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Metal 279 2
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Primary publicationMetal 279 2
Author(s)Limet, Henri
Publication date1960
Secondary publication(s)Lafont, DAS 042; Delaporte, CCL 1, T.143 (seals)
CollectionLouvre Museum, Paris, France
Museum no.AO 02451
Accession no.AOTc 042
ProvenienceGirsu (mod. Tello)
Excavation no.
PeriodUr III (ca. 2100-2000 BC)
Dates referencedŠū-Suen.02.00.00
Object typetablet & envelope
Remarksunopened envelope
CDLI comments
Catalogue source20011220 ur3_catalogue
ATF sourcecdlistaff
Translationno translation
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz001q23z7
Composite no.
Seal no.S001876.2 S003827 S004994.1
CDLI no.P112981

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Tablet & envelope

1. 7(disz) {uruda}ha-bu3-da
2. ki-la2-bi 1(disz) 5/6(disz) ma-na 4(disz) gin2
3. ba-zi-ir
4. ki lugal-im-ru-a-ta
5. ur-{d}nin-gesz-zi-da

1. szu ba-ti
2. giri3 na-ni
3. u3 ur-{d}lamma
4. mu ma2-dara3-abzu ba-ab-du8

seal 1
1. a2-zi-da
2. dub-sar
3. dumu szesz-szesz

seal 2
1. ur-szu-ga-lam-ma
2. dub-sar
3. dumu ur-{d}nin-gesz-zi-da

seal 3
1. ur-{d}lamma
2. dub-sar
3. dumu ARAD2-mu

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