Q001132 = RIME = P431157

Q001132 001': [{d}nansze]
For Nanše
     P222617 surf. a i 1': [{d}nansze]
Q001132 002': [i7 ki-ag2-ga2-ni]
her beloved canal,
     P222617 surf. a i 2': [i7 ki-ag2-ga2-ni]
Q001132 003': i7 NINA{ki}-du-a
Canal Going to Nigin,
     P222617 surf. a i 3': i7# NINA#{ki}-du-a
Q001132 004': al mu-na-du3
he dug.
     P222617 surf. a i 4': al mu-na-du3
Q001132 005': ka-ba
At its beginning
     P222617 surf. a i 5': ka#-ba
Q001132 006': e2-ninnu
the Eninnu (temple)
     P222617 surf. a i 6': e2#-ninnu
Q001132 007': i3-du3
he built,
     P222617 surf. a i 7': i3#-du3
Q001132 008': kun-ba
and at its end
     P222617 surf. a i 8': kun#-ba
Q001132 009': e2-sirara3[{ki}]
the Sirara Temple
     P222617 surf. a i 9': e2#-sirara3#[{ki}]
Q001132 010': [i3]-du3
he built.
     P222617 surf. a i 10': [i3]-du3
Q001132 011': [...] x
     P222617 surf. a i 11': [...] x
Q001132 012': ul u3-szu-mu2
When the joy at it had grown,
     P222617 surf. a ii 1': ul u3-szu#-mu2
Q001132 013': u4 1(u@c)-kam-ma-ka
and on the tenth day
     P222617 surf. a ii 2': u4 1(u@c)-kam-ma-ka
Q001132 014': ba-sa6-sa6-<ge>-de3-esz2
they were about to take pleasure at it,
     P222617 surf. a ii 3': ba-sa6-sa6-<ge>-de3-esz2
Q001132 015': ga2-e a-na bi2-tuku
for my part, what did I have of it?
     P222617 surf. a ii 4': ga2-e a-na bi2-tuku
Q001132 016': e-na-du11
I said said to him:
     P222617 surf. a ii 5': e-na-du11
Q001132 017': nig2-a2-zi-sze3 nu-ak
I did not do any violent act,
     P222617 surf. a ii 6': nig2-a2-zi-sze3 nu-ak
Q001132 018': ur u4-da
but the dogs(?) today
     P222617 surf. a ii 7': ur u4-da
Q001132 019': [x] iri?-mu [x] x
are ... my city(?),
     P222617 surf. a ii 8': [x] iri#?-mu [x] x
Q001132 020': [...] x [...]
     P222617 surf. a iii 1': [...] x [...]
Q001132 021': [No Composite]
     P222617 surf. a iii 2': gir2#-su2{ki}
Q001132 022': [e]-ma-dab6
was surrounded by it,
     P222617 surf. a iii 3': [e]-ma-dab6
Q001132 023': URU-KA-gi-na-ke4
and URU-KA-gina
     P222617 surf. a iii 4': URU-KA-gi-na-ke4
Q001132 024': tukul e-da-sag3
exchanged blows with it with weapons.
     P222617 surf. a iii 5': tukul e-da-sag3
Q001132 025': bad3-bi i3-ni-mu2
A wall of it he made grow there,
     P222617 surf. a iii 6': bad3-bi i3-ni-mu2
Q001132 026': ur i3-ni-ti
and dogs(?) he made live there.
     P222617 surf. a iii 7': ur i3-ni-ti
Q001132 027': iri-ni-sze3 ba-gen
He went away to his city,
     P222617 surf. a iii 8': iri-ni-sze3 ba-gen
Q001132 028': 2(asz@c)-kam-ma-ka
but a second time
     P222617 surf. a iii 9': 2(asz@c)#-kam-ma-ka
Q001132 029': [...]-gen
he came ...
     P222617 surf. a iii 10': [...]-gen#