Q001633 = RIME 3/ composite = P432142

Q001633 001: {d}en-ki mar-uru5 an ki-ra
For Enki, the tempest of heaven and earth,
     P226930 surf. a 1: {d}en-ki mar-uru5 an ki-ra
Q001633 002: lugal-a-ni
his master,
     P226930 surf. a 2: lugal-a-ni
Q001633 003: ur-{d}namma
did Ur-Namma,
     P226930 surf. a 3: ur-{d}namma
Q001633 004: nita kal-ga
the mighty man,
     P226930 surf. a 4: nita kal-ga
Q001633 005: lugal uri5{ki}-ma
king of Ur,
     P226930 surf. a 5: lugal uri5{ki}-ma
Q001633 006: lugal ki-en-gi ki-uri-ke4
king of Sumer and Akkad,
     P226930 surf. a 6: lugal ki-en-gi ki-uri-ke4
Q001633 007: e2-a-ni
his temple
     P226930 surf. a 7: e2-a-ni
Q001633 008: mu-na-du3
     P226930 surf. a 8: mu-na-du3