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Al-Adab 125, p. 375 no. 2 
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Primary publicationAl-Adab 125, p. 375 no. 2 
Author(s)Hussein Mohsen, Ali, Abdul Malik, Munther Ali 
Publication date2018
Secondary publication(s)
CollectionNational Museum of Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq
Museum no.IM 208896
Accession no.
ProvenienceUmma (mod. Tell Jokha) ?
Excavation no.
PeriodUr III (ca. 2100-2000 BC)
Dates referencedAmar-Suen.05.06.15
Object typetablet
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20201110 firth
ATF sourcebdtns; Firth, Richard
UCLA Library ARK
Composite no.
Seal no.
CDLI no.P521761

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1. 1(disz) szu-nir lu2-{d}szara2
2. 1(disz) x x lugal-nig2-lagar-e um-mi-a
3. 1(disz) gu4 gesz dam amar-du6
4. 1(disz) gu4 mu 2(asz) ur-sukkal ugula gesz2-da
5. 1(disz) gu4# mu 1(asz) ARAD2-dam gudu4 {d}gu-la
6. 1(disz) a-x x? x ki-la2-bi
7. dam ur-e11-e szusz3
8. ($ blank space $) ku3? szu x-ba? na-ba-sa6 dub-sar
9. 1(disz) amar nu2-a ku3 ki-la2-bi <…>
10. a-du dumu ur-{gesz}gigir
11. 5(disz) gin2 i3-du10-nun-na
12. isz-me-i3-lum dam-gar3
blank space
13. mu-kux(DU) {d}szara2

1. 1(disz) szu ni-da-mu
2. mu-kux(DU) {d}ma-an-isz-ti2-su
blank space
3. iti szu-numun u4 1(u) 5(disz)-sze3
4. mu en-unu6-gal {d}inanna ba-hun

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