Q001128 = RIME composite = P431159

Q001128 001: {d}nin-gir2-su2
For Ningirsu,
     P222613 obv. i 1: {d}nin-gir2-su2
Q001128 002: ur-sag {d}en-lil2-la2-ra
the hero of Enlil,
     P222613 obv. i 2: ur-sag {d}en-lil2-la2-ra
Q001128 003: URU-KA-gi-na
     P222613 obv. i 3: URU-KA-gi-na
Q001128 004: lugal
     P222613 obv. i 4: lugal
Q001128 005: lagasz{ki}-ke4
of Lagaš,
Q001128 006: e2-ni
his temple
     P222613 obv. i 6: e2-ni
Q001128 007: mu-na-du3
he built for him,
     P222613 obv. i 7: mu#-na-du3
Q001128 008: e2-gal ti-ra-asz2-ka-ni
his palace of Tiraš
     P222613 obv. i 8: e2-gal ti-ra-asz2-ka-ni
Q001128 009: mu-na-du3
he built for him,
     P222613 obv. i 9: mu-na#-du3#
Q001128 010: an-ta-sur-ra
the Antasura
     P222613 obv. ii 1: an-ta-sur-ra
Q001128 011: mu-na-du3
he built for him,
     P222613 obv. ii 2: mu-na-du3
Q001128 012: e2 {gesz}gigir-ra
a coach-house
     P222613 obv. ii 3: e2 {gesz}gigir!(LAGAB)-ra
Q001128 013: e2 <me>-lam2-bi kur-kur-ra dul5
the House Whose Divine Radiance Covers All the Lands,
     P222613 obv. ii 4: e2 <me>-lam2-bi kur-kur-ra! dul5
Q001128 014: mu-na-du3
he built for him,
     P222613 obv. ii 5: mu-na-du3
Q001128 015: e2-bappir3 gesztin sila3 gal-gal kur-ta de6-a
and a brewery for grapes (wine?) brought (in) many sila vessels from the mountains
     P222613 obv. ii 6: e2-bappir3 gesztin! sila3 gal-gal# kur-ta de6-a
Q001128 016: mu-na-du3
he built for him.
     P222613 obv. ii 7: mu-na-du3
Q001128 017: {d}szul-sza3-ga-na-ra
For Šulšagana
     P222613 obv. ii 8: {d}szul-sza3-ga-na-ra
Q001128 018: ki-tusz akkil-li2-ni
his Residence of Acclaim
     P222613 obv. ii 9: ki-tusz(TUG2)! akkil!-li2#-ni#
Q001128 019: mu-na-du3
he built.
     P222613 obv. iii 1: mu-na-du3
Q001128 020: {d}ig-alim-ma-ra
For Igalima
     P222613 obv. iii 2: {d}ig-alim-ma-ra
Q001128 021: e2 me husz gal an ki
the Temple With the Great Furious Divine Powers of Heaven and Earth
     P222613 obv. iii 3: e2 me husz gal an ki
Q001128 022: mu-na-du3
he built.
     P222613 obv. iii 4: mu-na-du3
Q001128 023: e2 {d}ba-ba6
The temple of Baba
     P222613 obv. iii 5: e2 {d}ba-ba6
Q001128 024: mu-na-du3
he built for her.
     P222613 obv. iii 6: mu-na-du3
Q001128 025: {d}en-lil2-la
For Enlil
     P222613 obv. iii 7: {d}en-lil2-la
Q001128 026: e2 ad-da
his Temple of the Father
     P222613 obv. iii 8: e2 ad-da
Q001128 027: im-sag-ga2-ka-ni
of Imsag
     P222613 obv. iii 9: im-sag-ga2-ka-ni
Q001128 028: mu-na-du3
he built.
     P222613 obv. iv 1: mu-na-du3
Q001128 029: bur-sag
His pantry(?)
     P222613 obv. iv 2: bur-sag
Q001128 030: e2 sa2-du11 an-na-ta-il2-a-ni
the House Which Delivers to Him Regular Provisions
     P222613 obv. iv 3: e2 sa2-du11 an-na-ta!(BI)-il2-a-ni
Q001128 031: mu-na-du3
he built for him.
     P222613 obv. iv 4: mu-na-du3
Q001128 032: URU-KA-gi-na
     P222613 obv. iv 5: URU-KA-gi-na
Q001128 033: lugal
     P222613 obv. iv 6: lugal
Q001128 034: lagasz{ki}
of Lagaš,
     P222613 obv. iv 7: lagasz{ki}
Q001128 035: lu2 e2-ninnu
the man who had the Eninnu
     P222613 obv. iv 8: lu2 e2-ninnu
Q001128 036: du3-a
     P222613 obv. iv 9: du3-a
Q001128 037: dingir-ra-ni
may his (personal) god,
     P222613 obv. iv 10: dingir-ra-ni
Q001128 038: {d}nin-szubur-ke4
     P222613 obv. v 1: {d}nin#-szubur-ke4
Q001128 039: nam-ti-la-ni-sze3
for his life
     P222613 obv. v 2: nam-ti-la-ni-sze3
Q001128 040: u4 ul-la-sze3
unto distant days
     P222613 obv. v 3: u4 ul-la!-sze3
Q001128 041: {d}nin-gir2-su2-ra
to Ningirsu
     P222613 obv. v 4: {d}nin-gir2-su2-ra
Q001128 042: kiri3 szu he2-na-gal2
make obeisances.
     P222613 obv. v 5: kiri3 szu he2-na-gal2