Q000335 = CDLI Literary 000335 (Enki's Journey to Niippur) composite = P469517

Q000335 001: u4 re-a nam ba-tar-ra-ba
In those remote days, when the fates were determined;
     P346205 obv. 1: u4 re-a nam ba-tar-ra-ba#
     P368427 surf. a 1: u4 re-a nam ba-tar-ra-ba
Q000335 002: mu he2-gal2 an u3-tu-da
in a year when An brought about abundance,
     P346205 obv. 2: mu he2-gal2 an u3-tu-da
     P368427 surf. a 2: mu he2-gal2 an u3-tu-da
Q000335 003: ug3-e u2-szim-gin7 ki in-dar-ra-ba
and people broke through the earth like green plants --
     P346205 obv. 3: ug3-e u2-szim-gin7 ki in#-dar#-ra#-ba
     P368427 surf. a 3: ug3-e u2-szim-gin7 ki in-dar-a-ba
Q000335 004: en abzu lugal {d}en-ki-ke4
then the lord of the abzu, King Enki,
     P346205 obv. 4: en abzu lugal {d}en-ki-ke4
     P368427 surf. a 4: en abzu lugal {d}en-ki-ke4
Q000335 005: {d}en-ki en nam tar-tar-re-de3
Enki, the lord who determines the fates,
     P346205 obv. 5: {d}en-ki en nam tar-tar-re-de3-x
     P368427 surf. a 5: {d}en-ki en nam tar-tar-re-de3
Q000335 006: e2-a-ni ku3 {na4}za-gin3-na tesz2-bi ba-ni-in-du3
built up his temple entirely from silver and lapis lazuli.
     P346205 obv. 6: e2-a-ni ku3 {na4}za-gin3-na tesz2-bi ba-ni-in-du3
     P368427 surf. a 6: e2-a-ni ku3 {na4}za-gin3 tesz2-bi ba-ni-in-du3
Q000335 007: ku3 {na4}za-gin3-bi u4 kar2-kar2-a-ka
Its silver and lapis lazuli were the shining daylight.
     P346205 obv. 7: ku3 {na4}za-gin3-bi u4 kar2-kar2-a-ka
     P368427 surf. a 7: ku3 {na4}za-gin3-bi u4 kar2-kar2-ka
Q000335 008: esz3-e abzu-a ul im-ma-ni-in-de6
Into the shrine of the abzu he brought joy.
     P346205 obv. 8: esz3-e abzu-a ul im-ma-ni-in-de6
     P368427 surf. a 8: esz3-e abzu-a ul im-ma-ni-in-de6
Q000335 009: suh10 ku3 galam du11-ga abzu-ta e3-a
An artfully made bright crenellation rising out from the abzu
     P346205 obv. 9: suh10 ku3 galam du11-ga abzu#-ta# e3#-a#
     P368427 surf. a 9: suh10 ku3 galam du11-ga abzu-ta e3-a
Q000335 010: en {d}nu-dim2-mud-ra mu-un-na-sug2-sug2-ge-esz
was erected for Lord Nudimmud.
     P346205 obv. 10: en {d}nu#-dim2-mu4-ra# mu-un-na-sug2-sug2#-ge#-esz#
     P368427 surf. a 10: en {d}nu-dim2-mud-e mu-un-na-sug2-sug2-ge-esz
Q000335 011: e2 ku3-ga i-ni-in-du3 {na4}za-gin3-na i-ni-in-gun3
He built the temple from precious metal, decorated it with lapis lazuli,
     P346205 obv. 11: e2# ku3-ga i-ni-in-du3# {na4}za-gin3-na i-ni#-[in-gun3]
     P368427 surf. a 11: e2 ku3-ga i-ni-in-du3 {na4}za-gin3-na i-ni-in-gun3
Q000335 012: gal-le-esz ku3-sig17-ga szu tag ba-ni-in-du11
and covered it abundantly with gold.
     P346205 rev. 1: [gal-le]-esz# ku3#-sig17#-[ga szu tag ba]-ni-in#-[du11]
     P368427 surf. a 12: gal-le-esz ku3-sig17-ga szu tag ba-ni-in-du11
Q000335 013: eridu{ki}-ga e2 gu2-a bi2-in-du3
In Eridu, he built the house on the bank.
     P346205 rev. 2: eridu#[{ki}-ga e2] gu2#-a bi2#-[in]-du3#
     P368427 surf. a 13: eridu{ki}-ga e2 gu2-a bi2-in-du3
Q000335 014: szeg12-bi inim du11-du11 ad gi4-gi4
Its brickwork makes utterances and gives advice.
     P346205 rev. 3: szeg12#-[bi] inim# du11#-[du11 ad] gi4#-gi4#
     P368427 surf. a 14: szeg12-bi inim du11-du11 ad gi4-gi4
Q000335 015: gi-sal-la-bi gu4-gin7 mur im-sza4
Its eaves roar like a bull;
     P368427 surf. a 15: gi-sal-la-bi gu4-gin7 mur im-sza4
Q000335 016: e2 {d}en-ki-ke4 gu3 nun di-dam
the temple of Enki bellows.
     P368427 surf. a 16: e2 {d}en-ki-ke4 gu3 nun di-dam
Q000335 017: e2-e lugal-bi-ir ge6-a ar2 im-ma-ab-de6 du10-bi mu-un-ga2-ga2
During the night the temple praises its lord and offers its best for him.
     P368427 surf. a 17-18: e2-e lugal-bi-ir ge6-a ar im-ma-ab-de6 du10-bi mu-un-ga2-ga2
Q000335 018: lugal {d}en-ki-ra sukkal {d}isimud-de3 mi2 du10-ge-esz im-me
Before Lord Enki, Isimud the minister praises the temple;
     P368427 surf. a 19-20: lugal# {d}en-ki-ra sukkal {d}|PAP.SIG7.NUN.ME.EZEN|-de3 mi2 du10-ge-esz im-me
Q000335 019: e2-e im-ma-gen gu3 im-ma-de2-e
he goes to the temple and speaks to it.
     P368427 surf. a 21: e2#-e im-ma-gen gu3 im-ma-de2-e
Q000335 020: szeg12-e im-ma-gen gu3 im-ma-ab-szum2-mu
He goes to the brick building and addresses it:
     P368427 surf. a 22: szeg12#-e im-ma-gen gu3 im-ma-ab-szum2-mu
Q000335 021: e2 ku3 {na4}za-gin3-na ki gar-ra
“Temple, built from precious metal and lapis lazuli;
     P368427 surf. a 23: e2# ku3 {na4}za-gin3-na ki gar-ra
Q000335 022: temen-bi abzu-a si-ga
whose foundation pegs are driven into the abzu;
     P368427 surf. a 24: temen#-bi abzu-a se3-ga
Q000335 023: nun-e abzu-ta mi2 du11-ga
which has been cared for by the prince in the abzu!
     P368427 surf. a 25: nun-e abzu-ta mi2 du11-ga
Q000335 024: {i7}idigna {i7}buranun-na mah ni2 szu ti-a
Like the Tigris and the Euphrates, it is mighty and awe-inspiring (?).
     P368427 surf. a 26: {i7}idigna {i7}buranun-na mah ni2 szu ti-a
Q000335 025: abzu {d}en-ki-ke4 ul-la bi2-in-tum2-mu
Joy has been brought into Enki's abzu.
     P368427 surf. a 27: abzu# {d}en-ki-ke4 ul-la bi2-in-tum2-mu
Q000335 026: {gesz}sag-kul-zu gaba-szu-gar nu-tuku
Your lock has no rival.
     P368427 surf. a 28: {gisz}sag-kul-zu gaba-szu-gar nu-tuku
Q000335 027: {gesz}si-gar-zu ur-mah ni2 gur3-ru
Your bolt is a fearsome lion.
     P368427 surf. a 29: {gisz}si-gar-zu ur-mah ni2 gur3-ru
Q000335 028: gesz-ur3-zu gu4 an-na suh10 ku3 galam du11-ga
Your roof beams are the bull of heaven, an artfully made bright headgear.
     P368427 surf. a 30: gisz-ur3-zu gu4 an-na suh10 ku3 galam du11-ga
Q000335 029: {gi}kid-zu za-gin3-na gesz-ur3-sze3 gun3-a
Your reed-mats are like lapis lazuli, decorating the roof-beams.
     P368427 surf. a 31: {gi}kid-zu za-gin3-na gisz-ur3-sze3 gun3#-a#
Q000335 030: nir-gam-ma-zu gu4 si gur3-ru
Your vault is a wild bull raising its horns.
     P368427 surf. a 32: nir-gam-ma-bi am si gur3#-ru#
Q000335 031: ka2-zu ur-mah lu2 szu ti-a
Your door is a lion who seizes a man.
     P368427 surf. a 33: kan4#-zu ur-mah lu2 szu ti-[a]
Q000335 032: kun4-zu ug lu2-ra e11-de3
Your stairway is a lion coming down on a man.
     P368427 surf. a 34: kun4-zu ug lu2-ra e11#-[de3]
Q000335 033: abzu ki sikil me-te-gal2
Abzu, pure place which fulfils its purpose!
     P368427 surf. a 35: abzu ki sikil me-te#-[gal2]
Q000335 034: e2-engur-ra lugal-zu giri3 im-ma-ri-in-gub
E-engura! Your lord has directed his steps towards you.
     P368427 surf. a 36: e2#-engur-ra lugal-zu# [giri3] im#-[ma-ri-in-gub]
Q000335 035: {d}en-ki lugal abzu-ke4
Enki, lord of the abzu,
     P368427 surf. b 1: {d}en-ki# lugal abzu-[ke4]
Q000335 036: temen-zu {na4}gug im-ma-da-an-sa2
has embellished your foundation pegs with cornelian.
     P368427 surf. b 2: temen-bi {na4}gug im#-ma#-da-an-sa2#
Q000335 037: |KAxLI|-|KAxLI| za-gin3-na mi2 im-ma-ri-in-du11
He has adorned you with ... and (?) lapis lazuli.
     P368427 surf. b 3: |KAxLI|-|KAxLI| za#-gin3-na mi2# im#-ma-ri-in-du11
Q000335 038: e2 {d}en-ki-ke4 lal3-har-ra ku3 kurum7 ak
The temple of Enki is provisioned with silver wax (?);
     P368427 surf. b 4: e2 {d}en-ki#-ke4# lal3-har#-ra# ku3 kurum7 ak
Q000335 039: gu4 lugal-bi-ir us2-a se3-ga
it is a bull obedient to its master,
     P368427 surf. b 5: gu4 lugal-bi-ir# us2#-a# sig10#-ga
Q000335 040: ni2-bi-sze3 mur sza4 tesz2-bi-sze3 ad gi4-gi4
roaring by itself and giving advice at the same time.
     P368427 surf. b 6: ni2-bi-sze3 mur sza4# tesz2-bi-sze3 ad gi4-gi4
Q000335 041: e2-engur-ra {d}en-ki-ke4 gi dub-ba-an ku3 la2-am3
E-engura, which Enki has surrounded with a silver reed fence!
     P368427 surf. b 7: e2-engur-ra {d}en-ki-ke4 gi dub-ba-an ku3 la2-am3
Q000335 042: sza3-zu-ta bara2 mah ki gar-ra
In your midst a lofty throne is erected,
     P368427 surf. b 8: sza3-zu-ta bara2 mah ki gar-ra
Q000335 043: za3-du8-zu aszkud2 ku3 an-na
your door-jamb is the silver locking bar of heaven.
     P368427 surf. b 9: za3-du8-zu aszkud2 ku3 an-na
Q000335 044: abzu ki sikil ki nam tar-ra
Abzu, pure place, place where the fates are determined
     P368427 surf. b 10: abzu ki sikil ki nam tar-ra
Q000335 045: en gesztu2-ga lugal {d}en-ki
—the lord of wisdom, Lord Enki,
     P368427 surf. b 11: en gesztu2-ga lugal {d}en-ki-ke4
Q000335 045a: {d}en-ki en nam tar-tar-re-de3
Enki, the lord deciding fates—
Q000335 046: {d}nu-dim2-mud en eridu{ki}-ga-ke4
Nudimmud, the lord of Eridu,
     P368427 surf. b 12: {d}nu-dim2-mud en# eridu{ki}-ga-ke4
Q000335 047: sza3 szeg9-bar-ra lu2 igi nu-bar-re-dam
lets nobody look into its midst.
     P368427 surf. b 13: sza3 szeg9-bar-ra lu2 igi nu-bar-re-dam
Q000335 048: abgal-zu siki bar-ra bi2-in-du8
Your abgal priests let their hair down their backs.
     P368427 surf. b 14: abgal-zu siki bar-ra bi2-in-du8
Q000335 049: eridu{ki} {d}en-ki-ke4 ki ag2-ga2-ni
Enki's beloved Eridu,
     P368427 surf. b 15: eridu{ki} {d}en-ki-ke4 ki-ag2-ga2-ni
Q000335 050: e2-engur-ra sza3-bi he2-gal2 sug4-ga
E-engura whose inside is full of abundance!
     P368427 surf. b 16: e2-engur-ra sza3 he2#-gal2 sug4-ga
Q000335 051: abzu zi kalam-ma ki ag2 {d}en-ki-ke4
Abzu, life of the Land, beloved of Enki!
     P368427 surf. b 17: abzu zi kalam-ma# ki-ag2 {d}en-ki-ke4#
Q000335 052: e2 za3-ga du3-a me galam-ma tum2-ma
Temple built on the edge, befitting the artful divine powers!
     P368427 surf. b 18: e2 za3-ga du3-a# me galam-ma tum2-ma
Q000335 053: eridu{ki} gissu-zu ab-sza3-ga la2-a
     P368427 surf. b 19: eridu{ki} gissu-zu# ab-sza3-ga la2-a
Q000335 054: a-ab-ba zi-ga gaba-szu-gar nu-tuku
Eridu, your shadow extends over the midst of the sea! Rising sea without a rival;
     P368427 surf. b 20: a-ab-ba zi-ga gaba-szu-gar nu-tuku
Q000335 055: i7 mah ni2-gal2-la su kalam-ma zi-zi
mighty awe-inspiring river which terrifies the Land!
     P368427 surf. b 21: i7 mah ni2-gal2-la# su kalam-ma zi-zi
Q000335 056: e2-engur-ra uru2 mah ki us2-sa
E-engura, high citadel (?) standing firm on the earth!
     P368427 surf. b 22: engur-ra uru2 mah# ki# us2-sa
Q000335 057: e2 da engur-ra pirig abzu sza3-ga
Temple at the edge of the engur, a lion in the midst of the abzu;
     P368427 surf. b 23: e2 da engur-ra pirig abzu# sza3-ga
Q000335 058: e2 mah {d}en-ki-ke4 gesztu2 kalam-e szum2-mu
lofty temple of Enki, which bestows wisdom on the Land;
     P368427 surf. b 24: e2 mah {d}en-ki#-ke4 gesztu2 kalam#-e# szum2#-mu
Q000335 059: akkil-zu i7 mah zi-ga-gin7
your cry, like that of a mighty rising river,
     P368427 surf. b 25: akkil-zu i7# mah zi-ga#-gin7#
Q000335 060: lugal {d}en-ki-ra mu-un-na-tuku-am3
reaches (?) King Enki.
     P368427 surf. b 26: lugal {d}en-ki-ra mu-un-na#-tuku#-am3#
Q000335 061: e2 ku3-ga-ni-sze3 du10-bi mu-un-ga2-ga2
     P368427 surf. b 27: e2 ku3-ga-ni-sze3 du10-bi mu#-[un]-ga2#-ga2#
Q000335 062: {gesz}za3-mi2 {gesz}al-gar {gesz}balag al-gar-sur9-da
the lyre, the algar instrument, the balag drum
     P368427 surf. b 28: {gisz}za3-mi2 {gisz}al-gar balag sur9-za
Q000335 063: {gesz}har-har {gesz}sa-bi2-tum {gesz}mi-ri2-tum e2 si-ga
the harhar, the sabitum, and the …… miritum instruments offer their best for his silver temple.
     P368427 surf. b 29: {gisz}har-har {gisz}sa-bi2-tum {gisz}mi-ri2-tum e2# se3-ga
Q000335 064: ad du10-ga nundum bur2-re balag-ga2
     P368427 surf. b 30: ad du10-ga nundum bur2-e balag-ga2
Q000335 065: sza3 ni2-ba-ka ad ha-ba-ni-ib-sza4
     P368427 surf. b 31: sza3# ni2#-ba-ka ad ha#-ba#-ni-ib-sza4#
Q000335 066: {gesz}al-gar ku3 {d}en-ki-ke4 ni2-ba mu-un-na-du12
The silver algar instrument of Enki played for him on his own
     P368427 surf. b 32: {gisz#}al#-gar ku3 {d}en#-ki-ke4 ni2-ba mu-un-na-du12
Q000335 067: nar 7(disz)-e ad he2-em-mi-ib-sza4
and seven tigi drums resounded.
     P368427 surf. b 33: [...] 7(disz)#-e# ad he2-em-mi-ib-sza4
Q000335 068: du11-ga {d}en-ki-ke4 szu nu-bala-e-de3
What Enki says is irrefutable;
     P368427 surf. b 34: [du11-ga {d}]en#-ki#-ke4 szu nu-bala-e#-de3
Q000335 069: KA x x ki-bi-sze3 gal2-la-am3
... is well established (?).”
     P368427 surf. b 35: [... ki]-bi#-sze3# gal2-la-am3
Q000335 070: sukkal {d}isimud-de3 szeg12-e gu3 ba-an-szum2
This is what Isimud spoke to the brick building;
     P368427 surf. c 1: [sukkal] {d}|PAP.SIG7.NUN.ME.EZEN|#-de3 szeg12-e# gu3# ba#-an#-szum2#
Q000335 071: e2-engur-ra-ke4 szir3 du10-ge-esz im-me
he praised the E-engura with sweet songs
     P368427 surf. c 2: [e2]-engur#-ra-ke4# szir3 du10-ge-esz im#-me
Q000335 072: mu-un-du3-a-ba mu-un-du3-a-ba
As it has been built, as it has been built;
     P368427 surf. c 3: mu#-un-du3-a-ba mu#-un-du3-a-ba
Q000335 073: eridu{ki} {d}en-ki-ke4 im-ma-an-il2-la-ba
as Enki has raised Eridu up,
     P368427 surf. c 4: eridu{ki} {d}en-ki-ke4 im-ma-an-il2-la-ba
Q000335 074: hur-sag galam kad5-dam a-e ba-dirig
it is an artfully built mountain which floats on the water.
     P368427 surf. c 5: hur-sag galam kad5-dam a-e ba-diri
Q000335 075: za3-ga-a-ni gesz-gi-a ba-an-KU
His shrine (?) spreads (?) out into the reedbeds;
     P368427 surf. c 6: za3#-ga-a#-ni gisz-gi-a ba-an-KU
Q000335 076: {gesz}kiri6 sig7-ga gurun il2-la-a-ba
In its green orchards laden with fruit
     P368427 surf. c 7: {gisz}kiri6 sig7-ga gurun# il2-la-a-ba
Q000335 077: muszen-e hasz4-bi mu-un-ga2-ga2
birds brood.
     P368427 surf. c 8: muszen-e hasz4-bi mu-un-ga2-ga2
Q000335 078: suhur{ku6}-e u2-lal3-e e-ne mu-un-e
The suhur carp play among the honey-herbs,
     P368427 surf. c 9: suhur-e{ku6} u2-lal3-e e-ne mu-un-na-e3
Q000335 079: esztub{ku6}-e gi-zi di4-di4-la2 kun mu-un-na-su3-e
and the esztub carp dart among the small gizi reeds.
     P368427 surf. c 10-11: esztub-e{ku6} gi-zi di4-di4-la2 kun mu-un-na-su3-e
Q000335 080: {d}en-ki zi-ga-na ku6 i-zi-esz2 na-zi
When Enki rises, the fish rise before him like waves.
     P368427 surf. c 12: {d}en-ki zi-ga-na ku6 i-zi-esz2 na-zi
Q000335 081: abzu-e u6 am3-ma-gub
He has the abzu stand as a marvel,
     P368427 surf. c 13: abzu-e u6-e am3-ma-gub
Q000335 082: engur-ra hul2-la mu-ni-ib-de6
as he brings joy into the engur.
     P368427 surf. c 14: engur-ra hul2-la# mu-ni-ib-de6
Q000335 083: a-ab-ba-gin7 ni2 mu-un-da-gal2
Like the sea, he is awe-inspiring;
     P368427 surf. c 15: a-ab-ba-ka ni2# mu-un-da-gal2
Q000335 084: i7 mah-gin7 su zi mu-un-da-ri
like a mighty river, he instils fear.
     P368427 surf. c 16: i7 mah-e# su zi mu-un-da-ri
Q000335 085: {i7}buranun-na u18-lu sumur mu-un-da-an-zi
The Euphrates rises before him as it does before the fierce south wind.
     P368427 surf. c 17-18: {i7}buranun#-na u18-lu sumur mu-un-da-an-zi
Q000335 086: {gesz}gi-musz-a-ni {d}nirah-a-ni
His punting pole is Nirah
     P368427 surf. c 19: {gisz}gi-musz-a-ni {d}nirah-a-ni
Q000335 087: {gesz}gisal-a-ni gi tur-tur-a-ni
his oars are the small reeds.
     P368427 surf. c 20: {gisz}gisal#-a-ni gi tur-tur-a-ni
Q000335 088: {d}en-ki u5-a-ni mu he2-gal2 sug4-ga
When Enki embarks, the year will be full of abundance.
     P368427 surf. c 21: {d}en#-ki u5-a-ni mu he2-gal2 sug4-ga
Q000335 089: {gesz}ma2 ni2-bi nam-du8 esz2 ni2-bi nam-dab5
The ship departs of its own accord, with tow rope held (?) by itself.
     P368427 surf. c 22: {gisz}ma2# ni2-bi nam-du8 esz2 ni2-bi nam-dab5
Q000335 090: e2 eridu{ki}-ga-ke4 im-ma-kar-ra
As he leaves the temple of Eridu,
     P368427 surf. c 23: e2 eridu{ki}-ga-ke4 im-ma-kar-ra
Q000335 091: i7-de3 lugal-bi-ir ad im-mi-ib-gi4-gi4
the river gurgles (?) to its lord:
     P368427 surf. c 24-25: i7-de3 lugal-bi-ir ad im-mi-ib-gi4-gi4
Q000335 092: gu3-bi gu3 amar-ra gu3 ab2 du10-ga-ke4
its sound is a calf's mooing, the mooing of a good cow.
     P368427 surf. c 26: gu3-bi gu3 amar-ra gu3 ab2 du10-ga-ke4
Q000335 093: {d}en-ki-ke4 gu4 im-ma-ab-gaz-e udu im-ma-ab-szar2-re
Enki had oxen slaughtered, and had sheep offered there lavishly.
     P368427 surf. c 27-28: {d}en-ki-ke4 gu4 im-ma-ab#-gaz-e# udu im-ma-ab-szar2-re
Q000335 094: {kusz}a2-la2 nu-gal2-la ki-bi-sze3 sa2 im-du11
Where there were no ala drums, he installed some in their places;
     P368427 surf. c 29: {kusz}a2-la2 nu-gal2-la ki-bi-sze3 sa2 im-du11
Q000335 095: ub3 zabar nu-gal2-la ki-bi-sze3 im-mi-in-e3
where there were no bronze ub drums, he despatched some to their places.
     P368427 surf. c 30: ub3 zabar nu-gal2-la ki#-bi-sze3 im-mi-in#-e3#
Q000335 096: nibru{ki}-sze3 giri3-ni dili mu-un-gub
He directed his steps on his own to Nibru
     P368427 surf. c 31: nibru{ki}-sze3 giri3-ni dili mu-un-gub#
Q000335 097: gi-gun4-na esz3-e nibru{ki}-a im-ma-da-an-ku4-ku4
and entered the temple terrace, the shrine of Nibru.
     P368427 surf. c 32-33: gi-gun4-na esz3-e nibru{ki}-a im-ma-da#-[an]-ku4#-ku4#
Q000335 098: {d}en-ki-ke4 kasz-kasz-e ba-te kurun2-kurun2-e ba-te
Enki reached for (?) the beer, he reached for (?) the liquor.
     P368427 surf. c 34: {d}en-ki-ke4 kasz-kasz-e ba-te kurun2-kurun2-e ba-te
Q000335 099: kurun2 gal zabar-ra ba-ni-in-de2
He had liquor poured into big bronze containers,
     P368427 surf. c 35: kurun2 zi zabar-ra ba-ni-in-de2
Q000335 100: uluszin dili-am3 ba-ni-in-sur
and had emmer-wheat beer pressed out (?).
     P368427 surf. d 1: {kasz#}uluszin# dili-am3 ba#-ni#-in#-sur
Q000335 101: {dug}ku-kur-ru2 kasz du10-du10-ga duh-bi bi2-in-sa2-sa2
In kukuru containers which make the beer good he mixed beer-mash.
     P368427 surf. d 2: {dug#}ku-kur-ru2 kasz du10-du10-ga duh-bi bi2-in-sa2-sa2
Q000335 102: ka-bi lal3 zu2-lum-ma nig2 er9 ba-ni-in-ak
By adding date-syrup to its taste (?), he made it strong.
     P368427 surf. d 3: ka-bi lal3 zu2-lum-ma ni2 er9 ba-ni-in-ak
Q000335 103: duh-bi nig2 lal3-lal3 dili-a sed-sze3 bi2-in-du8
He ... its bran-mash.
     P368427 surf. d 4: duh-bi nig2 lal3-lal3 dili-a sed-sze3 bi2-in-du8
Q000335 104: {d}en-ki-ke4 esz3-e nibru{ki}-am3
In the shrine of Nibru, Enki
     P368427 surf. d 5: {d}en-ki-ke4# esz3-e nibru{ki}-am3
Q000335 105: a-a-ni {d}en-lil2-ra ninda mu-un-gu7-e
provided a meal for Enlil, his father.
     P368427 surf. d 6: a-a-ni {d}en-lil2-ra ninda mu-un-gu7-e
Q000335 106: an ki mah-a im-ma-an-tusz
He seated An at the head of the table
     P368427 surf. d 7: an ki mah-a im-ma-an-tusz
Q000335 107: an-ra {d}en-lil2 im-ma-ni-in-us2
and seated Enlil next to An.
     P368427 surf. d 8: an-ra {d}en-lil2 im-ma-ni-in-us2
Q000335 108: {d}nin-tu za3 gal-la im-mi-in-tusz
He seated Nintur in the place of honour
     P368427 surf. d 9: {d}nin-tur5 za3 gal-la im-mi-in-tusz
Q000335 109: {d}a-nun-na ki-us2-ki-us2-bi im-mi-in-dur2-ru-ne-esz
and seated the Anuna gods at the adjacent places (?).
     P368427 surf. d 10-11: {d}a-nun-na ki-us2-ki-us2-bi szi-im-mi-in-dur2-ru-ne-esz
Q000335 110: lu2-e-ne kasz i3-na8-na8-ne kurun im-du10-ge-ne
All of them were drinking and enjoying beer and liquor.
     P368427 surf. d 12: lu2-e-ne kasz-e na8-na8-e kurun nig2 du10-ge-ne
Q000335 111: {zabar}aga im-gur4-gur4-re-e-ne
They filled the bronze aga vessels to the brim
     P368427 surf. d 13: {zabar}aga im-gur4-gur4-re-e-ne
Q000335 112: zabar-e {d}urasz-e a-da-min3 mu-un-di-ne
and started a competition, drinking from the bronze vessels of Urasz.
     P368427 surf. d 14: zabar-e {d}urasz-e a-da-min3 mu-un-e3-de3
Q000335 113: ti-lim-da ma2-gur8 ku3 im-ba-ba-re-e-ne
They made the tilimda vessels shine like silver barges.
     P368427 surf. d 15: ti-lim-da ma2-gur8 ku3 im-ba-ba-re-e-ne
Q000335 114: kasz ba-du11 kurun2 ba-du10-ga-ta
After beer and liquor had been libated and enjoyed,
     P368427 surf. d 16: kasz ba-du11 kurun2-bi du10-ga-ta
Q000335 115: e2-ta giri3-bi-a ba-ra-gar-ra-ta
and after ... from the house,
     P368427 surf. d 17: e2-ta giri3-bi-a ba-ra-gar#-ra-ta#
Q000335 116: {d}en-lil2 nibru{ki}-a hul2-la mu-ni-ib-de6
Enlil was made happy in Nibru.
     P368427 surf. d 18: {d}en-lil2 nibru{ki}-a hul2-la mu#-ni#-[ib-de6]
Q000335 117: {d}en-lil2-le {d}a-nun-na-ke4-ne gu3 mu-na-de2-e
Enlil addressed the Anuna gods:
     P368427 surf. d 19: {d}en-lil2-le {d}a-nun-na-ke4-ne gu3 mu-na#-[de2-e]
Q000335 118: dingir gal-gal-la i3-sug2-ge-en-za-na
“Great gods who are standing here!
     P368427 surf. d 20: dingir gal-gal#-la i3-sug2-ge-za-[na]
Q000335 119: {d}a-nun-na ub-szu-ukken-na-ka si mu-un-sa2-sa2-e-en-za-na
Anuna, who have lined up in the Ubszu-unkena!
     P368427 surf. d 21: {d}a-nun-na ub-szu-ukken-na-ka# si mi-ni-ib-si-sa2-e-en#-[za-na]
Q000335 120: dumu-gu10 e2 mu-un-du3 lugal {d}en-ki-ke4
My son, King Enki has built up the temple!
     P368427 surf. d 22: dumu#-gu10 e2 mu-un-du3 lugal {d}en-ki#-[ke4]
Q000335 121: eridu{ki} hur-sag-gin7 ki-ta ba-ra-ri
He has made Eridu rise up (?) from the ground like a mountain!
     P368427 surf. d 23: [eridu]{ki#} hur#-sag-gin7 ki-ta ba-ra-ri#
Q000335 122: ki du10-ga-am3 e2 im-ma-an-du3
He has built it in a pleasant place,
     P368427 surf. d 24: [ki du10]-ga#-am3 e2 im-ma-an-du3
Q000335 123: eridu{ki} ki sikil lu2 nu-ku4-ku4-da
in Eridu, the pure place, where no one is to enter
     P368427 surf. d 25: [eridu]{ki#} ki sikil lu2 nu-ku4-ku4-da
Q000335 124: e2 ku3-ga du3-a za-gin3-na gun3-a
—a temple built with silver and decorated with lapis lazuli,
     P368427 surf. d 26: e2# ku3-ga du3-a za-gin3-na gun3-a
Q000335 125: e2 tigi 7(disz)-e si sa2-e nam-szub szum2-ma
a house which tunes the seven tigi drums properly, and provides incantations;
     P368427 surf. d 27: e2# tigi 7(disz)-e si sa2-e nam-szub szum2-ma
Q000335 126: szir3 ku3 tesz2 e2 ki al-du10-ga
where silver songs make all of the house a lovely place
     P368427 surf. d 28: szir3# ku3 tesz2 e2 ki al-du10-ga
Q000335 127: esz3 abzu nam du10 {d}en-ki-ke4 me galam-ma tum2-ma
—the shrine of the abzu, the good destiny of Enki, befitting the elaborate divine powers;
     P368427 surf. d 29: esz3 abzu nam du10 {d}en-ki-ke4 me galam-ma tum2-ma
Q000335 128: eridu{ki} e2 ku3-ga du3-a-ba
the temple of Eridu, built with silver: for all this,
     P368427 surf. d 30: eridu#{ki} e2 ku3-ga du3-a-ba
Q000335 129: a-a {d}en-ki za3-mi2
Father Enki be praised!”
     P368427 surf. d 31: [a-a] {d}en-ki za3-mi2