M20 Class Field Trip to LACMA

Getting to LACMA from UCLA is extremely easy.  The museum is located on Wilshire Blvd., between Fairfax and Curson, so students who drive themselves need only drive down Wilshire until they reach Museum Row and then park in one of the public parking lots in the area.  Parking is $7 or $8, depending on the lot.  You can find a list of the various recommended lots on the LACMA website.  Plan about 30 minutes to get there, park and find us in front of the museum entrance.

If you prefer not to drive, there is very convenient public transportation available from the UCLA area, as well.  Just walk down to the intersection of Wilshire and Westwood and pick up one of the following three bus lines, heading east (the bus stop is on the south-east corner of the intersection):  Metro Rapid 720, Metro Rapid Express 920, or Metro Local Line 20.  If you take either the 720 or the 920, you will get off the bus at Wilshire and Fairfax, and then continue walking along Wilshire to the museum entrance, a little further down the street.  The 20 actually stops at Spaulding, a few blocks past Fairfax, which is where the entrance to the museum actually is.  You can always ask the bus driver to alert you when you've reached the appropriate stop.  The bus fair is $1.25, or free if you have a Metro TAP card.  You can find maps of the various routes at the Go Metro website.  Plan about 15 minutes to walk from UCLA to the intersection of Wilshire and Westwood (less if you take the UCLA shuttle to Lot 32 and walk from there), and 30 minutes to get a bus and get down to the museum.

If you are not coming from UCLA, you can find links to Mapquest, plus instructions about using the Go Metro trip planner, on the LACMA website.  Make sure to plan for enough time to get to the museum, park and find our group before the tour starts.