Q000897 = RIME 3/ composite = P431955

Q000897 001: {d}inanna
For Inanna,
     P232473 surf. a 1: {d}inanna
Q000897 002: nin kur-kur-ra
queen of all the lands,
     P232473 surf. a 2: nin kur-kur-ra
Q000897 003: nin-a-ni
his mistress,
     P232473 surf. a 3: nin-a-ni
Q000897 004: gu3-de2-a
     P232473 surf. a 4: gu3-de2-a
Q000897 005: ensi2
     P232473 surf. a 5: ensi2
Q000897 006: lagasz{ki}-ke4
of Lagaš,
     P232473 surf. a 6: lagasz{ki}-ke4
Q000897 007: e2 gir2-su{ki}-ka-ni
her Girsu temple
     P232473 surf. a 7: e2 gir2-su{ki}-ka-ni
Q000897 008: mu-na-du3
he built for her.
     P232473 surf. a 8: mu-na-du3