Q000390 = CDLI Literary 000390 (Ur-Namma E) composite = P469692

Q000390 001: [No Composite]
     P345372 rev. iv 8: {d}en#-lil2 temen an ki-bi-da
Q000390 001': abul-zu e3?-a a mah gaba-szu-gar nu-tuku
Those who leave through your gate are an uncontrollable flood.
Q000390 002': esz3 uri5{ki} sza3-zu kur he2-gal2 bar-zu hur-sag he-nun-na
Shrine Urim, your interior is a mountain of abundance, your exterior a hill of plenty.
Q000390 003': e2-kisz-nu-gal2 hur-sag galam-ma sza3-bi lu2 nu-zu
No one can learn the interior of the E-kiš-nu-ĝal, the artfully fashioned mountain.
Q000390 004': ki ut ti-zu [...] {gesz}erin-na mu-zu-sze3 kalam hul2-a
Your place of marvel is ... of cedar, your name makes the Land rejoice.
Q000390 005': en-zu en sig7-ga mu pa3-da
Your lord is the one called as the beautiful lord,
Q000390 006': dumu {d}nin-sumun2-ka me-te kur-kur-ra
the child of Ninsumun, the ornament of all the lands.
Q000390 007': uri5{ki} me gal-zu a-ra2-ab dingir-re-ne
Ur, your great divine power
Q000390 008': kalam-ma gal2-la tesz2 mu-zu he2-i-i
is the gods's shackle on the Land. Your name be praised indeed!
Q000390 009': ka2-zu an sig7-ga su zi gur3-ru
Your gate is the blue sky imbued with fearsomeness;
Q000390 010': gal2 da13-da13-bi {d}utu an-ur2-ta u4 mi-ne-gar-ra-ta
only when it is open does Utu illuminate from the horizon.
Q000390 011': gi-sza3-zu-ta ki nam tar-re dingir-re-ne
Your platform is where the fates are determined by the gods;
Q000390 012': di si sa2 ku5!-me-en tesz2 mu-zu he2-i-i
you make just decisions. Your name be praised indeed!
Q000390 013': sza3-ga-zu-ta gesz-hur zi-da hul-gal2 nu-dab5-be2
In your interior, the evildoer dare not lay hold of the holy statutes.
Q000390 014': e2-kisz-nu-gal2 sza3-zu uszumgal hul-gal2 nu-un-zu
E-kiš-nu-ĝal, the evil-doer cannot even come to know your interior, which is a dragon.
Q000390 015': e2 gi-gun4-na-zu nidba-zu KID DIM? {d}en-lil2? su3-ru?
House, your terrace ... Enlil ... your offerings.
Q000390 016': dub-la2-mah ki nam tar-re-za dingir gal-gal-e-ne
At your Dubla-maḫ, the place where the fates are determined, the great gods
Q000390 017': nam mi-ni-ib-tar-re-ne
determine the fates.
Q000390 018': e2-temen-ni2-gur3-ru tum2-ma
Worthy of the E-temen-ni-guru, born ...,
Q000390 019': u3-tu-da [...] tesz2 mu-zu he2-i-i
your name be praised indeed!
Q000390 020': en sig7-ga [...] sipa zi ur-{d}namma
The beautiful lord ... the true shepherd Ur-Namma,
Q000390 021': uri5{ki} [...]
... Ur ...
Q000390 022': e2 sig3-ga {d}utu-gin7 AN? [...]
The silent house ... like Utu.
Q000390 023': tesz2 mu-zu he2-i-i ur-{d}namma x [...]
Your name be praised indeed! Ur-Namma ...
Q000390 024': su6 za-gin3 su3-su3 x [...]
..., adorned with a lapis lazuli beard ...
Q000390 025': lugal hi-li gur3-ru me-lem4 kalam-ma dul-la
The king endowed with allure, the radiance covering the nation,
Q000390 026': ur-{d}namma {d}dili{im2}-babbar-re sza3 ku3-ge ba-ni-in-pa3
in his pure heart Ašimbabbar has chosen Ur-Namma.
Q000390 027': nig2-erim2 igi-ni-sze3 nu-dib-ba nig2-si-sa2
Wickedness cannot pass unnoticed before his eyes.
Q000390 028': {d}ur-{d}namma-ke4 nig2-gur11 sa2 bi2-in-du11
Ur-Namma has accomplished an achievement, justice!
Q000390 029': lugal-e pa-mul-pa-mul zu
The king, who knows (?) the spreading branches,
Q000390 030': {d}ur-{d}namma-ke4 masz-gi-i-i im-me
Ur-Namma acts (?) as constable.
Q000390 031': inim zu en-na-ke4 pa-mul-pa-mul zu
The eloquent one of the lord, who knows (?) the spreading branches,
Q000390 032': {d}ur-{d}namma-ke4 masz-gi-i-i im-me
Ur-Namma acts (?) as constable.
Q000390 033': lugal-e e2 {d}suen-na-ke4
The king, at the house of Suen,
Q000390 034': {d}ur-{d}namma-ke4 ni2 he2-eb-szi-ib2-te-en-te
Ur-Namma refreshes himself.
Q000390 035': lugal-e {i7}idigna {i7}buranun-ke4
for the Tigris and the Euphrates
Q000390 036': {d}ur-{d}namma-ke4 nam mu-ni-ib-tar-re
and for Ur-Namma, she has determined a fate for the king,
Q000390 038': {d}ur-{d}namma-ke4 nam mu-ni-ib-tar-re
has determined a fate for Ur-Namma.
Q000390 039': munus a nun-na-ke4 mi2 zi-de3-esz mu-un-e
The woman of the princely seed has treated him kindly.
Q000390 040': {d}ur-{d}namma-ke4 |GA2xX| NE NA [...]
Ur-Namma ...
Q000390 37': nin-bi nin nig2-gur11-ra-ke4 nin e2 [...]
Its lady, the lady of possessions, the lady of ...