Q001088 = RIME = P431106

Q001088 001: en-an-na-tum2
For Enanatum,
     P222500 surf. a i 1: en-an-na-tum2
Q001088 002: ensi2
     P222500 surf. a i 2: ensi2
Q001088 003: lagasz{ki}
of Lagaš,
     P222500 surf. a i 3: lagasz{ki}
Q001088 004: a2 szum2-ma
given power
     P222500 surf. a i 4: a2 szum2-ma
Q001088 005: {d}en-lil2-la2
by Enlil,
     P222500 surf. a i 5: [{d}]en-[lil2-la2]
Q001088 006: sza3 pa3-da
chosen by the heart
     P222500 surf. a i 6: [sza3 pa3-da]
Q001088 007: {d}nansze
of Nanše,
     P222500 surf. a i 7: [{d}nansze]
Q001088 008: ensi2 gal
chief ruler
     P222500 surf. a i 8: [ensi2 gal]
Q001088 009: {d}nin-gir2-su-ka
of Ningirsu,
     P222500 surf. a i 9: [{d}nin-gir2-su-ka]
Q001088 010: mu du10 sa4-a
called a good name
     P222500 surf. a i 10: mu [du10] sa4-a
Q001088 011: {d}inanna-ka
by Inanna,
     P222500 surf. a ii 1: {d}inanna-ka
Q001088 012: gesztu2 szum2-ma
given wisdom
     P222500 surf. a ii 2: gesztu2 szum2-ma
Q001088 013: {d}en-ki
by Enki,
     P222500 surf. a ii 3: {d}en-ki
Q001088 014: dumu tu-da
son begotten
     P222500 surf. a ii 4: dumu tu-da
Q001088 015: {d}lugal-uru11{ki}-ka
of Lugalurub,
     P222500 surf. a ii 5: {d}lugal-uru11{ki}-ka
Q001088 016: dumu a-kur-gal
son of Akurgal,
     P222500 surf. a ii 6: dumu a-kur-gal
Q001088 017: ensi2
     P222500 surf. a ii 7: ensi2
Q001088 018: lagasz{ki}
of Lagaš,
     P222500 surf. a ii 8: lagasz{ki}
Q001088 019: szesz ki-ag2
beloved brother
     P222500 surf. a ii 9: szesz ki-ag2
Q001088 020: e2-an-na-tum2
of Eanatum,
     P222500 surf. a ii 10: [e2]-an-[na-tum2]
Q001088 021: ensi2
     P222500 surf. a ii 11: [ensi2]
Q001088 022: lagasz{ki}-ka-ra
of Lagaš,
     P222500 surf. a ii 12: [lagasz{ki}-ka-ra]
Q001088 023: u4 {d}lugal-uru11{ki}-ke4
when Lugalurub
     P222500 surf. a ii 13: [u4 {d}]lugal-uru11{ki}-ke4
Q001088 024: en-an-na-tum2-ra
to Enanatum
     P222500 surf. a iii 1: en-an-na-tum2-ra
Q001088 025: nam-lugal
the kingship
     P222500 surf. a iii 2: nam-lugal
Q001088 026: lagasz{ki}
of Lagaš
     P222500 surf. a iii 3: lagasz{ki}
Q001088 027: mu-na-szum2-ma-a
had given,
     P222500 surf. a iii 4: mu-na-szum2-ma-a
Q001088 028: kur-kur szu-ni-sze3
all the foreign lands into his hands
     P222500 surf. a iii 5: kur-kur szu-ni-sze3
Q001088 029: mu-sze3-gar-ra-a
had put,
     P222500 surf. a iii 6: mu-sze3-gar-ra-a
Q001088 030: ki-bala giri3-ni-sze3
and the rebel land at his feet
     P222500 surf. a iii 7: ki-bala giri3-ni-sze3
Q001088 031: [...]-ra-a
had ...,
     P222500 surf. a iii 8: [...]-ra-a
Q001088 032: u4-ba en-an-na-tum2-me
then Enanatum
     P222500 surf. a iii 9: u4-ba en-an-na-tum2-me
Q001088 033: {d}inanna-ra
for Inanna
     P222500 surf. a iii 10: {d}inanna-ra
Q001088 034: eb-gal
the Great Oval
     P222500 surf. a iii 11: eb-[gal]
Q001088 035: mu-na-du3
he built.
     P222500 surf. a iii 12: [mu-na]-du3
Q001088 036: x x [...]
     P222500 surf. a iii 13: x x [...]
Q001088 037': [...]-ma-a
     P222500 surf. a iii 14': [...]-ma-a
Q001088 038': [...] x ki
     P222500 surf. a iii 15': [...] x ki
Q001088 039': lugal ki an-na-ag2-ga2-ni
For his master who loved him,
     P222500 surf. a iv 1: lugal ki an-na-ag2-ga2-ni
Q001088 040': {d}lugal-uru11{ki}-ra
     P222500 surf. a iv 2: {d}lugal-uru11{ki}-ra
Q001088 041': e2-gal uru11{ki}-ba
the palace of Urub
     P222500 surf. a iv 3: e2-gal uru11{ki}-ba
Q001088 042': mu-na-du3
he built.
     P222500 surf. a iv 4: mu-na-du3
Q001088 043': ku3-sig17 ku3-babbar2-ra
With gold and silver
     P222500 surf. a iv 5: ku3-sig17 ku3-babbar2-ra
Q001088 044': szu mu-na-ni-tag
he decorated it for him,
     P222500 surf. a iv 6: szu mu-na-ni-tag
Q001088 045': mu-ni-tum2
and made it fitting for him.
     P222500 surf. a iv 7: mu-ni-tum2
Q001088 046': en-an-na-tum2-me
     P222500 surf. a iv 8: en-an-na-tum2-[me]
Q001088 047': {d}[...]
for ...
     P222500 surf. a iv 9: {d}[...]
Q001088 048': [...]
     P222500 surf. a iv 10: [...]
Q001088 049': e2 [...]
the temple ...
     P222500 surf. a iv 11: e2 [...]
Q001088 050': [...]
     P222500 surf. a iv 12: [...]
Q001088 051': mu-na-du3
he built.
     P222500 surf. a iv 13: mu-na-du3
Q001088 052': {d}[...]
For ...
     P222500 surf. a iv 14: {d}[...]
Q001088 053': x x a x ki-ag2-ga2
In the beloved ...
     P222500 surf. a v 1: x x a x ki-ag2-ga2
Q001088 054': pu2 sig4 alurax(BAHAR2)-ra
a well, with baked bricks,
     P222500 surf. a v 2: pu2 sig4 alurax(BAHAR2)-ra
Q001088 055': mu-na-ni-du3
he built for him,
     P222500 surf. a v 3: mu-na-ni-du3
Q001088 056': bad3-bi
and its wall
     P222500 surf. a v 4: bad3-bi
Q001088 057': ki-be2 mu-na-gi4
he restored for him.
     P222500 surf. a v 5: ki-be2 mu-na-gi4
Q001088 058': en-an-na-tum2-me
     P222500 surf. a v 6: en-an-na-tum2-me
Q001088 059': {d}lugal-uru11{ki}-ra
for Lugalurub
     P222500 surf. a v 7: {d}lugal-uru11{ki}-ra
Q001088 060': {gesz}kesz2-ra2
the dam
     P222500 surf. a v 8: {gesz}kesz2-ra2
Q001088 061': x {d}nin-hur-sag-ga2
(of?) Ninḫursaga
     P222500 surf. a v 9: [(x) {d}]nin-hur-sag-ga2
Q001088 062': [...] sig4 alurax(BAHAR2)-ra
... with baked bricks
     P222500 surf. a v 10: [... sig4] alurax(BAHAR2)-ra
Q001088 063': mu-na-ni-du3
he built.
     P222500 surf. a v 11: mu-[na]-ni-du3
Q001088 064': en-an-na-tum2
     P222500 surf. a v 12: en-an-na-[tum2]