Q001049 = RIME composite = P431068

Q001049 001: gi ku3
O holy reed,
     P222388 surf. a i 1: gi ku3
Q001049 002: gi gesz-gi engur
O reed of the reed bed of the underground waters,
     P222388 surf. a i 2: gi gesz-gi engur
Q001049 003: gi pa-zu5
O reed, (with) your branches
     P222388 surf. a i 3: gi pa-zu5
Q001049 004: su4-su4
growing luxuriantly,
     P222388 surf. a i 4: su4-su4
Q001049 005: ur2-zu5
(with) your roots
     P222388 surf. a i 5: ur2-zu5
Q001049 006: {d}en-ki
by Enki
     P222388 surf. a ii 1: {d}en-ki
Q001049 007: ki-bur3 gal2
made to be in holes in the earth,
     P222388 surf. a ii 2: ki-bur3 gal2
Q001049 008: pa-zu5
your branches
     P222388 surf. a ii 3: pa-zu5
Q001049 009: u4 szu12 mu-ra2
pray to the sun.
     P222388 surf. a ii 4: u4 szu12# mu-ra2#
Q001049 010: su6-zu5
Your beard
     P222388 surf. a ii 5: su6-zu5
Q001049 011: za7:gin3
is (of) lapis lazuli.
     P222388 surf. a ii 6: za7:gin3
Q001049 012: gi kur:szuba4 de6
Reed brought from the shining mountains,
     P222388 surf. a ii 7: gi kur:szuba4 de6
Q001049 013: gi en-ki nun-ki
O reed, may the lords of the earth and the princes of the earth
     P222388 surf. a ii 8: gi en-ki nun-ki
Q001049 014: du10 he2-ga2-ga2
kneel (to you).
     P222388 surf. a ii 9: du10 he2-ga2-ga2
Q001049 015: {d}en-ki
When by Enki
     P222388 surf. a iii 1: {d}en-ki
Q001049 016: esz2-bar-kin
the decision
     P222388 surf. a iii 2: esz2-bar-kin
Q001049 017: he2-e
has been made,
     P222388 surf. a iii 3: he2-e
Q001049 018: uri3 eb ku3-ge
onto the holy reed-posts of the corners,
     P222388 surf. a iii 4: uri3!(SZESZ) eb ku3#-ge#
Q001049 019: za3-me-bi
amidst praise,
     P222388 surf. a iii 5: za3-me-bi
Q001049 020: {d}en-ki gesz-bu10
by Enki the hoops
     P222388 surf. a iii 6: {d}en-ki gesz-bu10
Q001049 021: sze3-szub
will thereupon be dropped.
     P222388 surf. a iii 7: sze3-szub
Q001049 022: {d}nin-gir2-su2
     P222388 surf. a iii 8: {d}nin-gir2-su2
Q001049 023: za3-me
be praised!
     P222388 surf. a iii 9: za3-me
Q001049 024: {d}szul-|MUSZxPA|
By Šul-MUŠxPA,
     P222388 surf. a iv 1: {d}szul-|MUSZxPA|
Q001049 025: dingir lugal
the (personal) god of the king,
     P222388 surf. a iv 2: dingir lugal
Q001049 026: dusu ku3
the holy earth-carrying basket
     P222388 surf. a iv 3: dusu ku3
Q001049 027: e-il2
was carried.
     P222388 surf. a iv 4: e-il2
Q001049 028: ur-{d}nansze
     P222388 surf. a iv 5: ur-{d}nansze
Q001049 029: lugal
     P222388 surf. a iv 6: lugal
Q001049 030: lagasz
of Lagaš,
     P222388 surf. a iv 7: lagasz
Q001049 031: dumu gu-ni-DU
son of GuniDU,
     P222388 surf. a iv 8: dumu gu-ni-DU
Q001049 032: dumu gur-sar
“son” of Gursar,
     P222388 surf. a iv 9: dumu gur-sar
Q001049 033: esz3 gir2-su2
had the shrine Girsu
     P222388 surf. a v 1: esz3 gir2-su2
Q001049 034: mu-du3
     P222388 surf. a v 2: mu#-du3