Q001382 = RIME composite = P431167

Q001382 001': nam-lu2-ulu3
of the people
     P222909 surf. a ii' 1': nam#-lu2#-ulu3
Q001382 002': ki-a tak4-a-ba
that were left there,
     P222909 surf. a ii' 2': ki-a tak4-a-ba
Q001382 003': a2 ba-la2
their arms he bound.
     P222909 surf. a ii' 3': a2 ba-la2
Q001382 004': ku3 za-gin3-bi
Their silver and lapis lazuli
     P222909 surf. a ii' 4': ku3 za-gin3-bi
Q001382 005': gesz nig2-gur11-bi
and their timber and possessions
     P222909 surf. a ii' 5': gesz nig2-gur11-bi
Q001382 006': ma2-e ba-il2
he had carried onto boats.
     P222909 surf. a ii' 6': ma2-e ba-il2
Q001382 007': 1(u)-kam-ma-am6
A tenth time,
     P222909 surf. a ii' 7': 1(u)-kam-ma-am6
Q001382 008': lugal-TAR
     P222909 surf. a ii' 8': lugal-TAR
Q001382 009': ensi2
     P222909 surf. a ii' 9': ensi2
Q001382 010': unu{ki}-ga-ke4
of Uruk,
     P222909 surf. a ii' 10': unu{ki}-ga-ke4#
Q001382 011': erin2 szu i3-mi-us2
drove out the troops.
     P222909 surf. a ii' 11': erin2 szu i3-mi-us2
Q001382 012': sze-musz
The muš barley,
     P222909 surf. a ii' 12': sze-musz
Q001382 013': sze-x-ra
the ... barley,
     P222909 surf. a ii' 13': sze#-x-ra
Q001382 014': sze-x x
the ... barley
     P222909 surf. a ii' 14': sze#-x x
Q001382 015': [...]-il2
was carried.
     P222909 surf. a iii' 1': [...]-il2