Q001460 = RIME 3/ composite = P431917

Q001460 001': mu-na-pa3
... he caused to be chosen for him.
     P231801 surf. a i' 1': [mu]-na-pa3
Q001460 002': {d}lamma sa6-ga
For the benevolent protective deity
     P231801 surf. a i' 2': [{d}]lamma# sa6-ga
Q001460 003': {d}nin-sun2
     P231801 surf. a i' 3': [{d}]nin#-sun2
Q001460 004': dingir-ra-ni
his (personal) goddess,
     P231801 surf. a i' 4': [dingir]-ra-ni
Q001460 005': e2 iri ku3-ga-ka-ni
her temple of the Holy City
     P231801 surf. a i' 5': [e2] iri ku3-ga-ka-ni
Q001460 006': mu-na-du3
he built for her.
     P231801 surf. a i' 6': mu#-na-du3
Q001460 007': {d}za-za-ru
For Zazaru,
     P231801 surf. a i' 7': {d#}za-za-ru
Q001460 008': [...]
     P231801 surf. a ii' 1': [...]
Q001460 009': {d}ur2-nun-ta-e3-a
and Urnuntaea,
     P231801 surf. a ii' 2': {d}ur2#-nun-ta-e3-a
Q001460 010': dumu {d}nin-gir2-su-ra
the child(ren) of Ningirsu,
     P231801 surf. a ii' 3': dumu# {d#}nin-gir2-su-ra
Q001460 011': e2 iri ku3-ga-ka-ni
his/their temple of the Holy City
     P231801 surf. a ii' 4': e2 iri ku3-ga-ka-ni
Q001460 012': mu-na-du3
he built for him/them.
     P231801 surf. a ii' 5': mu-na#-du3
Q001460 013': {d}nin-mar{ki}
For Ninmar,
     P231801 surf. a ii' 6': {d}nin-mar{ki}
Q001460 014': munus sa6-ga
the beautiful woman,
     P231801 surf. a ii' 7': munus sa6-ga
Q001460 015': szita ab-ba
a Ε‘ita-abba priest
     P231801 surf. a ii' 8': szita ab-ba
Q001460 016': masz-e mu-na-pa3
he caused to be chosen for her by kid-omen.
     P231801 surf. a ii' 9': masz-e mu-na-pa3