Q004456 = RIMA composite = P463637

Q004456 001: _e2-gal_ {disz}asz-szur-pab-a _sanga_ asz-szur ni-szit {d}bad u {d}masz na-ra-am {d}a-nim u3 {d}da-gan ka-szu-usz _dingir-mesz gal-mesz man_ dan-nu _man szu2 man kur_ asz-szur
(Property of) the palace of Assurnasirpal, vice-regent of Assur, chosen of the gods Enlil and Ninurta, beloved of the gods Anu and Dagan, destructive weapon of the great gods, strong king, king of the universe, king of Assyria,
Q004456 002: _dumu_ geszkim-{d}nin-urta _man gal_-e _man_ dan-ni _man szu2 man kur_ asz-szur _dumu_ 1(u)-erin2-tah2 _man szu2 man kur_ asz-szur-ma _en_-szu2 qar-du sza2 ina _{gesz}tukul_-ti asz-szur _en_-szu2 _du-du_-ku-ma
son of Tukultī-Ninurta, great king, strong king, king of the universe, king of Assyria, son of Adad-nārāri, king of the universe (and) king of Assyria; valiant man who with the support of Assur, his lord, acts
Q004456 003: ina mal-ki-_mesz_ sza2 kib-rat 4(disz)-ta sza2-nin-szu la-a _tuku_-u2 _lu2-sipa_ tab-ra-te la a-di-ru _{gesz}la2_ e-du-u2 gap-szu2
and among the princes of the four quarters has no rival, marvellous shepherd, fearless in battle, mighty flood-tide
Q004456 004: sza2 ma-hi-ra la-a _tuku_-u2 _man_ mu-szak-nisz la kan-szu-te-szu2 sza2 nap-har kisz-szat _ug3-mesz_ i-pe-lu _nita2_ dan-nu mu-kab-bi-is
that has no opponent, the king who subdues those insubordinate to him, he who all peoples rules, strong male who treads upon
Q004456 005: _gu2_ a-a-bi-szu2 da-a-isz kul-lat _kur-mesz_ mu-pa-ri-ru ki-is,-ri mul-tar-hi _man_ sza2 ina _{gesz}tukul_-ti _dingir-mesz_
the necks of his foes, trampler of all enemies, he who breaks up the forces of the rebellious, king who with the support of the great gods,
Q004456 006: _gal-mesz en-mesz_-szu2 _du-du_-ku-ma _kur-kur-mesz _du3_-szi-na _su_-su _kur_-ud hur-sza2-ni _du3_-szu-nu i-pe-lu-ma
his lords, acts, and all lands has conquered, dominion over all the highlands gained
Q004456 007: bi-lat-su-nu im-hu-ru s,a-bit li-i-t,i2 sza2-kin2 li-i-te _ugu du3_-szi-na _kur-kur-mesz_ e-nu-ma asz-szur _en_
and their tribute received, capturer of hostages, he who is victorious over all countries: When Assur, the lord
Q004456 008: na-bu-u2 _mu_-ia mu-szar-bu-ti _man_-ti-ia _{gesz}tukul_-szu2 la pa-da-a a-na i-da-at _en_-ti-ia
who called me by name (and) made supreme my sovereignty, his merciless weapon in my lordly arms
Q004456 009: lu-u2 it-muh _erin2-hi-a-mesz kur_ lu-ul-lu-me-e _dagal-mesz_ ina qe2-reb tam-ha-ri ina _{gesz}tukul-mesz_ lu u2-szam-qit
placed, the extensive troops of the Lullumu in battle with the sword I felled.
Q004456 010: ina re-s,u-te sza2 {d}sza2-masz u {d}iszkur _dingir-mesz_ tik-li-ia _erin2-hi-a-mesz kur-kur_ na-i-ri _kur_ hab-hi _kur_ szu-ba-re-e
With the help of the gods Šamaš and Adda, the gods my supporters, against the troops of the lands Nairi, Ḫabḫu, the Šubarû,
Q004456 011: u _kur_ ne2-reb _gin7_ {d}iskur_ ra-hi-s,i u_ugu_-szu-nu asz2-gu-um _man_ sza2 _ta_ e-ber-tan _i7-idigna_ a-di _kur_ lab-na-na
and the land Nerbu, like the god Adda, the devastator, I thundered. The king who (the territory stretching) from the opposite bank of the Tigris to Mount Lebanon
Q004456 012: u _a-ab-ba gal_-te _kur_ la-qe-e ana si-hir2-ti-sza _kur_ su-hi a-di _iri_ ra-pi-qi ana _giri3-min_-szu2 u2-szek2-ni-sza2
and the Great Sea, the entire land Laqû, (and) the land Suḫu including the city Rapiqu subdued;
Q004456 013: _ta sag_ e-ni _i7_ su-ub-na-at a-di _kur_ u2-ra-ar-t,i2 _szu_-su _kur_-ud _ta kur_ ne2-reb sza2 _kur_ kir-ru-ri a-di _kur_ gil2-za-ni
from the source of the River Subnat to the land Urartu he conquered. (The territory stretching) from the passes of Mount Kirruru to the land Gilzanu,
Q004456 014: _ta_ e-ber-tan _i7_ za-ba _ki-ta_ a-di _iri_ du6_-ba-a-ri sza2 el-la-an _kur_ za-ban _ta iri_ du6-sza2-za-ab-da-ni
from the opposite bank of the Lower Zab to the city Til-Bāri that is upstream from the land Zaban, from the city Til-ša-Zabdani
Q004456 015: u _iri_ du6-sza2-ab-ta-a-ni _iri_ hi-ri-mu _iri_ ha-ru-tu _kur_ bi-ra-a-te sza2 _kur_ kar-du-ni-asz2 ana mi-is,-ri _kur_-ia _u2-te-ri
and the city Til-ša-Abtani, the cities Ḫirimu, Ḫarutu, (that are) fortresses of Karduniaš within the boundaries of my land I brought.
Q004456 016: _ta kur_ ne2-er-bi sza2 _kur_ ba-bi-te a-di _kur_ hasz-mar a-na _ug3-mesz kur_-ia am-nu ina _kur-kur-mesz_ sza2 a-pe-lu-szi-na-ni _lu2-gar_-nu-te-ia al-ta-kan
(The people) from the passes of Mount Babitu to Mount Ḫašmar as people of my land I accounted. In the lands over which I gained dominion my governors I always appointed.
Q004456 017: ur-du-ti u2-pu-usz {disz}asz-szur-pab-a _nun_-u_ na-a-du pa-lih2 _dingir-mesz gal-mesz_ u2-szum2-gal-lu ek-du ka-szid _iri-didli_ u hur-sza2-ni
They did servitude. Assurnasirpal, attentive prince, worshipper of the great gods, ferocious dragon, conqueror of cities and the entire highlands,
Q004456 018: pat, gim-ri-szu2-nu _man en-mesz_-e mu-la-it, ek-s,u2-te a-pi-ir sza2-lum-ma-te la-di-ru _{gesz}la2_ ur-sza2-nu la pa-du-u2
king of lords, encircler of the obstinate, crowned with splendor, fearless in battle, merciless hero,
Q004456 019: mu-rib a-nun-te _man_ ta-na-da-a-te _lu2-sipa_ s,a-lu-ul _ub-mesz man_ sza2 ina qi2-bit _ka_-su usz-har-ma-t,u _kur-mesz_-e
he who stirs up strife, praiseworthy king, shepherd, protection of the (four) quarters, the king whose command grinds mountains
Q004456 020: u _a-ab-ba-mesz_ sza2 ina qi-it-ru-ub _en_-ti-szu2 _man-mesz_-ni ek-du-te la pa-du-te _ta_ s,i-it {d}szam-szi a-di
and seas, the one who by his lordly conflict ferocious (and) merciless kings from east
Q004456 021: e-reb {d}szam-szi pa-a 1(disz)-en u2-sza2-asz-kin2 e-ta-tiq _kur-mesz_-e dan-nu-te a-tam-mar du-rug szap-sza2-qi sza2 _du3_-szi-na _ub-mesz_
to west has brought under one authority: mighty mountains I have traversed; I have seen remote (and) rugged regions throughout all the (four) quarters;
Q004456 022: u2-sza2-az-ni-ni nab-li mul-mul-li _ugu_ mal-ki-_mesz_ sza2 nap-har _du3 iri-didli_ si-qir _ka_-ia e-ta-nam-da-ru
I have caused to rain down flaming arrows upon the princes of all cities (so that) they ever revere my command
Q004456 023: u2-sza2-pu-u2 _en_-ti ana-ku {disz}asz-szur-pab-a er-szu mu-du-u2 ha-si-su pe-et uz-ni ne2-me-qi {d}e2-a _man abzu_ isz-ma-ni a-na ia-szi
(and) pray to my lordship; I, Assurnasirpal, sage, expert, intelligent one, open to counsel (and) wisdom that Ea, king of the Apsu, destined for me;
Q004456 024: _dingir-mesz gal-mesz_ sza2 _an_-e u3 _ki_-tim ina ke-e-ni _sza3_-szu2-nu u2-du-ni-ma _man_-ti _en_-ti kisz-szu-ti ina _ka_-szu2-nu _ku3_ u2-s,a-a _kur-kur-mesz_
the great gods of heaven and underworld in their steadfast hearts chose me, and my sovereignty, dominion, (and) power came forth by their holy command; the lands
Q004456 025: u hur-sza2-ni dan-nu-te ana pe-e-li szuk-nu-sze u3 sza2-pa-ri a-gi-isz u2-ma-'i-ru-ni ina qi2-bit asz-szur _en gal_-e _en_-ia
and mighty highlands to rule, subdue, and direct they sternly commanded me. By the command of Assur, the great lord, my lord,
Q004456 026: u {d}nin-urta _aga4 sanga_-ti-ia a-na _kur_ lab-na-na lu-u2 a-lik ana _a-ab-ba gal_-te lu-u2 e-li ina _a-ab-ba gal_-te
and the god Ninurta who loves my priesthood, I marched to Mount Lebanon. I went up to the Great Sea. In the Great Sea
Q004456 027: _{gesz}tukul-mesz_-ia lu ul-lil _udu-siskur-mesz_ a-na _dingir-mesz_-ni-ia lu as,-bat ina u4-me-szu2-ma ma-da-tu2 sza2 _man-mesz_-ni sza2 si-di tam-di
my weapons I cleansed (and) sacrifices to my gods made. At that time tribute from the kings of the sea-coast,
Q004456 028: sza2 _kur_ s,ur-ra-a-ia _kur_ s,i-du-na-a-ia _kur_ a-mur-ra-a-a _kur_ gu-bal-a-ia _kur_ ma-hal-la-ta-a-a _kur_ ka-i-za-a-a
from the lands of the people of Tyre, Sidon, Amurru, Byblos, Maballatu, Kaizu,
Q004456 029: _kur_ ma-i-za-a-a u _iri_ ar-ma-da sza2 _murub4_ tam-di _ku3-babbar-mesz ku-sig17-mesz an-na-mesz zabar-mesz utul2-mesz zabar_
Maizu, and the city Arvad that is (on an island) in the sea—silver, gold, tin, bronze, bronze casseroles,
Q004456 030: _tug2_ lu-bul2-ti bir-me _{tug2}gada-mesz zu2-mesz_ na-hi-ri bi-nu-ut tam-di am-hur ina u4-me-szu-ma pa-ga-a-te _gal-mesz_
linen garments with multi-coloured trim, ivory of nāḫirus (that are) sea creatures, I received. At that time large female monkeys (and)
Q004456 031: pa-ga-a-te-_mesz tur-mesz_ it-ti ma-da-ti-szu2-nu am-hur-szu-nu a-na _kur_-ia asz-szur lu ub-la-szi-na i-na _iri_ kal-hi
small female monkeys with their tribute I received from them, (the monkeys) to my land Assur I brought. In Calah
Q004456 032: mar-szi-si-na ana ma-a'-disz u2-sza2-li-di _ug3-mesz kur_-ia _du3_-szi-na u2-szab-ri ina ti-ri-s,i _szu_-ia
herds of them in great numbers I bred (and) to all the people of my land displayed. With my outstretched hand
Q004456 033: u2 szu-usz-mur _sza3_-ia _1(u) 5(disz) ur-mah-mesz kal-mesz ta kur-mesz_-e _u3 _{gesz}tir-mesz_ ina _szu_-te _dab_-bat 5(u) mu-ra-ni
and my fierce heart 15 strong lions from the mountains and forests I captured. 50 lcubs
Q004456 034: _ur-mah-mesz_ lu asz2-sza2-a ina _iri_ kal-hi u3 _e2-gal-mesz kur_-ia ina _e2_ e-sir lu ad-di-szu2-nu mu-ra-ni-szu-nu
of lions I took away. Into Calah and the palaces of my land into cages I herded them. Their cubs
Q004456 035: a-na ma-a'-dis u2-sza2-li-di _ur_ mi-in-di-na-asz2 _ti-la-mesz_ ina _szu-mesz_ u2-s,ab-bi-ta su-gul-lat _gu4-am-mesz_
in great numbers I bred. Live tigers I captured. Herds of wild bulls
Q004456 036: _am-si-mesz ur-mah-mesz ga-nu11{muszen}-mesz_ pa-ge-e pa-ga-a-te _ansze-edin-na-mesz masz-da3-mesz dara4-masz-mesz_ a-sa-a-te-_mesz_
elephants, lions, ostriches, male monkeys, female monkeys, wild asses, deer, aialu-deer, female bears,
Q004456 037: ni-im-ri-_mesz_ se-en-kur-ri-_mesz_ u2-ma-am _edin kur_-e _du3_-szu2-nu ina _iri_-ia _iri_ kal-hi lu-u2 ak-s,ur _ug3-mesz_
panthers, senkurru, beasts of mountain (and) plain, all of them in my city Calah I formed. To all the people
Q004456 038: _kur_-ia _du3_szu2-nu u2-szab-ri _nun_-u2 _egir_-u2 ina _man-mesz_-ni _dumu-mesz_-ia sza2 asz-szur i-na-bu-szu lu-u2 _ug3-mesz_
of my land I displayed (them). O later prince among the kings my sons whom Assur calls, or later people,
Q004456 039: _egir-mesz lu-u2 _lu_ um-ma-an _man_ lu-u2 _uj-gal-li lu-ti _lu_ sza2-sag la ta-ta-pl1 ina pa-an asz-szur _zi_ si-i _ti_
or vice-chancellor, or noble, or eunuch—you must not despise (these animals). Before Assur may these creature(s) live!
Q004456 040: {d}nin-urta u3 {d}igi-du_ sza2 _sanga_-ti _aga4_-mu _masz2-ansze edin_ u2-szat-li-mu-ni e-pesz ba-'u-ri iq-bu-ni
Ninurta and Nergal, who love my priesthood, gave to me the wild beasts (and) commanded me to hunt.
Q004456 041: _3(u) am-si-mesz_ ina szub-ti a-duk _2(u) me 5(u) 7(disz) gu4-am-mesz kal-mesz_ ina _{gesz}gigir-mesz_-ia pa-tu-te ina qi-it-ru-ub
30 elephants from an ambush pit I killed. 257 strong wild bulls from my ... chariots
Q004456 042: _en_-ti-ia ina _{gesz}tukul-mesz_ u2-szam-qit _3(disz) me 1(gesz2) 1(u) ur-mah-mesz kal-mesz gin7 muszen-mesz_ qu-up-pi ina {gesz}pu-asz-hi a-duk
with my lordly assault with swords I slew. 370 strong lions like caged birds with the spear I killed.
Q004456 043: ina _iti-gu4 u4 8(disz)-kam ta iri_ kal-hi at-tu-musz _i7-hal-hal_ e-te-bir a-na _iri_ gar-ga-misz sza _kur_ hat-te
On the 8th day of the month Iyyar from Calah I moved. After crossing the Tigris the city Carchemish of the land Ḫatti.
Q004456 044: aq-t,i2-rib _nig2-gur11 e2-gal_-szu2_-hi-a-mesz_ sza _ki-la2_-szu2 _nu_ s,ab-ta-at am-hur-szu2 _man-mesz_-ni sza2 _kur-kur-mesz du3_-szu2-nu
I approached. I received from it much of its palace property, the weight of that could not be determined. All the kings of the lands
Q004456 045: ana muh-hi-ia _du_-ku-ni _giri3-min_-a is,-s,ab-tu li-t,i2-szu2-nu as,-bat pa-na-tu-ia uk-ti-lu a-na _kur_ lab-na-na _du_-ku
came (and) submitted to me. Hostages from them I took (and) they were kept in my presence on the march to Mount Lebanon.
Q004456 046: _ta iri_ gar-ga-misz at-tu-musz ina bi-rit _kur_ mun-zi-ga-ni _kur_ ha-mur-ga a-s,a-bat _kur_ a-ha-nu a-na _gub3_-ia u2-ta-szer3
Moving on from the city Carchemish the way between Mounts Munziganu (and) Ḫamurga I took. Leaving Mount Aḫanu on my left
Q004456 047: a-na _iri_ ha-za-zi sza {disz}lu-bar-na _kur_ pa-ti-na-a-a aq-t,i2-rib _ku3-babbar ku-sig17 tug2_ lu-bul2-ti _{tug2}gada-mesz_ at-ta-har e-te-tiq _i7_ ap-re-e
I approached the city Ḫ:azazu that (was ruled by) Lubarna, the Patinu. Silver, gold, (and) linen garments I received. Passing on the River Apre,
Q004456 048: e-te-bir3 a-sa-kan be-dak3 _ta ugu i7_ ap-re-e at-tu-musz a-na _iri_ ku-nu-lu-a _iri man_-ti-szu2 sza2 {disz}lu-bar-na _kur_ pa-ti-na-a-a aq-t,i2-rib
I crossed, pitched camp, (and) spent the night. Moving on from the River Apre the city Kunulua, the royal city of Lubarna, the Patinu, I approached.
Q004456 049: _ta igi {gesz}tukul-mesz_-a ez-zu-te _me3_-ia szit-mu-ri ip-lah2-ma a-na szu2-zu-ub _zl-mesz_-szu2 _giri3-min-mesz_-a is,-bat _2(u) gu2 ku3-babbar-mesz 1(asz) gu3 ku-sig17-mesz 1(disz) me gu2 an-na-mesz_
In the face of my raging weapons (and) fierce battle he took fright and submitted to me to save his life. 20 talents of silver, 1 talent of gold, 100 talents of tin,
Q004456 050: _1(disz) me gu2 an-bar-mesz 1(disz) lim gu4-mesz 1(u) lim udu-mesz 1(u) lim tug2_ lu-bul2-ti bir-me _{tug2}gada-mesz_ {gesz}ne2-mat-ti _{gesz}taskarin-mesz_ sza tam-li-te uh-hu-za-te
100 talents of iron, 1,000 oxen, 10,000 sheep, 1,000 linen garments with multi-coloured trim, decorated couches of boxwood with inlay,
Q004456 051: _{gesz}na2-mesz {gesz}taskarin-mesz {gesz}na4-mesz zu2-mesz_ sza tam-li-te _gar-ra-mesz_ u2-nu-tu2 _e2-gal_-szu2-_hi-a-mesz_ sza _ki-la2_-sza2 _nu_ s,ab-ta-at am-hur-szu2
beds of boxwood, decorated ivory beds with inlay, many ornaments from his palace the weight of that could not be determined I received as his tribute.
Q004456 052: _iri_ kal-hu mah-ra-a sza2 {disz}{d}szul3-ma-nu-sag _man kur_ asz-szur _nun_ a-lik pa-ni-ia _du3_-usz _iri_ szu2-u_ e-na-ah-ma is,-lal
The ancient city Calah that Shalmaneser, king of Assyria, a prince who preceded me, had built—this city had become dilapidated; it lay dormant.
Q004456 053: _iri_ szu2-u2 ana esz-szu2-te ab-ni _ug3-mesz_ ki-szit-ti _szu_-ia sza2 _kur-kur-mesz_ sza2 a-pe-lu-szi-na-ni sza2 _kur_ su-hi
This city I rebuilt. People that I had conquered from the lands over that I had gained dominion, from the land Suḫu,
Q004456 054: _kur_ la-qe-e ana si-hir2-ti-sza2 _iri_ sir-qu sza2 ne2-ber-ti _i7_ pu-rat-te _kur_ za-mu-a ana pat, gim-ri-sza2
(from) the entire land of Laqu, (from) the city Sirqu that is at the crossing of the Euphrates, (from) the entire land of Zamua,
Q004456 055: _kur e2-a-di-ni u3 kur hat-te u sza2 {disz}lu-bar-na _kur_ pa-ti-na-a-a al-qa-a ina lib3-bi u2-sza2-as,-bit _du6_ la-be-ru
(from) Bit-Adini and the land .tJatti, and from Lubarna, the Patinu I took. I settled (them) therein. The old ruin hill
Q004456 056: u2-na-kir7 a-di _ugu a-mesz_ lu u2-sza2-pil2 1(disz) me 2(u) tik-pi ina musz-pa-li lu u2-t,a-bi _e2-gal {gesz}eren-na_
I cleared away (and) down to water level dug. (The foundation pit) down to a depth of 120 layers of brick I sank. A palace of cedar,
Q004456 057: _e2-gal {gesz}szur-min e2-gal_ {gesz}dap2-ra-ni _e2-gal {gesz}taskarin-mesz e2-gal_ {gesz}mes-kan-ni _e2-gal_ {gesz}bu-ut,-ni u {gesz}t,ar-pi
a palace of cypress, a palace of dapranu-juniper, a palace of boxwood, a palace of meskannu wood, a palace of terebinth, and tamarisk
Q004456 058: a-na _szu-bat _man_-ti-ia ana mul-ta-'i-it _en_-ti-a sza2 da-ra-a-te ina lib3-bi ad-di u2-ma-am _kur-mesz_-e
as my royal residence (and) for my lordly leisure for eternity I founded therein. (Replicas of) beasts of mountains
Q004456 059: u _a-ab-ba-mesz_ sza2 {na4}pe-li _babbar_-e u {na4}pa-ru-te _du3_-usz ina _ka2-mesz_-sza2 u2-sze-zi-iz u2-si-im-szi u2-szar-rih-szi
and seas in white limestone and paratu-alabaster I made, (and) at its doors stationed. I decorated it in a splendid fashion;
Q004456 060: si-kat kar-ri _zabar_ al-me-szi _{gesz}ig-mesz_ {gesz}e-re-ni {gesz}szur-min_ {gesz}dap-ra-ni {gesz}mes-kan-ni ina _ka2-mesz_-sza2 u2-re-ti
with knobbed nails of bronze I surrounded it. Doors of cedar, cypress, dapranu-juniper, (and) meskannu-wood in its doorways I hung.
Q004456 061: _ku3-babbar-mesz ku-sig17-mesz an-na-mesz zabar-mesz_ ki-sit-ti _szu_-ia sza2 _kur-kur-mesz_ sza2 a-pe-lu-szi-na-ni
Silver, gold, tin, bronze, booty from the lands over that I gained dominion
Q004456 062: a-na ma-a'-di-isz al-qa-a ina lib3-bi u2-kln2
in great quantities I took and put therein.