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TMH 01, 14d & 15a
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Primary publicationTMH 01, 14d & 15a
Author(s)Lewy, Julius
Publication date1932
Secondary publication(s)(TMH 01, 32e photo); Eisser & Lewy, ARK 101
CollectionHilprecht Collection, University of Jena, Germany
Museum no.HS 0280a & HS 0280b (= HS 0371 + HS 0381a + HS 0415 + HS 0418 + HS 0420)
Accession no.
ProvenienceKanesh (mod. K├╝ltepe)
Excavation no.
PeriodOld Assyrian (ca. 1950-1850 BC)
Dates referenced098+: Puzur-Assur2.Ili-dan+.03.00
Object typetablet & envelope
CDLI comments20091124 oatp: rev. 2: followed by erasure
Catalogue source20070209 dahl
ATF sourceOld Assyrian Text Project
Translationno translation
UCLA Library ARK21198/zz0021wgxw
Composite no.
Seal no.S012172 SxB SxC ?
CDLI no.P358156

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No Image AvailableTablet & envelope

1. 1(u) 9(disz) 1/3(disz) _gin2_ 1(u) 5(disz) _sze_
2. _ku3-babbar_ s,a-ru-pa2-am
3. i-na szi2-im-tim i-ri-ih-ma
4. i-s,e2-er
5. puzur4-a-szur _dumu_ la2-qe2-ep
6. _dam-gar3_-ru-um i-szu
7. isz-tu3 ha-mu-usz-tim
8. sza pu-szu-ke-en6
9. _iti-kam_ sza ke-na-tim
10. li-mu-um

1. sza qa2-ti2 i3-li2-dan
2. 2/3(disz) _gin2-ta_
3. i-na _iti-kam_
4. s,i2-ib-tam2 a-na
5. _ku3-babbar_ a-nim u2-s,a-ab2
6. _igi_ a-szur3-_gal_
7. _igi_ i-ku-nim

(HS 280B)

1. _kiszib3_ a-szur3-gal _dumu_ ma-nu#-um
blank space
seal 1 impression
2. _kiszib3_ i-ku-nim _dumu_ {d}utu-[ba]-ni#
3. _kiszib3_ puzur4-a-szur3
4. _dumu_ la2-qe2-ep
blank space
seal 2 impression
5. [1(u) 9(disz)] 1/3(disz) _gin2#_ [1(u) 5(disz) _sze_]
(loE verloren)

seal C?
1'. _dam#-gar3#_-ru-um i-szu
2'. isz-tu3 ha-mu-usz-tim#
3'. sza pu-szu-ke-en6
4'. _iti-kam_ sza ke-na-tim#
5'. li#-mu-um sza qa2-[ti2]
6'. i3-li2-dan 2/3(disz) _gin2#-[ta_]
7'. i-na _iti-kam_ [szi2-ib-tam2]
8'. a-na _ku3-babbar_ a-[nim]
9'. u2-s,a#-[ab2]
blank space
seal 1 impression

blank space
seal 1 impression

seal A
1. puzur4-a-szur3
2. [_dumu_] la-qe2-pi2-im

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