tum i-szi-ip-pu-ut-su e-pu2-usz-ma a-na _e2-ge6-par4_ u2-sze-ri-ib
en: With the art of exorcistic wisdom I performed her purification ritual and caused her to enter the Gepar House.
54. sa-at-tuk-ki _e2 ge6-par4_ u2-t,a-ah-hi-id
en: I made plentiful the regular provisions of the Gepar House.
55. _a-sza3-mesz {gesz}kiri6-mesz sag geme2 ARAD ab2-gu4-hi-a_ u3 _u8-udu-hi-a_ u2-da-asz-szi-szu
en: I provided it abundantly with fields, orchards, female and male servants, cattle and sheep.
56. _bad3_ ma-a-a-al _nin-dingir-ra-mesz libir-ra-mesz_
en: The resting-places of the old high-priestesses with a wall
57. ki-ma la-bi-ri-im-ma e-esz-szi-isz al-mi
en: I enclosed anew, following the old example.
58. _e2_ szu-a-ti a-na ma-as,-s,a-ar-tim dan-na-tim asz-ku-un-szu
en: I arranged that that house should be strongly guarded.
59. i3-nu-szu sza {d}suen u3 {d}nin-gal _en-mesz_-e-a
en: At that time (also), for Sîn and Ningal, my lord and lady,
60. sa-at-tuk-ki-szu-nu e-li sza pa-na u2-t,a-ah-hi-id
en: I made their regular offerings more plentiful than before.
61. mi-im-ma szum-szu in e2-kisz-nu-gal2 u2-da-asz-szi
en: In (their temple) the Ekišnugal I provided an abundance of everything.
62. sza u4-mi _3(disz) udu-nita2_ e-li _asz{+en} udu-nita2_ gi-na-a la-bi-ri a-na {d}sin u3 {d}nin-gal _en-mesz_-e-a lu u2-ki-in
en: Three sheep per day, above the one sheep of the old regular offering, I established for Sîn and Ningal, my lord and lady.
63. bu-sza-a ma-ak-ku-ru qe2-re-eb e2-kisz-nu-gal2 u2-da-asz-szi
en: All sorts of goods I made abundant in the Ekišnugal.
64. asz-szum bur-sag-ge-e ul-lu-li-im-ma hi-t,i-ti la ra-sze-e
en: In order to keep the bursaggȗ-offerings ritually clean and not to have mistakes happen,
65. ra-am-ku-ut e2-kisz-nu-gal2 u3 _e2-mes dingir-mesz_
en: the priestly collegium of the Ekišnugal and of the (other) houses of the gods (namely):
66. e-nu i-szip-pi2 _zabar-dab5-ba {lu2}kul-lum_ {lu2}en-gi-s,um
en: the high priest, the purification priest, the keeper of the bronzes, the brewer, the cook,
67. {lu2}a-ri-ru _{lu2}gal-du3 {lu2}szitim {lu2}du6-u2-ha {lu2}i3-du8-gal_-lum
en: the miller, the master builder, the house builder, the ..., the chief gatekeeper,
68. {lu2}ti-ir _e2_ {lu2}la-ga-ru sza2-ki-nu taq-ri-ib-ti
en: the temple attendant, the lagarru-priest who presents the taqribtu-ritual
69. _{lu2}nar-mesz_ mu-ha-ad-du-u2 lib-bi _dingir-mesz_
en: the musicians who gladden the hearts of the gods,
70. {lu2}ki-ni-isz-tum szu-ut na-bu-u2 szu-ma-an-szu-un
en: the entire priestly collegium, whatever their names,
71. i-li-ik-szu-nu ap-t,u-ur-ma szu-bar-ra-szu-nu asz-ku-un ub-bi-ib-szu-nu-ti-ma
en: I abolished their feudal service, established their freedom, cleared them of legal claims, and
72. a-na {d}suen u3 {d}nin-gal _en-mesz_-e-a u2-zak-ki-szu-nu-ti
en: (so) released and dedicated them to the service of Sîn and Ningal, my lord and lady.
73. {d}suen _dingir_ el-lu _en_ a-gi-i nu-ur te-ni-sze-ti
en: Sîn the holy god, the lord of the diadem, the light of the people,
74. _dingir_ szu-ur-bu-u2 sza2 qi2-bi-it-su ki-na-at
en: the most exalted god, whose command is just,
75. a-na e-ep-sze-ti-ia li-ih-du-ma li-ir-a-am szar-ru-ti
en: may he rejoice at my works, may he love my kingship,
76. ba-la-t,am da-ra-a sze-be2-e li-it-tu-tu a-na szi-ri-ik-tim lisz-ru-kam
en:.may he grant me a long life, an extreme old age,
77. a-a u2-sza-ab-sza2-a sza2-ni-nu ma-hi-ri a-a ar-szi
en: May he not create a rival for me, may I have no equal.
78. e-ma _iti_ lisz-tap-pa-a i-da-a-ti du-um-qi2-ia
en: At (every) change of the month may propitious signs shine forth for me
79. a-ge-e szar-ru-ti-ia a-na da-ri2-a-tim lu-ki-in ra-szu-u2-a
en: The crown of kingship may he fix on my head forever,
80. _{gesz}gu-za_ be-lu-ti-ia szu-ur2-szi-id a-na ah-ra-a-tu _u4-mesz_
en: the throne of my rule may he firmly establish for all future time
81. e-ma _iti_ i-na i-te-ed-du-szi-ka
en: As you always renew yourself at the change of the month,
82. s,a-ad-da-ka da-mi-iq-tim gi-na-a lu-ut-tap-la-as
en: may I always see your favorable omens
83. {d}nin-gal _gaszan_ szur-bu-tum ma-ha-ar-ki li-ta-ma-a _saga_-tim
en: Ningal, the greatest lady, may she speak good things (of me) before you
84. _en nig2-al-di_ {d}nanna _dumu-munus_ na-ra-am-ti lib-bi-ia
en: En-Nigaldi-Nanna, the daughter beloved of my heart,
85. ma-ha-ar-ku-nu li-bur-ma li-kun qi2-bi-is-su
en: may she grow old in your presence, may her commands be confirmed
86. e-ep-sze-tu-szu li-t,i-ba nin?-ku-un
en: May her deeds be pleasing and faultless
87. a-a ir-sza2-a hi-t,i-ti
en: May she incur no sin

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