Q001484 = RIME 3/ composite = P431963

Q001484 001: {d}nansze
For Nanše,
     P232579 surf. a 1: {d}nansze
Q001484 002: nin uru16
the powerful lady,
     P232579 surf. a 2: nin uru16
Q001484 003: nin in-dub-ba
the lady of the boundary marker,
     P232579 surf. a 3: nin in-dub-ba
Q001484 004: nin-a-ni
his mistress,
     P232579 surf. a 4: nin-a-ni
Q001484 005: gu3-de2-a
     P232579 surf. a 5: gu3-de2-a
Q001484 006: ensi2
     P232579 surf. a 6: ensi2
Q001484 007: lagasz{ki}
of Lagaš,
     P232579 surf. a 7: lagasz{ki}
Q001484 008: nig2-du7-e pa mu-na-e3
made a fitting thing resplendent for her, (namely)
     P232579 surf. a 8: nig2-du7-e pa mu-na-e3
Q001484 009: nina{ki} iri ki-ag2-ni-<a>
in Nina, her beloved city,
     P232579 surf. a 9: nina{ki} iri ki-ag2-ni-<a>
Q001484 010: e2 sirara6
her Sirara temple,
     P232579 surf. a 10: e2 sirara6
Q001484 011: kur e2-ta il2-la-ni
a mountain raised up over (all other) houses,
     P232579 surf. a 11: kur e2-ta il2-la-ni
Q001484 012: mu-na-du3
he built
     P232579 surf. a 12: mu-na-du3
Q001484 013: ki-be2 mu-na-gi
and restored for her,
     P232579 surf. a 13: ki-be2 mu-na-gi
Q001484 014: bad3 mah-ni
and her great wall
     P232579 surf. a 14: bad3 mah-ni
Q001484 015: ki-be2 mu-na-gi4!
he restored for her.
     P232579 surf. a 15: [ki]-be2 mu-na-[gi4!]