Q004477 = RIMA (Standard Inscription) composite = P463116

Q004477 001: _e2-gal_ {disz}asz-szur-pab-a _sanga_ asz-szur ni-szit {d}be u {d}masz na-ra-am {d}a-nim u {d}da-gan ka-szu-usz _dingir-mesz gal-mesz man_ dan-nu _man szu2 man kur_ asz-szur _a_ tukul-masz _man gal_-e _man_ dan-ni _man szu2_
(Property of) the palace of Assurnasirpal (II), vice-regent of Assur, chosen of the gods Enlil and Ninurta, beloved of the gods Anu and Dagan, destructive weapon of the great gods, strong king, king of the universe, king of Assyria, son of Tukulti-Ninurta (II), great king, strong king, king of the universe,
Q004477 002: _man kur_ asz-szur _a_ 1(u)-erin2-tah2 _man gal_-e _man_ dan-ni _man szu2 man kur_ asz-szur-ma et,-lu qar-du sza2 ina _{gesz}tukul_-ti asz-szur _en_-szu2 _du-du_-ku-ma ina mal-ki-_mesz_ sza2 kib-rat 4(disz)-ta sza2-nin-szu2 la-a _tuku_-u2 _{lu2}sipa_
king of Assyria, son of Adad-nerari (II), great king, strong king, king of the universe, king of Assyria, valiant man who acts with the support of Assur, his lord, and has no rival among the princes of the four quarters, marvelous shepherd,
Q004477 003: tab-ra-te la a-di-ru _gesz-la2_ e-du-u2 gap-szu2 sza2 ma-hi-ra la-a _tuku_-u2 _man_ mu-szak-nisz la kan-szu-te-szu2 sza2 nap-har kisz-szat _ug3-mesz_ i-pe-lu _nita2_ dan-nu mu-kab-bi-is
fearless in battle, mighty flood-tide which has no opponent, the king who subdues those insubordinate to him, he who rules all peoples, strong male who treads
Q004477 004: _gu2_ a-a-bi-szu2 da-a-isz kul-lat _kur2-mesz_ mu-pa-ri-ru ki-is,-ri mul-tar-ki _man_ sza2 ina _{gesz}tukul_-ti _dingir-mesz gal-mesz en-mesz_-szu2 _du-du_-ku-ma _kur-kur-mesz du3_-szi-na _szu_-su _kur_-ud hur-sza2-ni
upon the necks of his foes, trampler of all enemies, he who breaks up the forces of the rebellious, the king who acts with the support of the great gods, his lords, and has conquered all lands, over all the highlands
Q004477 005: _du3_-szu2-nu i-pe-lu-ma bi-lat-su-nu im-hu-ru s,a-bit li-i-ti2 sza2-kin2 li-i-te _ugu du3_-szi-na _kur-kur-mesz_ e-nu-ma
has gained dominion and received their tribute, capturer of hostages, he who is victorious over all countries. When
Q004477 006: asz-szur _en_ na-bu-u2 _mu_-ia mu-szar-bu-u2 _man_-ti-a _{gesz}tukul_-szu2 la pa-da-a a-na i-da-at _en_-ti-a lu-u2 it-muh _erin2 hi-a-mesz kur_ lu-ul-lu-me-e _dagal-mesz_
Assur, the lord who called me by name (and) made my sovereignty supreme, placed his merciless weapon in my lordly arms, the extensive troops of the Lullumu
Q004477 007: ina qe2-reb tam-ha-ri ina _{gesz}tukul-mesz_ lu u2-szam-qit ina re-s,u-te sza2 {d}sza2-masz u {d}iszkur _dingir-mesz_ tik-li-a _erin2 hi-a-mesz kur-kur_ na-i-ri _kur_ hab-hi _kur_ szu-ba-re-e u _kur_ ne2-reb _gin7_ {d}iszkur
I felled in battle. With the help of the Šamaš and Adad, the gods my supporters, the troops of the lands Nairi, the land Ḫabḫu, the land Šubaru, and the land Nibur, like Adad
Q004477 008: ra-hi-s,i _ugu_-szu2-nu asz2-gu-um _man_ sza2 _ta_ e-ber-tan _{i7}hal-hal_ a-di _kur_ lab-na-na u _a-ab-ba gal_-te _kur_ la-qe-e ana si-hir2-ti-sza2 _kur_ su-hi a-di {iri}ra-pi-qi ana _giri3-min_-szu2 u2-szek2-ni-sza2
the devastator, I thundered over them. The king who subdued (the territory stretching) from the opposite bank of the Tigris to Mount Lebanon and the Great Sea, the entire land Laqu (and) the land Suḫu including the city Rapiqu.
Q004477 009: _ta sag_ e-ni _i7_ su-ub-na-at a-di _kur_ u2-ra-ar-t,i2 _szu_-su _kur_-ud _ta kur_ ne2-re-be sza2 _kur_ kir3-ru-ri a-di _kur_ gil2-za-ni _ta_ e-ber-tan _i7_ za-ba _ki-ta_
He conquered from the source of the river Subnat to the land Urartu. (The territory stretching) from the passes of mount Kirruri to the land Gilzanu, from the opposite bank of the Lower Zab
Q004477 010: a-di {iri}du6-ba-a-ri sza2 el-la-an _kur_ za-ban _ta iri_ du6-sza2-ab-ta-a-ni a-di {iri}du6-sza2-za-ab-da-a-ni {iri}ki-ri-mu {iri}ha-ru-tu _kur_ bi-ra-te
to the city Til Bari which is upstream from the land Zaban, from the city Til-ša-Abtāni to the city Til-ša-Zabdāni, the cities of Ḫirimu, Ḫarutu, (which are) fortresses
Q004477 011: sza2 _kur_ kar-du-ni-asz2 ana mi-is,-ri _kur_-a u2-ter _ta kur_ ne2-reb sza2 _kur_ ba-bi-te a-di _kur_ hasz-mar a-na _ug3-mesz kur_-ia am-nu ina _kur-kur-mesz_ sza2 a-pe-lu-szi-na-ni _{lu2}szakx(NIG2)-nu-te-ia al-ta-kan
of Karduniaš, I brought (those lands) within the boundaries of my land. I accounted (the people) from the passes of Mount Babitu to Mount Ḫaszmar as people of my land. In the lands over which I gained dominion I always appointed my governors.
Q004477 012: ur-du-ti u2-pu-szu2 {disz}asz-szur-pab-a _nun_-u2 na-a-du pa-lih2 _dingir-mesz gal-mesz_ u2-szum2-gal-lu ek-du ka-szid _iri-iri_ u hur-sza2-ni pat, gim-ri-szu2-nu _man en-mesz_-e mu-la-it,
They entered servitude. Assurnasirpal (II), attentive prince, worshipper of the great gods, ferocious dragon, conqueror of cities and the entire highlands, king of lords, encircler
Q004477 013: ek-s,u-te a-pi-ir sza2-lum-ma-te la-a-di-ru _gesz-la2_ ur-sza2-nu la pa-du-u2 mu-rib a-nun-te _man_ ta-na-da-a-te _{lu2}sipa_ s,a-lu-lu _ub-mesz man_ sza2 qi-bit _ka_-szu2 usz-har-ma-t,u _kur-mesz_-e
of the obstanate, crowned with splendor, fearless in battle, merciless hero, he who stirs up strife, praiseworthy king, shepherd, protection of the (four) quarters, the king whose command disintegrates mountains
Q004477 014: u _a-ab-ba-mesz_ sza2 ina qi-it-ru-ub _en_-ti-szu2 _man-mesz_-ni ek-du-te la pa-du-te _ta_ s,i-it {d}szam-szi a-di e-reb {d}szam-szi pa-a 1(disz)-en u2-sza2-asz2-kin2 {iri}kal-hu
and seas, the one who by his lordly conflict has brought under one authority ferocious (and) mericeless kings from east to west: The city of Kalḫu
Q004477 015: mah-ra-a sza2 {disz}{d}szul3-ma-nu-sag _man kur_ asz-szur _nun_ a-lik pa-ni-a _du3_-usz _iri_ szu-u2 e-na-ah-ma is,-lal {iri}szu2-u2 ana esz-szu2-te ab-ni _ug3-mesz szu2_-ti _szu2_-ia sza2 _kur-kur-mesz_
of old, which Shalmaneser, king of Assyria, a prince who preceded me, had built—this city had become dilapidated, it lay dormant. I took people which I had conquered from the lands
Q004477 016: sza2 a-pe-lu-szi-na-ni sza2 _kur_ su-hi _kur_ la-qe-e ana si-hir2-ti-sza2 {iri}sir-qu sza2 ne2-ber-ti _{i7}pux(A)-rad kur_ za-mu-a ana pat, gim-ri-sza2 _kur_ e2-a-di-ni u _kur_ hat-te
over which I gained dominion, from the land Suḫu, (from) the entire land of Laqu, (from) the city Sirqu which is at the crossing fo the Euphrates, (from) the entire land of Zamua, from Bit-Adini, and the land Ḫatti
Q004477 017: u sza2 {disz}lu-bar-na _kur_ pa-ti-na-a-a al-qa-a ina lib3-bi u2-sza2-as,-bit _du6_ la-be-ru lu u2-na-ki-ir a-di _ugu a-mesz_ lu u2-sza2-pil2 1(disz) me 2(u) tik-pi ina musz-pa-li
and from Lubarna, the Patinu. I settled them therein. I cleared away the old ruin hill (and) dug down to water level. Down to a depth of 120 layers of brick
Q004477 018: lu u2-t,a-bi _e2-gal_ {gesz}e-re-ni _e2-gal_ {gesz}szur-min2 e2-gal_ {gesz}dap-ra-ni _e2-gal {gesz}taskarin-mesz e2-gal_ {gesz}mes-kan-ni _e2-gal_ {gesz}bu-ut,-ni u {gesz}tar-pi-'i
I sank (the foundation pit). A palace of cedar, cypress, daprānu-juniper, boxwood, meskannu-wood, terebinth, and tamarisk,
Q004477 019: a-na szu-bat _man_-ti-a ana mul-ta-a'-it _en_-ti-a sza2 da-ra-te ina lib3-bi ad-di u2-ma-am _kur-mesz_-e u _a-ab-ba-mesz_ sza2 {na4}pi-li _ku3_-e
as my royal residence (and) for my lordly leisure for eternity, I founded (it) therein. Beasts of montains and seas in white limestone
Q004477 020: u {na4}pa-ru-te _du3_-usz ina _ka2-mesz_-sza2 u2-sze-zi-iz u2-si-im-szi u2-szar-rih-szi si-kat2 kar-ri _zabar-mesz_ al-me-si _{gesz}ig-mesz_ {gesz}e-re-ni {gesz}szur-min2
and parutu-alabaster, I made (replicas of them) (and) stationed (them) at their doors.I decorated it in a splendid fashion; I surrounded it with knobbed nails of bronze. Doors of cedar, cypress,
Q004477 021: {gesz}dap-ra-ni {gesz}mes-kan-ni ina _ka2-mesz_-sza2 u2-re-ti _ku3-babbar-mesz ku3-sig17-mesz an-na-mesz zabar-mesz an-bar-mesz szu2_-ti _szu_-ia sza2 _kur-kur-mesz_
daprāni-juniper, (and) meskannu-wood, I hung in its doorways. Silver, gold, tin, bronze, iron, booty from the lands
Q004477 022: sza2 a-pe-lu-szi-na-ni a-na ma-a'-disz al-qa-a ina lib3-bi u2-kin2
over which I gained dominion, I took in great quantities and put therein.